D is for Dreams

No, I am not going into zen mode and talking about life dreams. I am talking about real dreams, the ones that you have no control over, and the ones that you see when you are fast asleep – unaware of what’s happening around you, those dreams.

My dreams are extremely lucid; in HD quality with Dolby surround sound to give you the real life experience. They are also very, very impactful, which I can say because I always remember them in full detail and clarity for long after I am up, maybe even forever if my brain’s hard drive wasn’t already full of so much other slightly more relevant stuff like real life events. And lastly, they are absurd.

Like last week, I had a long drawn dream where I along with other hapless counterparts, who are usually The Dude, my parents, at times Zo, my sister and occasionally my colleagues, was running, trying to escape a barrage of dinosaurs that had attacked whatever Godforsaken place we were in. What I loved was my attention to detail to movies, which was very evident from just the color scheme of the dream sets – absolutely in line with every Steven Spielberg Dinosaur movie you have ever seen. Also, the dinosaurs were absolutely correct for the situation – all of them T-rexes and Velociraptors only because don’t we all know those are the most dangerous ones? Lastly, my special effects dream team seems to have worked really hard to ensure realism, because I could literally feel the earth vibrate when the first couple of raptors decided to return with the larger herd to attack, just when we thought we had some time to escape.

The most recurring dream ‘genre’ I unfortunately experience (cos ‘see’ does not begin to describe it) has to do with Air crashes. I am not sure what triggered this, but I sort of think it has something to do with the 9/11 attacks. Because in all these nightmares, I am never on the flight, but I am on the ground, building, place where the damn plane is crashing. So somewhere, all that watching and re-watching of the plane hitting the towers has somehow made a permanent space in my subconscious, and I pretty much live through versions of large and heavy airplanes (which I really believe have no purpose being so high up in the sky, travel be damned), crashing where I stand. . These nightmares have also made me obsessed with Air Crash investigations, which makes absolutely zero sense because why would you torture yourself by subjecting yourself to what looks to be your biggest fear? But we aren’t here to make sense, so I spend hours reading and watching documentaries about plane crashes.

I also dream a lot about work, which sucks. I mean as if you don’t think enough about work when awake, to think about it when asleep! I usually dream about missing getting to work in time for an important meeting (which has never happened) and then panicking (which happens in general), which is weird, because I doubt there is any meeting in this world that would fall apart if I was not in it. Also, I personally don’t think that at this point in life, I would fall apart just because I missed any meeting, however important.

The last dream genre I seem to encounter a lot is what I called ‘rewind’ dreams. Now these dreams basically place me in situations from my own life from 10-15-20 years ago. Only, I am aware of all that happened after, but it is only me. Basically, like time travel with some fuzziness. Everyone around me convinces me that I seem to be imagining things, and I am sort of impacted by their conviction, that may be I am wrong? Like maybe I never met the Dude after all and was stuck with some disgusting folks from the past (recurring one, this, ew)? Or that I was still preparing for CAT (Oh My God! Geek alert!). Or sometimes that I am still at the vacation that just got over (the few good times).

In any case, I have an uncanny control over my dreams, where my level of control is in direct proportion to how bizarre the dream is. It’s like after I have spent some time torturing myself, living through terror attacks, alien attacks or delays to the exam hall, the dream me usually realizes that this is too much drama to be true. And when I do, I shut my eyes really tight and open them – and am back in my bed.  This works almost every time. Except sometimes, I end up having an Inception inspired dreams, where I think I am up from my nightmare, but actually I am in yet another level of the dream. This has happened a number of times in my drowing dreams and paranormal, ghost related dreams, which is mean because these are dreams I really need to wake up from. But after a number of attempts, I am eventually up. I spent a good part of my childhood hating my inability to sleep dreamless-ly, and hating my ability to remember everything later. Now I am used to it.

And these days , only when I wake up from weird dreams and look around to see that none of it was true, do I believe that I have had a good night’s sleep.



12 thoughts on “D is for Dreams

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Wow. Even reading it, I could visualize everything. Maybe you should be a movie director. Maybe that’s what your dreams mean.

    I also had that dream of animals attacking me. Then I looked up online and it had an actual meaning. Something like you needing to close some matter with someone close to you, etc.

    On a side note, dude, this a-to-z thing is super difficult. I missed the deadline and posted C at 12 30 last night. I have not D yet and doesnt look like I can before 12. So difficult. Plus no blogger access in office. What is a girl to do. Tell me.

    1. Oh man, direct a movie! That would be a dream 🙂
      I did try to decode my dreams a couple of times, very interesting theories! I should check the air crash ones, most repetitive.
      Oh I am yet to read your C! I should now. I had no access to blogging sites back in my old office – which is why I have a word doc 😐 I am serious, all my posts were written on word doc and copied pastes as soon as I got home!

  2. Oh Gosh! Isn’t that tiring to be running around with dinosaurs chasing you, watching air-crashes happen close to where you’re sitting. No-matter how brilliant the experience, picture or sound quality for someone who very rarely dreams (like yours truly) it sounded rather exhausting.

    But as long as you’re enjoying the show, dream on DI 😀

  3. I pictured you be chased by dinosaurs and couldn’t stop giggling. Those are some intense dreams. I hardly remember mine on most days.

    I did have absurd dreams in school though. Like one time I dreamt that we an elocution competition in school, but our Sister (the nuns who ran our school) was telling students that we have to bring our refrigerator with us to school, and stand on top of it and talk. There will be no stage. I end up going to school forgetting our fridge at home. I get sent back and my mom is refusing to let me have the fridge cos she says it is isn’t clean enough. I sob cos I want to desperately take part in the competition..It goes on..

    Ye Gods, I am embarrassing myself with this comment. Dreams.. They can be really weird 😐

    1. Did you laugh when you watched Jurassic Park!? I was in a life threatening situation here! 😮
      I absolutely love the idea of talking while standing on the fridge 😀 I am picturing you right now, doing it. Dreams can be really weird, really scary, really really entertaining! 😀

  4. Wow you get vivid dreams so frequently. Must be exhausting. Even I wake up tired when I’ve had such dreams. But I’ve never had inception like dreams. Is it exciting?

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