Day 19 – Socha hai, yeh tumne kya kabhi?

Sometimes at night, after the lights have been switched off, I lie wondering how my life would be if I were not working full time. Like, if today I was to decide that I should quit, how would my life be – what would my routine be, how would I spend all that time I would get.

Some things won’t change. For example, school will be always be there so I will continue to wake up at 7:00 AM to my cup of ginger chai that I am absolutely addicted to. I will get Zo ready as I always do and The Dude will take her to the bus stop, like he does now.

The first big difference will be that I won’t quickly need to change into my tracks and shoes for a walk or a visit to the gym, because I have all the time in the world to work out. Yes, I have every intention of including a good workout in my schedule. So, I will take my time. I will brew myself a green tea (I do even now, usually after I am back from my walk), sit in the balcony and soak in the morning sun. I am assuming that the house help will be working in the background, but I have absolutely no intention of getting involved in any supervision – actually, I might ask her to scrub the bathrooms a bit better.

At 8:30, I will do an hour of yoga. My aim will be atleast 24 Suryanamaskars, and some other basic asanas. After my hour long yoga, I will have my breakfast of muesli and maybe some fruit. I don’t think I will ever get into cooking regularly even then because that just doesn’t excite me. I might start a basic kitchen garden I am thinking, though given my reputation with plants, I might skip this. But for now, let’s keep it.

It is now 10:30 AM, and I have a clean house, I have worked out for a bit, and I am not hungry anymore. I will now spend an hour blogging. This will include reading, commenting, and writing. Between 11:30 and 12:00 I will browse through Instagram and Facebook and feel good for having wasted time in a planned manner. So that will be necessary interaction with the virtual world.

At 12:00, I will go to the gym. By this time, my breakfast would have settled down, so I would be pretty set for 30 minutes of Cardio (20 on some days) and bit of strength training. I will define my leg days, and upper body days and core days, but cardio will be everyday by default. I will close at 1:00, and I will have my lunch at 1:30 PM. Then I will nap until 2:45 PM, and go to pick up Zo from the bus stop at 3.

3 to 4 PM will be Zo snack and talk time, I am sure she will have many updates to share. Between 4 and 5, we will finish homework, and then go down to play, depending on the season. If it is too hot, we will wait for a little more time. I will carry a book so I can read while she plays, or catch up on calls with friends and family. I will also walk around telling her to be careful, and for once, make friends in the building. We will exchange notes on the latest tantrums our kids are throwing and what is happening in school. Zo and I will wrap up by 6:30, because then the mosquitoes strike, and come back up. 6:30 to 7:00 PM will be playing with Zo time. We might actually play games – like the fishing game, or the Frozen card games, or dress up with the Barbies. Or we might paint for a while.

7:00 PM will be Zo’s TV time, until 8:00 PM. In that hour, I will do my studies – assignments or reading up as required. I am assuming there has to be something to keep the brain cells working and since there is no work, studies are a given. At 8:00 PM, we will have dinner, both of us, at the dining table. And once dinner is over, Zo and I will go for our bed time reading. We will read till 9:15 PM – or 4 books, whichever takes longer. Sometimes I will re-read her favorite books, and sometimes I will use the books I have on my Kindle.

And then I will make Zo sleep the same way as I do now – a couple of songs, some hushed talking, and a trip for water. Finally she will fall asleep, and I will slip out at around 9:45 PM. The Dude will come at 10:00 PM, so from then until 11, we will talk, he will have dinner and we will catch up on some TV. He will complain about stress at work, and I will listen, soak it in. At 11, I will get in and catch up a bit more on the reading – general or study related. I will switch off the lights at 11 PM.

And then, I will stay up for a while, thinking. Wondering how my life would be if I were working full time.

P.S. As you might have noticed, we are switching to Bollywood music for titles now – to give them an equal chance, and to give me a much needed break from racking my brains for English song lyrics.

26 thoughts on “Day 19 – Socha hai, yeh tumne kya kabhi?

  1. Quite interesting, this post! Grass is always greener on the other side, right?! 🙂 Sometimes I wish to be a full time home-maker but then I cant even tolerate more than three days of not doing anything worthwhile at home *not much of a home-maker you see*, so I dont know if I can ever quit my job and be at peace.

  2. Haha.. love this post.. I can speak with some experience since I have been on both sides of the fence. And while I actually like not working full time, I think I will not allow myself to quit working completely because I am such a bloody sloth. I sit on my couch and do nothing all day. I only plan all that I want to do when I have the time, but when I actually have the time, all I do is waste it 😐

    My ideal goal is to work part time.. Like 9am to 3 pm or something. Now if only I found such jobs..

    1. Heh, I have never seen the other side. I am lazy too but I hope that if nothingness is full time we will get up and do something. Maybe we choose to laze now because we don’t really get to do it often?
      That being said those timings sound perfect!

  3. I’m liking the lyrical titles, that’s really clever 🙂
    This was a fun post that gave me a sneak peek into what all I can do with my 4 YO because my daughter is the same age as Zo.
    I loved the fact that you still had fitness and study (in one way or the other) in your plan 😀

    1. Haha! I promised that in the beginning and I am struggling now! I am forever dreaming up scenarios 😀
      I think fitness and some sort of mental exercise is something I will always build into my routine or I will be a cranky slob!

  4. This was such a perfect day! I also want to know the real version of this story, hehe! 😀

    I agree with others here – I think on paper it sounds great, but when we do have a lot of time, we end up wasting it 😦 at least that’s how it is with me.

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