C is for Clutter

I am not the most organized of people, but let me just say that in the last week alone, I have

  • Misplaced my brand new Lakme Eyeconic kajal pencil (black) within a week of purchasing it
  • Turned my cupboard upside down – twice – looking for a top that I couldn’t find eventually
  • Wondered why there was a newspaper in my shirt because it sure didn’t look like it had come back from the laundrywala (it had, by the way).
  • Dropped my iphone while asleep, because my pillow hit the charging cord connected to my phone, which slid off my bed side table, as it was placed on top of ‘A career of Evil’, which was on top of Book 1 – British Novel, which was half on top of my kindle, which was at an angle because there was a book light attached to it.
  • Stared at 3 different pieces of clothing and thought ‘Why would I ever buy this? And even if I did 9 years ago, why do I still have it?’ and then kept it right back on top of my clothes pile in the closet.

And that’s just the beginning. Ladies and gentlemen, I have, without realizing it, become a hoarder and messy hoarder at that. Which is why, I am surrounded with clutter of varying intensities. And this is just when it comes to my clothes and shoes and bags apparently. The other mess, you know the kind where my daughter’s room looks like a toy store with a bizarre decoration theme (they call it just that, ‘the mess’)? I am not even getting into that.

When I came home from our short road trip last Sunday, the sofas in the bedroom had a small pile of freshly ironed clothes. I immediately got to sorting them into my usual categories – his and mine (further sorted into kurtas, trousers, office shirts, tops and tees). But when I walked to my closet, which is sort of small, even after buying a whole new cupboard for Zo and moving all her stuff into it, and opened it – the last pile of ironed clothes just fell out. Just like that – plop! So I was left with two piles of clothes in my hands, a pile on the floor, and tears in my eyes. What was not cool was I kept my sorted clothes back on the sofa for a time I was not as tired, and they lay there, until today morning, when I uncovered them, like the ruins of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro from underneath a pile of erm, more clothes that did not find their way to the laundry hamper or the closet.

Similarly, every night, after I am done browsing through Instagram (or playing a last round of Two Dots, that stupid addictive game), I plug my phone to the charger hanging faithfully down the side of my bed. And every time, every freaking time, I struggle to find a spot on the bed side table to keep it. And this is damn phone, a tiny little thing which can fir anywhere but apparently, my bed side table just doesn’t have enough space for it because – at last count it contained – books (3 nos), book lights (2 nos), Zo’s hair bands (3 nos and not including the tiara. A tiara is not a hair band), a book of crayons (open), a box of Johnson’s Baby Powder (the super saver gigantic pack), one tiger balm, one bottle of multi vitamins, 4 cards made on various pieces of paper and cardboard (all proclaiming how much Zo loves Mumma and hence bloody precious), and a kinder joy toy. And this table is 1.5 ft X 2 ft in dimensions. But ofcourse we have situation where the poor phone crashes to the ground at the slightest touch.

So today, before I left for work and had hardly 15 minutes, I looked around and felt dizzy. Like a sensible person, I did not put away the sorting and clearing away for a freer time. Instead, I did the bit I could. The sofas are free of clothes. The bed side table has just one book now and the other objects have been popped into the drawers in it – stop gap but effective. I put the 6 pairs of footwear in their respective boxes in the store (yes people, my shoe rack does not have space for my shoe clutter, and hence I have whole spot in the store for shoes, yes), and Zo’s shoes in her box in her room. And I resolved that this weekend I would go through my entire closet and Zo’s, and get rid of all the clothes which I doubt I’d ever wear again, and those that Zo cannot wear again even if I wanted her to. I immediately felt better, like this little organizing exercise had lifted a weight off of me.

It also helped that I was now carrying 172 grams lesser, since the phone finally had its designated spot on the table.



6 thoughts on “C is for Clutter

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Hahaa! Last week, when our ironed clothes travelled from the Sofa to the Guest Bedroom after 3 days of staying on the sofa, I told Sherlock that this is a bit like the Olympic torch. Needs to touch every country once before it reaches its destination. Glad to know there are others! 😀
    But, to be fair, we are quite the neatness freaks. Our house is generally in too much order! 😀

  2. I keep getting my bouts of de-cluttering from time to time when I run around the house like Viki of Small Wonder and everything gets put in its designated spot, only to stay there till Pari gets back from school. Despite being a cleanliness freak and our home always staying organised, ironed clothes & Pari’s books and toys are always in sight at one spot or the other. I guess they have a way of making their presence felt.

    So glad your phone finally got a spot for itself to charge at peace 😀

    1. I do have spring cleaning bouts too and they feel amazing! But of late, it’s just been a bit more procrastination that usual 😦 Hope I do some serious clearing on this weekend!
      Kids have a way of making their presence felt 😐

  3. I usually dump my clothes in my walk-in closet which is like a small store room and hence needs cleaning every three weeks or so when all the wearable clothes are on the floor and only will-wear-someday ones are on the hanger. But S-Man’s clothes can be seen everywhere, even on our kitchen table. It took me a long time to turn a blind eye to his messy ways and I am still trying.
    Good luck with your de-cluttering 😊

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