Day 29 – Leave the bourbon on the shelf

Friday night is back and I am doing the unthinkable. I am working. I am not fond of work encroaching my personal space but today there is no choice. And I am pretty fair, if not anything else.

Which means this is yet another day when I will be leaving you with a cheat post. No, I won’t be posting a picture tonight because I am sure you don’t want to see a PowerPoint file. Or a gif alternating between a PowerPoint file and an excel file. Like I said, I am fair.

Instead I will leave you with a thought which has been bothering me. People who work to earn money, aren’t they always supposed to have a passion they want to spend this money on? Travel, luxury, cars, diamonds, anything? Otherwise what explains this need to earn at all?

That’s all I have to say right now. I will be back tomorrow hopefully with a more coherent post. Till then, happy weekend people!


13 thoughts on “Day 29 – Leave the bourbon on the shelf

          1. The Other Side of Life

            I love that line! So so beautifully said!
            I had this exact same discussion when Mark Zuckerberg pledge all his wealth to a charity. I said it’s ok for him to do that because he has so much. If I had so much, after a point, I wouldn’t know where to spend it. Someone countered by saying no money is enough. At any point, having more matters. If it didn’t, Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t even have earned so much.
            I guess, to each his own!

  1. Reminds me of a line my senior said to me in college, “Then I had no money, but I had loads of fun, but now I have loads of money, but i have no time to have fun”… life..

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