Day 3 – (What’s the story) Morning Glory?

I started 2015 with  my first Murakami, and coincidentally, started 2016 with Murakami too. Only, in 2015 I finished the book on the 1st itself. And this year, I finished one chapter, and haven’t opened the book again yet. But I am hoping that doing that little bit I did makes this year as awesome as last year was in terms of my reading.

Last year, I was on a roll. Though I began rolling quite late in the year, once I started, there was no stopping. The only thing I have to admit is that I played safe and stuck to the genre that in itself ensures that no one stops midway through a book – thrillers. Crime fiction, to be exact. And I tried crime fiction set in Japan (Keigo Higashimo), France (Michael Bussi), London (Robert Galbraith) apart from the usual American stories – all of them amazing. The only deviation I made was for a couple of Indian authors, and for Murakami, who is provides me my literary dose.

So book wise, it was a happy year. I decided that reading indeed made me very happy and it was essential I keep it up, instead of lying on the beanbag and flipping channels, or worse still, scrolling down my Twitter, FB and Instagram feeds while the television played something random I didn’t even care about. And honestly, it needed a lot of discipline. One, because social media is way too enticing. And two, marrying a non-reader means he doesn’t get how difficult it can be to keep your book down and sleep, when there are delicious twists happening the story. But I managed!

I even tried my hand at non-fiction with ‘Blood telegram’, but I have not managed to finish it. turns out, fiction is my thing. And while I do want to ‘expand my horizons’ I don’t seem to have the ability to do it. And all those stories call out to me from the bookshelf, as I  diligently plod on through the real events which should interest me, so eventually I succumb to temptation every time.


Then we bought our new home, and I decided I needed a dedicated book area, more than a book shelf. We have all the time in the world to decide what we want to do in this house because we don’t get it for another year. So I surfed through Pinterest and a lot of ideas caught my eye, all we needed was a spot where the ideas could become reality. And I think I found it – there is the perfect spot in the house which will eventually be my ‘Book-nook’. Ofcourse, it will take time and there might be changes to the idea, but I am really looking forward to it.

Till then, I will build my little library. Scourge through Amazon, and Flipkart, looking for the best deals. Search for my favorite authors, gorge on their writings, and then wait for them to release their next book. Sit wide-eyed late in the night, forgetting about the presentation the next day, or the fact that I need to be up early to get Zo to school. Lost in the pages, in a world unknown to me, amongst strangers who seem like I have known them forever.

If that’s not bliss, I’m not sure what is.



14 thoughts on “Day 3 – (What’s the story) Morning Glory?

    1. Thrillers will solve this! When I read One Hundred years of solitude, supposedly one of the awesome-st books ever, it took me multiple sittings to finish it, but eventually I did. When stuck, I just move to my favorite genre to get the mojo back 🙂

  1. Yaay! Fellow murder mysteries lover!! This year( Last year?!!) I discovered Lynda La Plante and loved her books. And there’s the usual James Patterson of course! I’m going to try some from your list now *rubs hands in glee*

    1. I need to check out this author! The only woman author I read was Gillian Flynn (her other books are DARK!) and Paula Hawkins last year. Galbraith is Rowling though you might know that! 🙂
      Murder mysteries are SO awesome I worry about my love for them!

  2. That IS Bliss!!!! 🙂 I’m just itching to read a book after reading your post! Loved it!
    Hey can u suggest a good murakami to begin with? Never read him.

    1. I would say Sputnik Sweetheart, because it is short. I realised it took me a while to get used to Murakami, and it helped that I started with one of his shortest books.
      Pick up the books! I seriously think that a person who loves to read can never get bored 🙂

  3. The Other Side of Life

    Book corners are awesome! My book corner is buldging at the sides. Have to find a book room now! 😀
    Any year that starts with a book has to be good. Have an awesome year ahead! 🙂

  4. A book corner, enticing. We have decided on a study whenever we get our own house. A shelf as you said is just not enough. Here’s from one reader to another. Cheers. May you have a year filled with stories to read and tell.

  5. From a book shelf to a book room, that’s how my love for books is growing. Slowly but surely. I used to be a huge fan of thrillers but gradually, with age, my love is shifting to non-fiction at an alarming pace. I am forever looking for book recommendations and shopping for books seems to the new craze I have caught in the past 5 to 6 months.
    A year that starts with a book is going to be well spent. Keep reading DI, we all need book recommendations (plenty of them actually) 😀 😀

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