Day 31 – I’d like to say, we’ll do okay, forever in blue jeans

Dear Blog

When I decided to start this Blogathon, I had every doubt that I would be able to finish it fairly – by which I mean, I was not sure I would actually post before midnight, every single day in January. I knew for a fact there would be cheat posts –  like posts written in a rush just before midnight, and picture posts, and posts talking about how you can’t judge the blogger for doing a cheat post because Oh my God it’s been a tiring day and there’s not one thought that strikes enough to make a post out of it.

But I did it – and as I type this I can hear Dora and Boots singing ‘We did it, we did it’ after finishing their campaign for the episode. It hasn’t been easy, there were  several days I was out of time, or ideas and even willingness, but I managed, we managed to ensure that there was a post, every single day. And quite well, yes? Because, like I already said in my zen post, I wanted to ensure that I did what I loved.

But in this month, I also gave up on something. Like I haven’t read beyond chapter two of Kafka on the shore, the book I started on 1st January? When I talked about just how much I have been reading and how often? Yeah, so one thing I need to do is get back to it so that I don’t start my 2017 blogathon with a post about just how 2016 turned out to be the year of no reading. I am not disillusioned to get into the 100 books or even 50 books a year sort of promises, but zero books in month one is quite pathetic, even if there’s a good excuse, you. So now that I am done with the blogathon, reading needs to be started again.

I have also been sleeping erractically, which is bound to happen when you are stuck to your laptop until almost midnight to ensure a post. Late sleeping and early waking up means the tracker says I have slept for less than 6 hours. And so I took it upon myself to do a round 2 of sleep during my walk time in the morning. And on most days this sleep round 2 time became social media time and hence no walk happened and no sleep happened. So I am hoping that now that there are no deadlines, I will try to hit the sack a wee bit earlier, just about enough to not let me make excuses for skipping a workout the next day.

Other than that, I have had fun with you. I got back to rambling and also reading others and commenting and discussing things with the blog folks, which you know I love. But like I said, it’s good that our daily appointment will no longer be a thing and I will be able to get back to more relaxed (and hopefully more sensible) posting now.

Which is not to say you will be forgotten. You see, over the years I have neglected you for days, even months. But I have always come back and loved spending time with you just as much. In fact, every time I return I wonder why I left at all. And that says it all.

So dear blog, I am glad we did this. And I am sure we will keep at it for a long time to come. Yes, I’d really like to say, that we’ll be absolutely ok.


23 thoughts on “Day 31 – I’d like to say, we’ll do okay, forever in blue jeans

  1. Mi

    Kafka on the Shore… This is one the the books i finished in one gulp.. I love Murakami.
    I finally hopped on to your blog now.. today is my “no work, only read day” 😀 😀

    you are such a vintage blogger…over 10 years of blogging?? *bow to thee* 🙂

      1. Mi

        I read only a few posts.. Randomly picking up from tags.. Now am gng sequentially.. For me 2 3 posts were enuf to follow you coz i wanted to come back 😉

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