Twenty fifteen

2015 was meh. Meh here doesn’t mean non-happening. Meh, in this scenario means way too happening for such a short year – way too many changes and not enough time to sit back and relax. Hence, meh.

It started with the Blogathon and a serious resolve that I wouldn’t let myself down by taking a break in between like I did in the 2014 blogathon. End result – I stopped after 6 posts. So in a weird sort of way, 2015 started with me giving up on myself within the first week, because I wanted to be a little laid back. But apparently the year had other plans.

Somewhere in the first month itself, the Dude got an opportunity back in Hyderabad. Now we were pretty clear that Pune was a phase and we would move back to Hyderabad eventually – where eventually was unfortunately not defined. The other thing we were pretty clear of was that the Dude did not have as many opportunities back in Hyderabad, so we would have to wait to get one. When this one came up, we were in a bit of dilemma. Thing is, we had come to love Pune. The city was fun, the weekend getaways so many; we did as many as 15 trips in the short span of time we were there. And while we wanted to go back, this was way too early. But a decision had to be taken and we took the sensible one. We decided to go back.

February had me attending the much planned, much anticipated 10th year reunion back at K. And just as it is bound to happen when you look forward to something for way too long, I fell pretty ill the day before I went. But I did go, partied through, enjoyed and survived through the 2 days on the best campus in the world, amongst folks I was seeing after a decade. By the time I returned, the whole family went through the longest collective bout of illness, which had me convinced that one of us, and by that equation, all of us had contracted swine flu. We hadn’t, so yay for that, but it was tough.

March had me crazy busy at work, and it was wonderful. And April, we came back to Hyderabad in the midst of the worst summer ever. But it is good to start from the worst, considering things only get better from there, even if it took quite long to get any better at all (50 degrees dammit!). Zo’s school had to be finalized and somehow, we have ended up doing school/pre-school/daycare visits every damn year since she turned 18 months old because of all the moves, and they are NOT fun. Luckily, we had a decision soon, so that was done.

Work kept us busy, and I had gone back to the crazy hour long travel to work so that sucked. The Dude’s job was new, and there were school days to keep track of, which meant no travel. And it took until September for us to finally plan our first vacation of the year. September – the 9th month of the year, the end of 3rd quarter, almost the end of the year according to me. Hongkong was fun, but immediately after, I decided to change jobs, which meant notice period, followed by new job, hence no time off again. The short time I took off in December between jobs ensured we did a road-trip, albeit a quick one, because grown-up problems like exams for Zo happened.

And now the year is ending. It wasn’t all as bad like I make it sound, but it was hectic. There was good too. Like we were back in the home we missed so much. Like I was in the city as my mom and dad after 15 years of living away, also meaning Zo has her all her grandparents around. Like we bought what I think is our dream home. Like we went to Disneyland and it was as amazing for us as it was for Zo. That Zo had her first real birthday party and she loved it. That I actually planned and celebrated Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas at home the way I wanted to. And that we ate at so many new places, and did 3 Sunday brunches (God, I love Sunday brunches!) since move. In addition to that we had our ‘regular’ Saturday night parties, the Dude and I, and extended them to Fridays too at times. For myself, I bought and read more than 15 books, the highest in a long time, within a short span of 3 months. And ofcourse, there was a truckload of shopping for shoes and outfits that happened that still continues.

Turns out that as I wrote the last paragraph, I changed my mind about the year as a whole. It was not bad, it was definitely a lot of change, but it was also interesting A lot of stuff happened which was annoying, but it was eventually to set stage for the year to come. So instead of saying 2015 was meh, I think I will say that I think 2016 will be much more awesome.

I can feel it.


13 thoughts on “Twenty fifteen

  1. The Other Side of Life

    That’s a happening year! I actually went back up the article to see exactly why you said it was Meh! 😛
    Have an amazing year ahead. And write more! 🙂

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