L is for Let me think

Life’s been so busy that I did not get to writing the post yesterday. If this had happened some time ago, I’d have looked at it as a huge set back and basically given up on the whole challenge. But I shall persist. Which is why I am posting today, for yesterday, hopefully for today and optimistically even for tomorrow because Saturdays have become way too sacred for me to be able to carve out a whole hour of blogging. Not that the kind of posts I am doing need a whole hour, but all the ‘Hmm’ing and ‘Haw’ing and ‘Damn it’ take about 30 minutes, then there are half drafts and stupid diversions so finally, though the post gets done in 10 minutes, the overall timeline is an hour or even more.

Going by the amazing title you might have realized that I all intend to do right now is ramble (think and ramble, so it will be a thoughtful ramble), which has sort of been the norm for a while. It is incredible how there is a word or phrase out there, starting with almost every alphabet, which gives you the ability to write whatever you want and get away with it. So while I have already used a few of them, these are the titles I think I could have used in the A to Z challenge, keeping the post static, and as generic as ever.

A – As good as it gets. This basically lets you write anything while giving a disclaimer to those who expected better of you.

B –  Best laid plans. That were dashed because they just didn’t work and that’s why you are resorting to this post instead.

C – Carpe Diem. Yes, we are seizing the day and ensuring you keep everyone updated about whatever you want to keep you updated about anyway, alphabet of the day be damned.

D – Daily Update. This is pathetic, but you can write about your day. Or not.

E – Et Cetera, Et Cetera. Again, anything will fit here.

F – Forgiveness. Write whatever you want and ask for forgiveness for the incoherence.

G – Great expectations. From yourself, you can say. And then write the usual nonsense anyway. And get into self pity mode.

H – High. Now you have to be more specific and write about how you are high on life and then write about life. If you are not high on life then you can talk about how you are not high on life and then write about life anyway.

I – Incoherence. This speaks for itself.

J – Just like that/Junk. I used the former, and I thought the latter works perfectly for posts about nothing.

K – Kuch bhi/ Keeping it simple. If you are not fond of the Hindi title, go for the English one even if it sounds cliched.

L – Life/ Life’s like that. Because it is people, and it’s not always fair.

M – More randomness. Much as I hate the word random and it’s overuse in blogs and especially in my blog and this post, this works way too well to ignore.

O – Oh My God. Here you can talk of just how tough it’s getting to finish this challenge.

P – Perfect/ Patheticness. Depending on whether you are writing happy things or whining. And don’t question the existence of words here, we are getting creative.

Q – Que Sera Sera. Well, whatever will be, will be indeed – in this post.

R – Ridiculous. I was going to say random – I didn’t. Well you can say anything and call it ridiculous. Come to think of it, this title works for this post so well.

S – Something/ Same thing/ Such is life. Yes you can kill me.

T – To do or not to do. Turns out, you did it after all. There might be side effects.

U – Unbelievable. How we have reached so far. No one cares what you write next.

V – Very convenient. ly we decided to write about things that matter to none.

W – Whatever. I think I have a post by this name.

X – X-treme measures. That you took to get a title with X. I might use this one. Sorry.

Y – Yours truly. Few sentences about how you have taken extra care to ensure you readers don’t miss out on posts. Then do what you want.

Z – Zen. Now that you are done with the challenge.

And done. I realise cannot waste anymore thoughts on this post, when I have two more to go.

What do you think of M for ‘Me still thinking’?



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