Some like it in the pot nine days old

I had promised myself that I would not let go of the blog once the blogathon got over. But there is just something so enticing about doing nothing at all, that it is 9 days since I last posted and I can’t seem to feel one iota of regret for having giving in to it; and actually spending every night, watching excerpts of something as lame as Pretty Little liars season 5, which by the way I did religiously watch until season 2 and now I have practically no idea about. I mean there are folks whose death was the very crux of the show, that are now in jail, under the murder charges of the person who I think was the original murder suspect of this person who apparently was not murdered at all.

Which by the way, also means that all those promises of getting back to reading, now that the blogathon was done, those are down the drain as well. I repeat what I said 9 days ago – at this rate, 2016 will be my year of no reading at all. Which brings me to the highlight of today –I finally collected the study material for my course starting this month, and the geek in me cannot wait at all. And I sincerely hope that at least course books keep me off watching shit I don’t understand on the idiot box.

Not so much is happening in life otherwise, and that sucks, especially since work takes up all of my time. I haven’t travelled or gone on a road trip in forever (where forever = 2 months in this case) and while I seem to be able to live with it, The Dude is forever wandering around with a long face like the world has come to an end. But amends are being made and hopefully this situation will be handled soon. But before that, I have a work trip coming up in a week’s time, and I don’t think anyone knows how much I despise those more than the folks who have read me for a while. But it is to a new (albeit not so exciting place) so I am telling myself that I will live through the 4 days I am there.

Zo had Open day at school this weekend, which is where she had to talk about that model of the seasons that we had made back in January – I surely wrote of it in the blogathon!). She did a decent job, though she seemed to have already lost interest by the time we arrived and had to be coaxed to say beyond a line or two about each of the seasons. I can sort of understand her situation because imagine doing a pitch at age 4,  when there are things like Styrofoam balls on the ground and others’ projects and snacks around, basically stuff that is infinitely more exciting. But I have to give it to some of the kids who were natural speakers, and it also helped that their moms stood around making them revise their lines when there was no one to listen. The whole experience also made me a wee but guilty about not being a supermom and then I quickly pushed the thought away telling myself that even if I had the time, there was no guarantee I would use it to teach Zo instead of lying on the bed, loudly singing ‘Mary had some chewing gum’ (a very innovative modification of Mary had a little lamb that has been taught to her at school), before bed time.

And that would be that. In terms of all the life altering things that have happened between the last day I wrote and today, unfortunately there is nothing much I can talk about. But as always, that hasn’t deterred me from talking anyway, irrelevant as it might have been to you. Also, what is life if not our way of making some sense out of all the disjointed irrelevance it is full of?

On that failed attempt at making some sense of this post, I will take leave, and hope you don’t.


14 thoughts on “Some like it in the pot nine days old

  1. The Other Side of Life

    I was hoping you guys would write. But no. Its like blogathon killed your writing spirit. Meh. :-/
    What course? It sounds so exciting! I tried something on coursera atleast 4 times but am never able to complete. I can imagine having real books and all would be so much more fun!
    Your work trips are all aborad no. Sigh. I am in Mumbai for a work trip. Again. Like every week. Sigh. 😦

    1. Tell me about it! I hope I don’t stop man 😞
      I started my masters in Literature through IGNOU like a proper MA! Lots of books!
      Yep, work trips are usually abroad unless I am travelling to hire 😀. Though not always fun places – off to Dubai this time!
      How do you manage so much travel ?

      1. The Other Side of Life

        Wow! MA Literature sounds so cool. I just went and checked out the course. Pretty nice course content. Maybe I should take it too! Blog about your experience with this. I will get inspired and join for sure!
        And Dubai. Sigh. You just called Dubai not so fun.

        1. Yes, the material is quite interesting! I have never ventured into humanities so this will be something. I was reading how we have to hand write our assignments. :o!
          I will keep you guys updated!
          Haha, Dubai might have been funner with good company I guess!

  2. Yayyy you are back!

    Haha I googled the lines of your title – such funny rhymes these days! I am also intrigued by Mary had a chewing gum 😀 Days of little johny and twinkling stars are gone huh!

    You travel abroad for work? And you sulk about it? 😦

    1. 😀 Yes am I trying!
      It’s a famous rhyme, the one on my title :o, I used to love it. Was on my Preeti Sagar Nursery rhymes cassette.
      It’s bubble gum, she corrected me today. They have done all the regular stuff S, I think this is a manner to teach them school rules! It says you can chew gum in school 😀
      I travel abroad ‘only’ for work. I will say it has given me the chance to see places but I am grumpy traveler when alone!

      1. Haha, Preeti Sagar! I remember her. My mom had a cassette. She was a teacher at a nursery school 😀 but i don’t remember any of the rhymes. Cool trivia – the movie, Some like it hot, got its name from this rhyme. There was a hindi remake of Some like it hot – Raffoo Chakkar – with Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan – what fun movie! Have you watched it? Ah i am digressing. Anyway, have a good week and a great weekend! Toodles!

        1. I have seen parts of Rafoo chakkar. About some like it hot it came as the movie in pictionary to a guy who has no clue about english movies, I remember we had SO much fun trying to guess it! I miss pictionary!
          You have a great rest of the week and weekend too!

  3. Revising lines with 4 year olds? I can give it to in writing that I would never do that. 4 year olds are meant to have fun, not learning lines. And errr there is a case of my kids who would absolutely walk away even if I tried.

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