Day 24 -Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye

This isn’t the first time I have mentioned how difficult it is to update the blog on a sunday. Infact, in the past 3 weeks, I think I have developed a sort of a pattern that tends to repeat itself through the week. And as we enter the last week of the blogathon tomorrow, I am pretty sure I will go through the same range of emotions.


It’s a brand new week and while it sucks big time, this is when I prove myself as the strong, determined, confident woman that all the self help books that I never read say I am. This is when I fight against all odds – the annoyingly long meetings, the badly scheduled calls, the folks who refuse to turn up on time for anything – and update the blog, come what may. Because I am the positive woman who believes in doing what she loves, even if it means that I skip lunch break and type the post (it will also make up for the pedhas the teammate brought and I shamelessly gorged upon).


Ok, maybe that positivity thing was slightly overrated and maybe I can go a little light upon myself – not worrying about when I will post what I will post and just post once I reach home. I mean it’s not someone is reading every post right. Just look at the dwindling comments. Ofcourse, I am still determined but maybe I can channel it a wee better and use it make the slobs work a wee harder? The posts will happen for sure, but how, can I leave it to fate?


I knew it. I knew this whole Blogathon thing would be a disaster. Who takes up daily writing when there is daily work and daily school and daily other things to do that cannot be avoided? Seriously? The call is going to go on till 10 today and I need to prepare for the the whole day plus there are other meetings and it will be SO late when I return. Do I have my priorities right at all? Shouldn’t I be spending every extra minute with Zo instead of hoping she falls asleep so I can BLOG? Huh? Let me go have a chocolate now to calm my nerves down.


Man, I lived through yesterday. I even did a post. The content sucked yes, but I did it yes? I really over think sometimes. It is totally possible to do a post a day, if you are sure that you will. Ofcourse you might end up being up till midnight and sleep less and so make up for it by skipping your workout, but it’s worth it. I am sure. Almost. Ah well, I will plan better from tomorrow, afterall Friday is almost here.


Happy day Happy day, this is the day I live for! I think I can do 3 posts today in fact, and schedule them for the weekend also? I mean that’s how happy I am! And so full of energy, what is with this day? Maybe I should start writing a book! Maybe I should target reading all that is pending today. Maybe I should climb the everest. Maybe! Ok for now let me do this one post for today because I am sure The dude will be in a party mood and that might just make it a week tougher to write tonight. Ok, so it’s one post for today, but we will all agree, I can conquer the world if I want!


Oh my god Oh My God I am going to miss today’s post! I should have written two yesterday! Damn! How can I cheat this time?


Is there a purpose to this life? What’s the point to it really? Why are we where and what are we trying to achieve? And more than that, what am I trying to achieve by piling on deadline after deadline on my already crazy schedule? And do I even have a clean set of uniform for Zo tomorrow? And when am I going to write her the lines for her project? Really, why isn’t Sunday omitted from the Blogathon altogether?

But it isn’t, and while I am living through the above emotions live right now (and I actually have to write the lines for her project, eep!) I have still made it for today. One day at a time, and we’re good.


11 thoughts on “Day 24 -Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye

  1. “I mean it’s not someone is reading every post right.”
    Well, I am reading your posts from more than a year now and I have read some old ones too. I think you should write daily as every night I eagerly wait for your post.

  2. “I mean it’s not someone is reading every post right.”
    Well, I am reading your posts from more than a year now and I have read some old ones too. I think you should write daily as every night I eagerly wait for your post.

  3. The Other Side of Life

    Lol. Absolutely bang on this was. This is exactly the cycle I face. Only that my Saturday night is Friday night. So Friday night is hard to post because everyone else is enjoying and I am not, so the depression, etc.

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