Day 21 – Jaane kya maine kahi, jaane kya tune suni

When you have to go back to your 2014 Blogathon to see how you managed all those posts, every single day, you are officially in trouble. However, what’s life if not a constant struggle to overcome these troubles? Ok, that last line wasn’t me. It was my alter-ego which is sort of zen and mostly positive about things – or in short, not me.

This week has been crazy. In my industry, it is common to have folks from the west descend upon us once every 6 months, and there is huge flurry of activity of the otherwise uncommon kind on the floor – like colorful PowerPoint presentations going beyond the boring financial performances we usually talk about, discussions about things as they are and as they should be, ‘strategies’ and ‘visions’, and of course free flowing food of the cookies, coke, sandwiches and packed lunches from Westin kind. This week was that.

The visits usually make Facilities crank down the AC temperature so low, I feel good about the money I otherwise think I have wasted on warm clothes. I am not sure if their theory that the westerners will always prefer a colder atmosphere is actually correct. In fact I think this is an absolutely baseless theory, which I am pretty convinced was formed because ONE time ONE visitor said that it was hot on the floor. And because of this theory, we apparently had half the floor out sick the week after the visit the last time.

I also mean crazy timings. The day for most people in my industry doesn’t start until noon. And in the visit weeks, they are expected to be available, awake and prepared at an hour which might almost be a midnight equivalent otherwise. So you have folks rubbing their eyes during the presentations, downing copious amounts of coffee and in general stating ‘I’m so sleepy’ in the midst of every conversation. At around 5, you feel like that the floor is actually in deep slumber, while half the day still remains to be lived through.

Another thing about these weeks is the mandatory dinner with the biggies. I don’t mind these at all, they are usually lavish and at posh places. My only problem is that considering the guest of honour is not Indian, they invariably choose an Indian place, or an Indian menu. Now I have nothing against Indian food, I love it, but I hate paying abominable amounts for kulchas and butter chicken and such especially when you get so much tastier stuff at a fraction of the cost at dhabas. You might argue that I am not paying here, technically, but I still believe it is injustice to the amount being paid in general. Also, I refuse to believe that the westerners always would want to eat Indian here – though they might, but this was for strengthening my own belief that we should try out other cuisines too.

Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoy these outings. After days of talking about work and work and work, this is the one time I usually end up chatting up about other things – mostly travel, and the city and food – with the guests. And if I have an Italian wine to accompany, this goes extremely well. At the odd time that I am not seated in the vicinity of the said person, I usually sit next to that one friend I can chat with, and concentrate on the food, which by the way, though Indian and overpriced, is always delicious.

And these dinners also don’t end on time, I mean no laid back, end of work week dinners are supposed to I guess. So all that eating and talking and 12 hours away from home, usually means that by the time you are done and back home, you have no energy to do anything, at all.

Including updating the blog. Which is not acceptable this month, and which will explain the extra pains I have taken to get these 15 minutes out and post. Yes, I am nice like that. Yes, you can thank me later. No, you don’t get to unfollow me.


4 thoughts on “Day 21 – Jaane kya maine kahi, jaane kya tune suni

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Ok, first the title! Kya gaana yaad dilaya aapne! Now I’ll hum that for the rest of the day! 🙂
    I totally get your point on the food. I don’t like the idea of eating Daal, roti and curry in 5 Star hotels. Don’t get the point!

  2. Oh man! I hate those visits and while I can make my peace with the presentations and long hours, I HATE those dinners with a vengeance. Not enough social skills I guess, so I usually end up making some excuse. Family, sickness, friend’s birthday. All lies!

    1. Haha! Like I said, all I need is one good friend to accompany and I am set 🙂 I managed with the available folks yesterday as, and spoke at length about road trips and such, my favorite topics anyway!
      There was no wine to help though 😦

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