Day 26 – So I say thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing

I have mentioned quite often just how big a fan of Bollywood and Bollywood music I am. During my childhood, my mother would buy a cassette once in a while – if I think hard, the oldest one I remember is one of Maine Pyaar kiya, with a shot out of Kabootar Ja on the cover. We also had a combination cassette of Deewana and Mashooq. But the first cassette I remember playing on loop was Roja. And thus began my love for Hindi movie music. And for a long time, as long as until 10 years ago, hindi music was perhaps the only genre I was completely aware of and interested in.

Over the years I have continued to be very particular about following the new releases in music. Till school, my access was limited because there was no cable TV at home. But Meerut caught Delhi FM, and my trusty old BPL Two-in-one helped me in staying updated with the tunes. And by the time the cassette era ended, I had almost every hit on tape with me. All those cassettes I bought and recorded still lie at my parents’ place and I cannot get myself to get rid of them

Times evolved, but I am still as particular about knowing the latest Bollywood songs. MP3s are the word, and every month, I go through the releases and update my collection. I have retrospectively caught hold of all the old music I loved at a time as well, on MP3 now. I have to admit I have been a tad lazier in the last two years, but I am definitely not totally unaware of the music doing the rounds.

As expected, I also have my favorites. The old evergreen songs every one is aware of, the latest hits that the TV channels cannot get enough of, the commercial successes and the off-beat tracks. But what I wanted to share were a few songs, which I doubt everyone would have heard of. I might be assuming here, and there might be folks who absolutely know them and love them like I do, but I will still list a few.

Chup Tum raho – Is Raat ki subah nahi (1996)

This was a pretty famous movie and while I found it quite dark when I watched it, I got hooked to this song. By the way, it has Madhavan as an extra – as the random singer at the party singing this song.

Kay tumne yeh keh diya – Saaz (1997)

Another arty movie, this one had Zaakir Hussain. I fell in love with the song and watched the movie years later and was depressed for quite a while. Shabana Azmi was awesome (when is she not?) and the song, still as amazing.

Tere liye – Title track (2001)

I cannot find the original video to this song, which I guess tells a lot about how famous the movie was. But the song was, plus – Sonu Nigam. Those were the times he could breathe life into anything he sang. He still can, but we get to hear him lesser.

Dil me kuch ho raha hai – Freaky Chakra (2003)

Umm, this is getting repetitive, but I can’t find the original video to this song as well. Now this one is still one of favorites to listen to on loop. It’s from a movie called Freaky Chakra, which had a random actor and Deepti Naval as the older woman he falls for. I don’t remember how it ends and I don’t care as long as I have the song to listen to.

Dil jo bhi kahe maane – Title track (2005)

This movie had a famous ‘producer ka beta’ actor and a firang chick as the leads. It had Amitabh Bachchan and Revathi for the star power and was ridiculous. But this song has a very upbeat tone to it, and I find myself quite happy whenever I listen to it. Caution : there are force-fitted english lyrics in between, so if you are allergic to those, skip.

So that’s my contribution for today. If you haven’t heard these songs, give them a listen, and if you have, tell me if you like them too! Also, if there are songs you think aren’t as well known but deserve to be, I’m all ears, always.

4 thoughts on “Day 26 – So I say thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Very nice collection! 🙂
    So right about the cassettes. Even I remember the collection at home and the 2 movies on 1 cassette style. I remember, for my sister’s birthday, we got DIl Toh Pagal Hai recorded from a cassette shop guy. Unfortunately, the tape came out when we played it the first time! 😀
    Even today, for most old songs, I remember them by the color of the cassette my parents had for it. Babu Ji Dheere Chalna was a Blue Cassette song. Apki Ankho Ne Samjha was Green Cassette! 🙂

    1. Colored cassestes! I had an orange one which had Saturday night and Barbie girl and such songs! Too funny!
      The one cassette whose tape came off was Karan Arjun , I never got the songs again 🙂 Also, lots of fun was picking which cassettes to carry on train trips, you could only choose a few!

  2. Oh I remember getting cassettes recorded from some shop. I would sit and list down all my favourite tracks and then also create a cassette cover – all decked up with drawings and stickers 😀

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