Day 4 – New York is cold, but I like where I’m living

At the outset let me admit that this whole choosing lyrics for the title of each post is tougher than I’d have imagined. Especially since my knowledge of English music, while infinitely more than it was a decade ago, is still abysmal. But I’m doing it anyway, because I said I would.

So, while the title might say what it does. the fact is that I miss winters. My city has no winters, instead what we have is half a month of crazy pleasant days, when the warm sun feels toasty for once, instead of roasting your skin off you. Where the nights have a nip in the air, and you actually don’t need to switch on the fan at times. It is actually amazing, only it doesn’t last long enough. And right when you are getting used to being able to step out of the house after 10 AM and before 6 PM, summer strikes.

The summer in my city is pretty well known. We hit half a century in Celsius most of the times, and you don’t even sweat. Because the sun is so damn strong that it evaporates the sweat the moment it tries to peek out of your skin. And you finally can understand what a sun-dried tomato must have gone through to reach that state.

Anyway. back to my city’s non-existent winters, we people try to make most of whatever cold weather we get – which is something some one from Delhi would greet with a Chilled beer. The jackets come out, so do the stoles, and some brave folks even venture into boots (ankle boots though). Thankfully, the people do not know the concept of Razais or I wouldn’t be surprised if they stacked some away in the lofts for emergencies.

People like me, who have lived up in the north scoff at them, atleast to begin with. When you don’t have them, the zero visibility fog, the frozen noses, the layers of sweaters and jackets, all seem romantic. Suddenly, you only remember those amazing times you sat on the terrace soaking in the sun, and conveniently forget how the sun would come out for a half hour at most, and some times not at all.

But eventually you get used to it, and get into the groove like the others. Like I now love sitting in the balcony every morning with my green tea in hand, shivering just the right amount, and forgetting that it might be because I am in the flimsiest of tees. Like I enjoy my morning walks at 8 after dropping Zo at the bus stop, and ignore the sun scorching the back of my head 40 minutes later as I walk back. Like I bought myself 3 knit tops this Sale, knowing well that there will be no winter to use them in very soon.

Actually that will be fixed by my office folks turning down the AC to freeze levels when the foreigners arrive, but let the girl have her moment yes?


7 thoughts on “Day 4 – New York is cold, but I like where I’m living

  1. When you buy knit tops, you’ve got to put them to good use. Else the knitting Gods will curse you and you’d end up with multiple holes in your undies(No, you can’t ask how that’s even connected!). So go on, plan a holiday to Ireland 😉

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