Day 17 – What the hell am I doing here, I don’t belong here

There is nothing that comes around faster than Sunday evening. And along with it comes the dread of Monday morning. So in order to make it hurt a wee bit lesser, let’s talk about the good part of the week starting again.

  • Monday means you can start resolving to workout, eat healthy, drink enough water again. While the world waits for a New Year to strike to be able to make resolutions, I adjust with the new week most of the time. And that gives me enough opportunity to break resolutions every week too
  • Monday means I can wear the clothes I bought over the weekend. As I told in the last post, I love hoarding clothes, mostly formal since the most I step out is during the week. So only when work starts am I able to use up the spoils of my weekend.
  • Monday means that there’s enough time to finish pending work items that threaten the weekend. I work in an environment where the most convenient way of handling work pressure seems to be saying ‘there’s the weekend for that right?’ While the truth is that no the weekend is not ‘there’, the weekend is mine and I refuse to share it with anyone. But Monday means no one gets to say that, because  at this time, the week is ‘there’ and that is when you are supposed to finish your work somehow
  • Monday means I can plan better. Much as I hate it, I am turning into a chronic planner, the kind who makes to-do lists, assigns the work, follows up, and cannot rest until each item is ticked off. On Mondays, I pick a fresh page, get the pending items forward, and add the new items to the page. And that gives me a sort of an organized start to the week.
  • Monday means Sunday evening is over, and quite honestly, that’s most depressing time of the week. I have said this before and it is true that impending doom feels much worse than the actual doom. So once you step into the week that you have been reading, it seizes to hurt as much as it did when you were waiting for it.
  • Finally, Monday means we have embarked on our journey to the next weekend. It means that the worse is over and it is all uphill from here, tiring, but towards the top of the world, which you will reach in 5 days. So Monday is a promise for the better things to come, which you need to work for and towards.

And to think that all you need to do to reach this wonderful, hopeful day is go to sleep; that’s frankly is as positive as you can be at the start of a work week.


4 thoughts on “Day 17 – What the hell am I doing here, I don’t belong here

  1. Haha that is a HUGE change in perspective. I totally believe that Mondays are better than Tuesdays. Tuesday is when it hits me that the whole week is still ‘there’ and the weekend is still far.

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