N is for New things

Some last year, a good friend said that to keep your brain active, it is necessary that you learn something new, every month (or year, I forget). Here, learning was about actual systematic learning, with classes and such. But I absorbed just a tiny bit of it, and decided that I atleast need to start doing something new every year, and maybe if things went well, I would take the next step and learn as well.

So far, I think I have done ok. To take stock of the things I am doing this year, which I wasn’t until the last –

  • I finally joined workout classes. While I have done a whole post on the whats of it, I have to mention here, that I while I got on to the whole fitness bandwagon 4 years ago, I was wary of picking up anything systematic – or in other words, anything that I had to pay for. The reason for this completely based on the historical trend. I had paid and not gone to the gym twice in my life already – once when I paid for 3 months and went for 15 days, and the other time when I more optimistically paid for a whole damn year and went for just a month. When I finally joined the gym to actually shed kilos in double digits, it was when I did not have to pay for it. So I had a sort of assumption that if I pay, I will not stay. But the classes have been fun, and I actually hated it when they cut it down from 5 days a week to 3.
  • I picked up casual painting and coloring again. Ok this was only because of Zo and the sudden availability of a million colors in the house. First step was to buy a book I could doodle in, or paint in. Second, and more recent, was buying this coloring book for grown ups, which is extremely time consuming, extremely fun, and right on top there on the ‘things to do with Zo’ list, because she either accompanies me with her ‘Frozen’ coloring book, or ‘assists’ me by choosing colors I should be using to ensure I don’t repeat one too often.
  • I am writing more. While I don’t want to get into the quality of the stuff I am writing, I definitely deserve credit for the quantity. Not only did I finish the January Blogathon without missing even one deadline, I have embarked upon this second challenge and while I am struggling big time, I haven’t given up on it (yet). In between, I had even started writing in a diary, just so I didn’t forget how it felt to hold a pen and write, but that’s not worked out so well.
  •  I started studying. Unfortunately, I just started and have been pretty pathetic otherwise. Yes, I am talking of my Masters course, which I am struggling to take time out for. I studied one whole play , very seriously – made notes, read additional references, actually tried to understand the whole thing, even tried answering the questions in the end, and it all went well, but it was downhill from there. And when I hear my classmates discuss book after book, I lose further hope. Perhaps I need to get going on this somehow so I don’t give up on something I started with so much hope.
  • I am reading. This is not new, atleast it shouldn’t be, but somehow, I keep forgetting how much I love reading or that I am supposed to ensure I read every once in a while. The genre of what I am reading impacts this ofcourse. For example, I started my year with a big fat Murakami, and it took me a long time to finish it for lame reasons like ‘I need to concentrate while reading this so let me scroll through Instagram instead’. But I finished it, and then zoomed through the next book, and the next, and am now stuck at book 4, which is a crime thriller that is boring me. But I will not give up.

And those, I believe have been enough things (new or otherwise) to do this year, and I have promised myself that I will not be adding to it without doing justice to what exists.Though the idea of embarking on something new yet again, just so that I have content for these daily blogging challenges I keep taking up, is quite tempting.



5 thoughts on “N is for New things

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Wow. Your list very cool. I can tell you what all I learnt. But that will give away one whole post. And you know how precious post content is these days! 😀

    Also, what coloring book? Share name pliss!

  2. Awesome di! I love that you have signed up for your masters. Totally inspiring me. But like preeti i refuse to reveal any information about me lest a whole post go away. Just anothrt 14 posts to go 😕

    1. Aaaaaa, now I am all curious about all your plans! Anyway, I have only signed up, and am lagging behind as I had informed you more recently 😦
      14 more? 😮 Oh wait, you are slightly behind no? I got 10 I just counted 😐

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