Day 10 – These are the days, when you wish your bed was already made

I dislike Sundays for the very reason most people do, it’s too damn close to Monday. It doesn’t also help that the day usually starts with me waking up hungover and guilty for having eaten like I hadn’t seen food for months the night before. Sunday is when I realise all that needs to be done before the Monday strikes. So all in all, a pretty depressing day.

So I usually try keeping my sundays free, to be able to ruminate upon just how unfair this 5:2 ration of surviving:living is. There’s a visit to the supermarket to stock up on the groceries, and the fun stuff that would ensure you don’t keep our healthy eating promise. There is some walking around the mall, a coffee and then we drive back home, silently, like defeated warriors, the victor being routine life.

Today’s not been any different, except it was crazy busy. After a birthday party duty that Zo tremendously enjoyed (by the way what is it with birthday parties being a mothers only event? Not one dad, I tell you!), I spent the whole evening beautifying her school project, which The Dude had taken charge of and completed. We got ‘Seasons’ , and we chose tp show the 4 seasons which are not really applicable to India, and if you think of Hyderabad, there is like one season anyway. But it’s done, so she will be talking about fall colors and snow, none of which she’s seen.

The house is a mess, it didn’t help that the help decided to take the day off. There is paint and paper and cotton and stuff everywhere. Being busy with all this meant the general cleaning up we do on Sunday is also not done. There is so much mess, and I shudder to think how it would be to wake up on a Monday that not only sucks in general, but has additional clutter to make it worse.

There are clothes on the chairs, and I am not sure where Zo’s belt is, which means I will search for it tomorrow. Grocery shopping was skipped so I will need to go and check if I have any cookies to pack for the bus ride. Technically, the Zen me should ignore it all and focus on the things that bring me joy only. And assume that everything else will fall in line by itself, eventually.

But it won’t, and so for now I will make do with a cup of hot chocolate.


6 thoughts on “Day 10 – These are the days, when you wish your bed was already made

  1. The Other Side of Life

    I think, we should make a collective decision to not post on Sundays. I can’t imagine what sort of dedication would get you to post, despite having a day as crazy as yours!
    Have a great week! 🙂

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