Day 16 – You wear those shoes, and I’ll wear that dress

It’s Saturday evening and I am exhausted with a day at the mall. While this isn’t very different from my usual Saturdays this month, this Saturday, I am expected to write a post I hadn’t planned in advance. And that’s tough. But I shall strive.

Today’s main destination was Global Desi, where we were looking at picking some stuff for my sister in law who lives in the US. Now for folks who don’t want to go hardcore ethnic but want clothes that have a slight Indian touch to them, I have always liked Global Desi with it’s elephant prints. Plus they are usually colourful without being gaudy. And ofcourse, the cotton makes them so comfortable. So we ended up with a pair of Palazzos and a tunic from there.

If I think of all the fashions that come and go, this current reigning trend of comfort clothing suits me perfectly. The timing couldn’t be better, because I have started finding fitted clothes, including jeans extremely annoying. The fact that we live in Hyderabad just adds to it. So this whole Palazzos, maxis, shift dresses era is absolutely convenient. And since I am turning out more and more into someone who loves eating her fill whenever she is out, these loose fitting clothes provide me with the necessary buffer in terms of space.

Somehow at work, I am the exact opposite. My workplace allows business casuals, which means I can don jeans everyday. But I stick to my fitted formal trousers and the scores of formal tops and shirts I have collected over the past few years. I allow myself a tunic and leggings at most once a week, and now with the short hair, even lesser. But it works fine, because work days are my minimal eating days so there is no chance of being so stuffed you feel your belt will cut into your stomach.

To my Sunday brunches, and dinners, I am always in dresses now – maxis or knee length, depending on how long it’s been since the last visit to the salon. I have never been much of a saree wearer and salwar kameezes are kept for traditional days at work or to wedding receptions of lesser known folks. Plus the Dude is all about western clothes and I think that has also impacted my choice. I used to be the jeans and tops kind but I find them too casual now.

But in the last 3 years, since the great weight loss of 2012, I have definitely become more experimental. I always follow fashion trends on paper, but I now try to follow them for real too – barring a few which I know I will never carry off. 2012 also coincided with my turning 30, which by the way really injects this huge dose of confidence and I don’t care attitude, that will help you try everything you feel like. For example, I started wearing shorts freely in public only after I turned 30, so you can imagine.

Anyway, I now have a fully stocked wardrobe with every style I can imagine and I love adding to it. Barring the queues at trial rooms, I am game for every bit of the shopping experience, though it’s been made crazy easy by online shopping now. But I still like walking around, seeing the mannequins don the styles I would have read about in my favourite fashion blogs and magazines.

So that’s that, and that explains why you will find me window shopping at the malls all the time, even if I am falling down exhausted. Just like today. And I come back happy and content, even if nothing  was added to my wardrobe, just like today.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – You wear those shoes, and I’ll wear that dress

  1. I love Global Desi too! So colourful and stylish, I think they have a great aesthetic sense of Indian motifs on western cuts.

    I have lost a little weight recently, and it is such a pleasure to go shopping now – I used to hate it before when the clothes I wanted to buy would not be in my size. That is one reason I love sarees, you don’t have to worry about your size to look great in a saree 🙂

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