O is for Obnoxious

O is also for Oh My God how can you be the way you are? – which is what I feel like saying whenever I come across said obnoxious beings, scattered around my little life. So in no particular order, here are some samples.

  • The girl you will encounter in the office washroom if you unfortunately step between 2 and 2:30 PM. Every day, every single day, you will see her walk through her skin care routine right there – wash, scrub, tone. Alright, to each his own. But then, she rolls up her Patialas and proceeds to place her feet in the basin, one after the other and repeats the a full blown feet care routine, splashing water everywhere, and making me want to throw up the bit of lunch I might have consumed a little earlier.

Solution – A very targeted disgusted look, which hasn’t worked in the last one month.

  • An extension of the above – the multiple women I have come across who think it is perfectly alright to spray was their feet inside their stall. These disgusting beings think that the house keepers are their personal servants employed to clean up the floor behind them.

Solution – Same as above, the look is the way to go here too. Add an audible ‘Ew’ if you want. Atleast that has made these women looked away a bit shamefacedly. Or so I would like to believe.

Solution – Angry notes. By the way, it seemed to have worked the last time. Touchwood.

  • People who drive on the wrong side of the road,  and then when they come face to face with you, give you a ‘Why are you blocking my way?’ look. Actually, they might fit the ‘amusing’ category better. Also, people who ride on the cyclist/pedestrian path and honk incessantly at folks to whom the path belongs, aka the cyclists and pedestrians. And also, people who honk in general. Oh, and people who scrape your vehicle from behind and give you a ‘So?’ look.

Solution – Depends on how irritated you are. It can range from a middle finger, to mouthing abuses (level of abuse as per your comfort), to stopping your vehicle and making the scraper apologize (true story from 2 weeks ago. Yes I was very angry.)

  • People who don’t respect queues – near the elevator, at the trial rooms, at the billing counters, anywhere – and then shrug like it was the most normal thing ever.

Solution – Say ‘Excuse me, there’s a queue here’ loudly – this works near trail rooms and billing counters. In the Elevator, if the obnoxious individual has already entered, say – ‘Have you heard of queues and manners?” loud enough for them and everyone around in the elevator to hear. And hope they have to hide their face through the ride down to the parking.

  • People who think it is ok to pass personal comments about things that matter to you, and then brush it off as honesty. This one is very hurtful especially for me because I sort of take extra care to make everyone believe their decisions are the best, if they have already taken them. I am absolutely honest if asked for an opinion before, but what’s the point if the deed’s done? It would only make the person feel worse. But some people think it is ok to give their negative point of view about things  1)That don’t impact them 2) The decision’s already taken about  3) no one asked them for their opinion, it was more of an FYI. These people, should technically be punched in the face.

Solution – Avoid these people, but if they don’t shut up, say something extremely personal back to them. This is bad, and not you, but it’s a harsh step you have to take at times (you can tell yourself it’s for their own good, heh). Also if needed, plan the bad thing you want to say in advance, because if you are anything like me, spontaneous responses will never happen.

Anyhow, that would be all for today. I am hoping these steps help you deal with horribleness better, and that you actually use some of these solutions in real life, and let me know how it goes. If there are other obnoxious people you encounter in your life, please feel free to contact me for genuine solutions that work.

And if they don’t, atleast they’ll make you feel a little less pissed.




12 thoughts on “O is for Obnoxious

  1. I recently started driving to work and oh I completely understand the Honking Obnoxious specimen.
    When traffic stagnates and there is no where to go, these specimens honk like crazy. There is no sense in the honk and I dont know why it gets to me so much.
    few days back, There was a college kid who has incessantly honking like crazy, I went hulk mode, got off my bike, pulled it to the side walk and asked him to go ahead. I wanted my sanity back that much 😛

    1. Honking is a reflex action. A westerner recently told me that he told his cab driver he would pay him double if he didn’t honk through the half hour journey. The driver succumbed in 3 minutes flat! The purpose of honking in India isn’t to tell someone to move – it’s to ensure everyone around is awake, and also to announce that I am arriving. Sigh!

      Why have you stopped writing?

  2. I am starting the realize the truth in that statement on a daily basis, but its only awakening the inner beast in me 😛

    I have stopped writing in wordpress for….reasons haha..I should probably get back on it, Guess am going thru the same phase you went a few months back, I make up my mind to write every now and then but it eludes me.

  3. The Other Side of Life

    Oh my god, who are these point 1 and point 2 people? Why have I not met them? So many posts would have emerged from washroom visits! Agree completely on wrong side people. That look! Also, the people who show the hand and cross the road.

  4. Eww, poeple put their feet in the basin? Ew, ew, ew. But why? and how? Im glad i havn’t come across such people yet, i would just stare at them as if i spotted a zebra in the washroom.

    Oh and people who love to wet the bathroom floor after peeing, i could kill them. Wet bathrooms are icky. Wet public bathroom floors are, icky * gross * triggers the urge to throw up. But i think it’s a culture thing. Ive seen it with some distant relatives who would visit us. They go pee in a nice dry loo, and come out leaving a huge puddle inside. Apparently they are habituated to washing their feet after peeing. I guess, it would be needed if they use a Indian loo without bathroom chappals and the habit just goes along with them wherever.

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