Day 1 – Oh, take me back to the start

Happy New year!

That’s a lie, because right now as I type this, the year is as old as it can get. Yes it is still the 31st of December. But WordPress doesn’t know it – actually it is a co-conspirator in doing this, you know, this whole cool publish at a particular time thing? The reason is – do you want to try and guess it? No? Ok – so the reason is that I have, once again, decided to give the month long Blogathon a shot.

We all know ‘Once bitten twice shy’ doesn’t apply to me. I am like ‘Once nipped at, second time bitten, but still raring to pet the same rabid dog a third time’. I also just realized that I compared my blog to a rabid dog which is not a nice analogy at all but when was I nice ever?

Yes, so January in my profession is perhaps the worst time of the year. And if you are in a brand new job, in it’s set up phase, and the big bosses of the foreign lands are visiting, it just gets nastier. And nastier here is a nice way of saying it’s the sort of month at work that would make you question your very existence, like is there a point to life at all? But there is, we all know it, which is why the blogathon. To remind of the other things you love which make life worth living.

I wish I were the kind who says cool stuff like ‘I thrive under pressure’, because I am not. I am more of the bloat under pressure until you explode and there’s bits of you lying around labelled ‘toxic substance – keep away’. Again, you would think that would ensure that I stay away from stress and pressure as much as possible and you would be right this time. Only, the fact that you choose to stay away from stress does not in any world mean stress will stay away from you. It will search and explore and find you and hold on to you like a monitor lizard to a fort wall. So eventually we get back to the explosion situation anyway.

But since it cannot be avoided, I’m planning to dive right into it. January will be dead busy, I’m pretty sure of that. There’s work, then there’s the course starting, there’s a project due for Zo (yes, it’s a thing, a conspiracy),  there are books to be read, and just like that we will add the Blogathon to the melee. Sounds like a plan yes? All that remains is to sit back and hope the plan works out fine. And that, we have the whole month to do.

You will be updated, I promise – the Blogathon will ensure that!

P.S. I’m going to try and make the titles of all posts lyrics from the limited English songs I have learnt of in the last 10 years with the Dude. Oh great, another item to add to the pressure. Also, seriously, Happy new year!


12 thoughts on “Day 1 – Oh, take me back to the start

  1. I intend to be more regular at blogging too! So yay!! Love that song by the way, looking forward to discovering new music with you 🙂 plus all the lovely Zo stories that I adore!

  2. a lovely song indeed I like it too .. but will that mean we will have to go through everything again .. 🙂 although saying that I would not mind…

    Happy new year Mam….

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