Day 18 – It’s only words, and words are all I have

This Blogathon has given rise to a lot of inner turmoil, I see myself contemplating life and its many mysteries more often than I ever have. I have caught myself lost in thoughts, staring dolefully into oblivion, wondering what future holds for me. Only, oblivion is usually a blank Word doc or the new post page on my blog. And future is the end of the day, midnight to be precise, because that is the annoying deadline. And these days, apart from the age old question that comes to my mind whenever I take up tasks like this – What do I write?’, I have an additional question. Why do I write?

This blog is not a journal; I mean I definitely try hard to make it as non-diary like as possible. And the fact that I am so pathetically irregular usually makes that quite easy. There is no way I can chronicle my life here if I am marking my attendance once in 2 months, we all know just how happening my life is (heh). But sarcasm apart, I also keep the blog pretty impersonal – with glimpses into my life and family and friends and opinions – but the keyword here is glimpses. I doubt I have ever gone ahead about my equation with anyone bluntly, except for perhaps with the Placement committee back when I started the blog!  After Zo arrived, I did try and ensure an update on her more frequently; this time looking at journaling her life, but that didn’t work either.

Which brings me to mommy blogs – journaling their lives with the babies, and usually helpful to new mothers. I read a lot of these when I was expecting Zo and even today. The anecdotes are relatable, and you feel a tad ok with the way you are handling things when you see others do it the same way. The mommy bloggers are responsive, clarify your doubts, and have useful advice.  I have personally found them very forthcoming when I needed them. But my blog doesn’t qualify in this regard too, though I did expect it to happen when Zo came along.

The blog is not a discussion blog. And this can be read as extreme narcissism on the part of the blogger because I seldom ask for opinions, or rake up a topic for discussion. I love comments and nods and arguments whenever they happen but I haven’t ever looked to make this a forum for debates, which by the way, I am pretty fond of in real life. I am up for a discussion about everything and anything under the sun, and usually if you are asking for my opinion you will always get it along with some additional dressing. But when it comes to the blog, the number of controversial or opinionated posts I have written are pretty minimal. Somehow, I am more active commenting on these kinds of blogs, and the fact  that they are encouraging a discussion comes across pretty obviously in their content.

This is definitely not a themed blog – like a food blog, or a fashion blog – I am mentioning these two specifically because I follow so many of them. I love how people manage them too, the ability to stick to the theme and not get distracted by the other things around, and of course the discipline and regularity. It also tells about how passionate these folks are about what they do and enjoy. And for the two genres I mentioned, there is the additional work of photographs, such beautiful, creative, aesthetic clicks, I follow all these bloggers on Instagram just for the sake of looking at those lovely shots. Again, that’s a lot of hard work and effort, and each post is like a work of art.

This is also not a current affairs blog – the famous ones mostly, the ones that talk about all that is happening, and their opinions about it. Sometimes, they use humor to get their thoughts across (these are the best, I get my news and a good dose of laughter) and sometimes they are a bit straight and serious. Either way, these are also a version of the discussion blogs, only they talk more of the political scenarios, and the movies and matters that matter. Some of them review things – restaurants, movies, books, music, travel and stick to topics that would entertain the world at large, and even help them in taking decisions.

Then there are the personal blogs, which more than the content, are amazing for the style with which they are written. They talk of their lives too, but in a very different way. Their daily updates read like poetry, their description of the mundane is so artistic that you want to read of what they thought about their dinner, or the leaves on the tree they passed by. And then there are some which are downright funny, sometimes self-depreciating (not always), but absolutely unapologetic about themselves and their lives. So relatable, that they immediately make you feel better about the perfectly imperfect life that you lead. These by the way are my personal favorites.

While I have all the blogs I read neatly categorized, or atleast labeled as a combination of the types I defined, I have no clue where mine falls. I pretty much write what comes to my mind, and take extra care to ensure I am not revealing too much about myself, or hurting anyone. I am not anonymous, and I don’t try to be anymore either. But what the blog tells is not more that 10% of who I am. So while my persona on the blog is absolutely true to my real self, my real self is much, much more than my persona on the blog.

But writing gives me an outlet; it makes me feel good in general. All that I write here, I have definitely spoken about or discussed with relevant folks in my real world – mostly my family. That would also explain why my posts are usually long, because I type like I talk, on and on. And once the flow of thoughts starts, nothing interrupts is. And there is some happiness in keying down these thoughts, perhaps to be able to read it later, and definitely also because there are other folks reading it.

And quite frankly, that’s why I do it. That little bit of happiness is the abstract explanation to why I write. Abstract, but strong, which would explain why I have been at it for 11 years now.


10 thoughts on “Day 18 – It’s only words, and words are all I have

  1. Ok, now I’ve read the post and it makes me wonder in which category do I fall in. Then again, for someone who writes as sporadically as me, I shouldn’t even ask 😀

  2. The Other Side of Life

    11 Years! That’s super super cool, DI! 8)
    Without too much hoopla and flattery, may I say this – I have read your blog almost all 11 years, actively commenting from 7 years when I started blogging. You are one of my most favorite bloggers. Like you said, you don’t fall into any category because you have your own genre and I love it. I have learnt so much from all of it – the new things you try, having songs as titles, stories of Zo. You have a very entertaining style! 🙂

    1. To think I have stuck to something for that long is crazy! 😮 You have been my frequent commentor yes and you should sort of guess your category too! In fact I was thinking of you when I wrote one of the sentences!
      Thank you for the nice words, it is a relief to know that the stuff is entertaining! 😀

  3. One thing that I really like about your blog is it seems like you are talking and not writing. This makes the blog so alive. It feels like I am actually in a conversation with you, instead of just scrolling through someone’s journal. And I love your sense of humour 🙂

  4. Oh I can so relate to this,”But writing gives me an outlet; it makes me feel good in general.”- Thats the single most important reason why I write too. I just love the way it makes me feel every time I have managed to write something down, much as they have been gibberish a lot of times :D.

    Lovely post!

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