E is for Excuses

And I have none. Is not being able to come up with a half decent post a good enough excuse? I mean, today there’s time, there’s effort, but there’s just no result. There are also three partially written posts which unfortunately (or fortunately) you will not be able to read because they sort of, kind of suck, and also, I never finished them. But since I have nothing else I can think of, I will tell you all that I thought I would write about.

I was pretty convinced I was doing a post on E for Economics till yesterday. Reason being,  ofcourse there’s a story to that; I had consumed, let’s not put a number to it, but just say, way more chocolate than I had thought I could, and I realized that with chocolate, more always meant more happiness. And this was not in line with what we have learnt when we learnt about the law of diminishing marginal utility; that with each additional unit of a product we consume, the utility or satisfaction we derive from it declines. So I thought  – maybe I will sit and criticize this theory for today, how amazing would that be. And the more thought I gave to it, the more items I could think of, which the law didn’t work for, perfect! But. Then I read this one assumption about the theory.

“The law assumes that the consumer is rational.”

I knew I had lost the case, and so I left the post in my drafts and moved on.

Then, I thought I would post about egg – the God of foods, and how, if you eat eggs and have access to them, you will never ever go hungry and your taste buds will never be unhappy. But somehow, the post ended there. It might have been the overwhelming emotion that I felt when I thought of this wonder food and the times it had saved me from near starvation that stopped me from going any further. And I realized that eggs, as a topic, can only be experienced and not written about. So that was my excuse for not doing that post.

Next in line was E for Etcetera. Because that again, gave me the chance to basically write about anything under the sun and get away with it. I tried, quite seriously, but it so happens that when the mind switches off, it really switches off. Which is why, this post, about why there’s no coherent post, and my excuses for it.

Or if you want to read it another way, for today, please make do with this (E for) excuse of a post.



8 thoughts on “E is for Excuses

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Hahahhaaa! 😀
    This was awesome. Personally I think the economics one would have been really good. Except of course that assumption.
    I realized quite early on in the challenge that I would not be sticking to the titles. Meaning I’ll write what I want and give a title with that letter in the end. Like I did last night. 😀

    1. Hehe! I was so upset about the economics one – especially since I had made up my mind to find more theories and diss them too. Damn assumptions!

      Yesterday’s post was indeed very deep, so is this idea! I will need it for the fun F tomorrow!

  2. I need to cheat from your post .. as I cant figure out myself whatto put for the posts..

    I like that E for Egg now that is a perfect FACT indeed reminds me of the hostel days when nothing to eat Boil Two eggs 🙂

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