Day 2 – Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

One of the first things that made me optimistic about 2016 was the fact that it started on a Friday. And I love Fridays as much as I love new beginnings, so this was like the most brilliant combination ever. In other words, is there any better way of starting off a new year than with a long weekend?

I usually try to ensure that the first day of the year is all things good and that I do everything I like, to set tone for the rest of the year. This meant I had to tidy-up the place, read, spend time with Zo and perhaps workout a bit and eat healthy. The first half of the day was pretty successful, with me spring cleaning our bed room, reading some Murakami, and then playing board games with Zo.

However, that’s where the ‘plan’ ceased to fall in place.. First, I decided to skip the workout because we had a family wedding reception to attend. So I was all getting ready will take some effort, so we can leave working out for tomorrow. But I was pretty determined that I was eating clean, and not binge eating even if it was at the wedding. But fate had other plans!

The wedding reception, turns out, was a huge deal! The relatives were distant, so I hardly had any idea, but I’d decided to spend some time putting on a saree anyway because my conscience undergoes a lot of torture when I see those 50 sarees I have since my wedding but I have never worn. And what a good decision! The place was unbelievably posh, so much that Zo decided it had to be the Ice palace, since she had worn her Elsa dress. The food and drinks were also to match the venue, which meant, erm, yeah you know where I am going with this.

After having consumed a kilo of seafood and other deep fried evil snacks, when we stepped in for the main course, I knew I was a goner. There was this mad dessert called ‘Shibuya toast’, which I had 3 helpings of, and by that I mean I think I had consumed calories equivalent to 3 meals. But it was too enticing, and we all know my resistance to sugar – none. At the end of it, I think I grew a whole size last night.

But much fun was had, and I think that matters a wee bit more than doing things right. January 1st was good, and January 2nd has been alright so far too. I think January 3rd will be managed too. It is January 4th which I’m worried about, because that has the ability to finally put an end to all this optimism and positivity; because we know just how evil Mondays can be.

But I am ready to take it on. Charged up, generally enthusiastic – atleast for the moment. I think that should be enough to survive through work and other crazy things that make up this life. I think.

Actually, I hope.


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