The good (food) life

Yesterday was one of those absolutely absurd days where you plan one thing and end up doing the exact and extreme opposite thing instead. Like imagine if you decide that you would maintain a strict diet and only eat a salad, or fruits, or even nothing for lunch, and instead you go ahead and buy a huge plate of chole bhatoore and eat that instead, because it was there – that extreme. So I did something as stupid as that; actually I did exactly that.

In my defense, there is something absolutely enticing about the perfect looking Chole Bhature. Agreed, a lot of soda, maida and humongous quantities of oil go into making said Bhaturas look all that white and poofy, but the very fragrance of deep fried stuff in conjunction with spicy black chole is something irresistible to a normal human being like me. The very thought of it makes my mouth water even now and it seriously doesn’t seem to matter that my stomach doesn’t have space or appetite for it.

There is something about food in general. And in the recent past I have concluded that I am obsessed with food. I have a seriously feeling of déjà vu as I type this, but I will say it anyway – I cannot believe how unfair it is that the two things I am obsessed to the extent of paranoia, technically work against each other. I mean my continuous need to ingest delicious stuff and my unquestionable need to fit into smaller clothes. Add to it, my aversion to physical activity and you have the sort of individual who will stand on the weighing scales, chocolate in hand, wondering why the numbers are higher than expected.

That being said, I wonder how anyone can NOT be obsessed with food? How can anyone say that they’re not a foodie? I understand one might have choices and preferences, like one might prefer savory over sweet, or might not be able to stand bland and need their daily dose of spice, but how can one not care about food? I don’t mean eating food because they are hungry. I mean eating food, because, for heaven’s sake, food! The colors, the flavors, the textures (that is Masterchef Australia speaking, yes), the variety, the options, the cuisines – the very thought of how much food there is in this world that I would not be able to taste before I die makes me sad.

It also doesn’t help that there doesn’t seem to be any food I don’t like anymore. Like, I might not be very keen on a kaddu sabzi, but honestly, I cannot think of anything else at the moment which I wouldn’t want to eat at all. I eat roti and bhindi with the same happiness with which I try out salmon with musk melon (I did at a buffet and I loved it – yes, me, who thinks meat and sweet can never go together). And there is a special reverence I hold for desserts of course. The magical effect of sugar on anything and anyone that comes in contact with it is only known to someone who has a sweet tooth, or in other words, the sane folks.

For the past two years, whenever we plan a trip or a vacation, while The Dude decides on places to see, I am in charge of things to eat. I seriously believe that you know a place better when you try out the local cuisine, and I ensure we always do that. Yes, it is tremendously helpful to be a non-vegetarian (and a one with minimal inhibitions I should add) in this scenario, especially when you are planning trips abroad. Even on the road trips, we have turned out to be the kind who absolutely cannot wait to try out highway dhabas, roadside stalls, packing minimally and mostly for Zo. Quite frankly, even she is turning out to be adventurous, except when the food looks ‘spicy. It’s like life has now become the new places we see and the variety of food we eat and everything in between has ceased to matter. All in all, it’s pretty clear that if you have an open mind and an empty stomach (or not) and taste buds that are forever wanting to experiment – the choices are numerous, the situations omnipresent, and life is delicious.

And as long as life is delicious, you can assume life is good.

10 thoughts on “The good (food) life

  1. The Other Side of Life

    I normally tell people I am not a foodie. Now I am scared to say that! 😀
    I get your point though. There has to be some kind of food that everyone likes. For me that’s home cooked food and nachos. I cannot resist nachos. But I’m not an experimenter like you! 😀
    Have an awesome year ahead, DI! With loads of new foods to try and love! 🙂

  2. I love experimenting foods, but at the same time, I am seldom drawn to cravings because the very mention/ aroma or sight of food stimulates in me the desire to cook. I want to cook every food I am excited about on my own and not dive into a bowl/plate of it, but watch others eat and enjoy it.
    I am a wrongly wired foodie, but I am still a foodie nevertheless 😀

  3. Oh yessssssssssssssssss as long as life is delicious. . Life is a beautiful. .

    I have to make sure I will get foood. I eat anything and oh yes I am a foodie… and now reading about chole bhature. . I want some….

  4. Loved this post, seriously 😀 “The magical effect of sugar on anything and anyone that comes in contact with it is only known to someone who has a sweet tooth, or in other words, the sane folks” – I laughed so hard for this and many other points! Although I would like to call myself a foodie, I dont experiment a lot with outside food. I love cooking and I keep experimenting in my kitchen.. but as you said, for a foodie – it doesnt matter if the tummy is full or not – taste buds keep craving for more 🙂

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