Day 23 – Saturday, Saturday

For years now, Saturday night has been party night. It’s usually lots of home delivered junk food – pizzas, KFC chicken buckets or chicken ‘lollypops’ and Hakka noodles from the local India chinese outlets top the charts. There is chilled beer for company, like there used to be wine back in Pune. And these days Scotch is a hot favorite. There is also always Nachos of a variety of flavors as chakhna every time.

The mood is set well in advance. Big decisions about whether we would have a music night or a TV series marathon are taken. The music system/ home theatre is set up, and the lights are adjusted as per the decision taken. Once everything is set, the glasses for the occasion are brought out – and the party begins. It lasts for a couple of amazing hours, and usually ends with me stuffing myself with all the chocolate in the house.

But today is different. The reason is that The Dude has enrolled himself in a cyclathon that begins at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning. It is a 65 kilometer long ride. He has done this before, but the last time he rented a cycle for the purpose. He also was missing any sort of cycling gear. He finished the ride, but came back quite exhausted, by which I mean he refused to get up even for water for the rest of the weekend.

This time, he is prepared. He bought a cycle last week, and also all the required accessories. Now when you are this set, I guess you have to be prepared mentally as well, which apparently means that he will sleep early, not over-eat tonight, and spend 2 hours just placing the same helmet, shorts, shoes, bag etc on the same spot over and over again. Well, atleast that’s what he is doing. And as I type this, he announced that he thinks he should have a bath now as well. Much fun it is to watch, but it means that tonight is going to be a sober night.

So in anticipation of a sober night, I had a very relaxed day and evening. A PTM to attend (which is a delight when you have a kid like Zo, touchwood), followed by a relaxed brunch, a couple of hours of sleep, and then an hour and a half of painting. It is amazing how having a child gets you back in touch with things you loved in your childhood. Almost proving the cliched “you get to live your childhood again through your child” statement. So there were water colors and crayons and sticker books and a lot of fun.

Then there were whole wheat pancakes, with Nutella, for Zo not me. Since I usually don’t cook, I try to make the few times I do count – especially when it isn’t pasta or noodles. They came out well, I mean why wouldn’t they, with the butter and chocolate and vanilla (that’s my addition quite frankly, because of my addiction to vanilla). She finished them in a jiffy while we watched Maleficent (yes, again), and continue to do right now. The Dude has gone to sleep as promised, and I just finished my dinner. And once the movie is over, I think I’d go to sleep to.

But not before I have some chocolate, and may be some Nutella too. Because that’s one Saturday night rule I cannot break.


8 thoughts on “Day 23 – Saturday, Saturday

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Haha! Saturday night problems are the best. Where should we order from? Which series to watch? Should we play poker now or at 12 in the night? What would be the best way to waste time?

  2. The first two paragraphs – you know what I am getting at :p Scotch’s a hot new favourite now that beer’s done and over with. Smooth, grown up high – I love it!

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