Day 13 – Mamma mia, here I go again

I have done this before – the blogathon, and this whole mad scourging for a topic to write about even before I hit the halfway mark in posts. And so, as I struggle tonight, I have resorted to an inspiration I have resorted to before – M Tunes HD.

The song on right is Lovely from Happy New Year – perhaps the one nice thing about this otherwise horrendous movie. If you thought it couldn’t get worse than Chennai Express, this movie was basically made to prove you wrong. And quite frankly, the music isn’t all that great too, except for Lovely, which I found quite catchy.

We had moved on to song 2, which means the plan was working quite well – it was a number from Bhaag milkha bhaag, but before a hyper Farhaan Akhtar could come on screen, jumping around like he was on a sugar high, The Dude made a sad face and took the remote. So I am now watching CNBC TV18 which is playing a Qatar airways ad. This is quite nice, it’s tagline is something I can associate with quite well – So, where do you want to go?

Ok, ad got over, we replayed it and thought about our holiday plans for a bit. Back to live TV, we are now talking about a ‘polaroid cube’, which is apparently a ‘cuter version’ of the Go-pro, I swear the anchor said that. I frankly don’t care. While I have dabbled around with a number of ‘fun’ things to do in life, I never took to photography. The Dude did, which has always meant amazing profile pictures for me – sometimes so awesome people make rude comments about how it doesn’t look like me at all. I laugh it out, but still, it can hurt you know, sob. Reminds me of this girl who was seeing my wedding pics and looked at me seriously and exclaimed ‘But you look pretty here!’, very earnestly.

On that note (or not, it’s got to do with the Farhan Akhtar reference), I happened to watch Luck by Chance last night. I have seen it before, but it is a slow sort of movie, and a bad one to start at 10 PM. Because it means it will not end before 12, and that meant I slept late, slept less, and was cranky the whole day today. The Dude has now switched to Don. This is one Bollywood movie he likes – so do I in fact. In fact this might be one of the few SRK movies he is ok watching, and re-watching. The twist in the end was completely unexpected. Plus we used to love the song Aaj ki Raat, it was a favorite when we used to go out dancing.

Great, so we are channel surfing now, and have stopped at Air Force One. That was for 10 seconds, and now we are are There’s something about Mary. Wait, we are back to Air Force one. Am I surprised? Not at all. Oh My God he switched again. Am I bored? Slightly. Of the mindless channel surfing and also of typing out a running commentary.

So, over and out.

P.S. Cameron Diaz is hot!


2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Mamma mia, here I go again

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Lol. Unfortunately, limited channels means we also pretty much did the same things yesterday. Watched Luck By Chance and kept wondering about that movie. Was this movie a hit? Did people like it then? And we saw till the end. Also, watching Don now. :-/

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