Day 12 – You, doing that thing you do

Today is cheat post day because I truly have no ideas about what I could write about. Ok, it isn’t a post where I will write about how I have nothing to write about either. Instead, I am resorting to the topic that 1) Is easy to write about 2) Always has sufficient material to write about and 3) Is generally a hit amongst the readers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking of – Zo!

For the uninitiated, Zo is now 4 years and 3 months old, which means she is a big girl (as per her own self). I would agree on some counts, like now she is big enough to decide that she will wear the blue hairband with the red dress because she is is a big girl and she gets to decide. She also calls herself a ‘fashionista’ who complains that I pack her only pants to the daycare and that I really need to get her more dresses. I did, by the way, on this sale.

Zo also knows a lot. Like she knows her alphabets, can write them all, knows 3 letter words, knows her numbers until infinity. If you had any doubts, they go 100, 1000, 1,00,000, infinity. She knows that pluto isn’t a planet and an ostrich is so heavy, it cannot fly. And that salt is soluble, but sand is not. She also knows that the story of sleeping beauty we usually tell is not right, at that the bad fairy was actually not bad, but just angry that the king took her wings away (courtesy: Maleficent). She knows about true love and true love’s kiss, and how it doesn’t have to be a prince who has to save the princess every time (Thank you Disney, thank you!).

She also believes, very strongly, and quite early on in life, that the whole concept of a 2 day weekend against 5 days of school is just not right. To which her mom and dad nod along meekly, because that is enlightenment at a very young age, and cannot be questioned. Zo is adorable, and full of energy, and even more full of questions. I always believed that the oft quoted ability of kids to ask ‘Why?’ for everything was hyped, but frankly, it isn’t, not a bit. But neither is the tough time the parents face while trying to answer those whys.

Zo has full day school now, and homework, and even projects. Ok, it was a ‘project’ and it was something the parents were expected to do and send so she could speak about it on ‘Open day’. She also had a sports day and a Masquerade party, and numerous other celebrations in school, apart from field trips every month. She actually has favorite things to eat – which by the way are still cucumbers and tomatoes and yes she prefers them over chocolate, and no I haven’t gotten a DNA test yet.

The cool part is, that she is growing up into a pretty well mannered kid, and an understanding one. She has her tantrums, but she gets it when she is told a no. She asks for what she wants but doesn’t cry for it or keep asking for it. She shares of her own accord and asks me to pack extra snacks for the bus so she can share with her friends. She is competitive, but has lately grown to understand that others can win too. She isn’t afraid of saying hello first, or even sorry. In fact she strongly believes that everyone who makes a mistake needs to apologise.

And yes, she is so full of love. She is always ready to ‘snuggle’ with mumma at night, or to sit ‘cosily’ and read, to give ‘infinity’ kissies and to tell mumma that she loves her till ‘jupiter’ (because that is the biggest planet, and has a lot of moons!). And ofcourse, to greet mumma with that gigantic, squishy hug and toothy smile every evening, the one that makes mumma realize why she decided to get into this motherhood thing at all.


21 thoughts on “Day 12 – You, doing that thing you do

  1. This is not a cheat post at all. It is my favourite kind of post 🙂 Zo is lovely!! She is so well mannered, how did you guys accomplish that? I see kids throwing tantrums and making a scene, and wonder how parents should handle it, but I have no answers. Do you have some parenting tips to share? See I am giving you ideas for new posts 🙂

    I love Zo!!

    1. Umm, I might have overstated it a bit. She is not always good, but even I feel (touchwood, touchwood touchwood) that she is way better than a number of kids I have seen. I don’t see us doing anything different too, though The Dude is a wee bit strict. Handling a tantrum is such a tough thing, I usually feel sorry for the parent, including myself at times. In fact I whacked her in public last week because she bit me (as a joke! :() and then was crazy guilty. Me sharing parenting tips, that will be the day! 😀

      1. It is indeed a difficult job 😦 but playing good cop bad cop (like you said The Dude is a wee bit strict), works you think?

        Kids are so adorable and mean and can make you dance to their tunes 🙂 I have a 4 year old niece and I imagine her whenever you talk about Zo. It makes me all gooey.

        1. I guess so, someone has to tell them they are being bad when they are – makes life easier!
          Adorable and mean is right, and they are just so earnest! I have been away from kids and babies for ever, my cousins, nieces, nephews all having been brought up far. So Zo was like a first hand shocker of an experience! 😀 A good one yes.

  2. The Other Side of Life

    Zo is a rockstar! All her posts are so awesome! 🙂

    And see the public support she is getting. Cheat more often, I say!

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