F is for Fitness

It’s also for fails, but today we will talk about the successful attempts.

Last month, after I returned from my work trip to Dubai, which basically meant staying in hotel that serve lavish breakfasts that I absolutely love (Chocolate Danish for the win!), I had an epiphany – that I would soon require a brand new wardrobe, one that would be able to provide full coverage to my expanding persona. While the thought was exciting for the shopaholic part of my personality, the narcissist part of it blanched at the thought of progressing to the next size on the chart, one I had so happily left behind 4 years ago.

So, I promptly registered myself for daily workout classes in our complex – conveniently called ‘Yoga’ classes, and explained to me as – “It’s not only Yoga, there are different things we do each day.” I called the instructor, fixed a time, and reached the class bright and on time at 8 AM the very next day – armed with a yoga mat, a bottle of water and a towel, and in flip flops; because you know, Yoga.

The folks didn’t look very threatening, and neither did the instructor. We had a basic warm up, and then he asked us to join our palms, because we were about to start with Suryanamaskars. It was all peaceful and spiritual and very calming. And then he started counting – one number for one asana. I started very spiritedly, since I have done as many as 20 Suryanamaskars in a day, with just 4-5 breaks in between.

But the counting wouldn’t stop. It didn’t stop. It went on and on and and I kept bending and stretching and bending and stretching wondering when we would ‘relax and destress’. We didn’t. He stopped at 50 suryanamaskars with no breaks except for the ones in my bones and muscles. And then he said – ‘now we will do planks’.

I pretty much got what I had signed up for ,especially since the class ended with a disclaimer that the intensity of the workouts would only go up in the next few days, with sort of a break on Thursday (stretches) and end with a Cardio on Friday.

The next two days were weights and circuit training which were strenuous and made my muscles regret their existence. I walked around with a visible limp and took close to two minutes to pick my coffee mug up for a sip. By now it was clear that I had to change the contact information of my instructor on the phone because he definitely not ‘Yoga’ sir. When Friday came, I was geared up again – cardio is something I have been slightly regular with, the on and off running, the cycling, even those workout videos I had followed some time ago.

But nothing had me prepared for what was in store. I should have anticipated it when the attendance went down from the usual 8 to 4 on Friday, but I thought it was just folks partying early on. Only when I was told the structure of the 40 minutes that were to follow did I realise I was in trouble.

Have you ever felt like someone had punched you in the gut and when you are trying to catch your breath and recover they punch you again and this time with more power? And they keep doing this 20 times, giving you teaser breaks which are not breaks but a moment for you to try and assess what just happened? If no, you need to be in this class. For 20 minutes after we were done, I could hear my heart and was pretty sure others could too if their own ears weren’t ringing. And I must have released enough sweat to make up for a whole Hyderabad summer.

But overall it felt good. I felt like I had really pushed myself. And I did, through the month. And while not so much on the scales, I can see a difference in my general stamina. From being able to do more push ups than before to finding 60 suryanamaskars ‘the easy workout day’; I can feel myself getting fitter. And stronger. And that’s enough reason for me to keep going and ensuring I attend these classes regularly.

That, and the fact that I have already paid for the month.



11 thoughts on “F is for Fitness

  1. That is some serious fitness training. Glad you wrote about this when I seriously was beginning to look for motivation to put in that extra effort in my daily workout.
    Keep going DI you’re doing great 😀

  2. The Other Side of Life

    Wow! Too much dedication this is. Awesome stuff, DI! 🙂
    I wanted to run a half marathon this year. You would be happy to know I have run 21 km. Cumulative from the beginning of the year till now. 😛

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