P is for Poetry

P is for poetry, which I do not understand,

My P for pathetic attempt at it, will tell you were I stand.

But I’m P for persistent, and will try to post each day,

So it will be P for painful, if you decide not to stay.


P is for patience, and I seem to have none,

And I wait for this challenge, to P for post each day be done.

While my brain P for pesters me, and asks me why;

I P for pick things to do, that might cause me to die.


I P for practically every day, think I’ll stop this jig,

Or maybe post a P for picture, isn’t that an easier thing?

But though I P for pretend, that I don’t really care,

This is a test of the P for Power of my will, almost like a dare.


So I P for pray to you that you stick on with me here,

While I P for put an effort, to write posts that you can bear,

Posts that are P for practical, sensible, with a little less cheese,

And if I cannot, I ask you to stay for me, P for pretty please?




P.S. I sincerely thank  P for Preeti, whose post from a week ago is the inspiration behind today’s easy way out. 


13 thoughts on “P is for Poetry

  1. tanvi karnik

    Lmao! You are crazy in a good way! P for please keep writing! One fine day please do a post on marriage and inlaws..would be fun to read your side of the story.

  2. The Other Side of Life

    Oh my Gaaaawwwd! 😀
    I cannot believe I was the inspiration for this! So brilliant this post was! Loved it! See, that’s why you write. Remember that and power on through the challenge!

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