H is for Hum aapke hain kaun

The movie I didn’t even venture to watch until 3 years ago. And even then, I never finished it, because I couldn’t. Yes, I, the self proclaimed fan of all things Bollywood – never, ever got to watching what is touted as one of the biggest hits of Bollywood.

Because –

  • The music was bad. The first thing that you see or hear in a movie, which then makes you want to watch it, is it’s songs. And despite all the hullabaloo, I found the music of this movie useless. Add to it, Lata Mangeshkar’s voice gone sour, and we had songs like Maayini -maayi, which still make me shudder. And don’t even get me started on songs like Chocolate – limejuice.
  • It had Madhuri Dixit, and despite the general opinion about how beautiful she was, I always found her quite aunty-like and definitely looking much much older than Salman Khan. So the couple didn’t work for me. Except for may be the song Pehla pehla pyar hai (thanks to that pink ‘frock’), I did not like her in anything. I was beyond shocked when one didi in our bus got the Joote do paise Lo outfit custom made for a wedding she had to attend.
  • They killed a primary character in the movie, and that was unacceptable. You don’t just kill people. Not after showing everyone chirpy and dancing around and happy and overtly gushy, you can’t kill someone just like that. It was not the killing type of movie. It was very annoying. I mean seriously, such a rich household and you didn’t have a cordless phone or an extension upstairs?
  • We did not get tickets when we tried. This should have actually gone up in the hierarchy of reasons, but there were no tickets available, and then I thought maybe we should watch something else? We didn’t watch anything eventually but still.

And over the last few years I watched excerpts from the movie and was even more convinced that the movie is over-hyped and very boring. It is also way too long. And everyone is too good, and too smiley and too Alok Nath-ish. And this when there is the original Alok Nath already in the movie. And it’s stupid, and not even funny. Actually, I will stop before I get overtly emotional about what else in the movie doesn’t work, especially because I have always met folks who loved the movie for whatever reasons.

Also, looking at the way this challenge is going, I should keep some of my feelings aside to do an M for Mohabbatein in a few days from now. All the best to you.



8 thoughts on “H is for Hum aapke hain kaun

  1. Wahahaa! Waiting for Mohabattein. Never heard such long pravachans in my whole life!

    And seriously, whats up with people in love with her green lehenga in that movie? Its hideous.

  2. Then outfit of Madhuri from that song makes me barf. And the movie has so many songs, it can put you to sleep. But guess what? I liked it as a child 😐 And now I still watch that nonsense when it plays on cable only because I feel sentimental about the fact that I liked it as a child..

    1. Phew! Everyone hates that lehenga, who liked it then? Too many songs, and not the best songs really.
      Hmm, I get what you are saying. I have some pathetic Govinda movies I relate to childhood and love them for just that 🙂

  3. The Other Side of Life

    Even I hated it. In fact, I have never seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or DDLJ either. I have seen Kabhi Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam in parts and think that’s one of the most ridiculous movies ever. And now that you have opened this Pandora’s box, this is what I will write about in a couple of days when it’s K. 😀

    1. Umm, I LOVE DDLJ. Like I think it is silly now, but I did love it once. I found KKHH and K3G annoying but I watch them for nostalgia now 😀 Plus I think SRK and Kajol look cute together! I even watched the ridiculous Dilwale last week for them 😦
      Look forward to the Ks!

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