Q is for Questions

Why do I watch Quantico when I find it cheesy, redundant and with twists that are more in line with an Abbas Mustan movie than with an American thriller/drama? Also drama that reminds you of Basanti dancing to ‘Haan jab tak hai jaan‘ in front of Gabbar in Sholay?

Why do I not feel an ounce of guilt when I chew my way through, not one but two, super rich cupcakes from Concu simply because they were there in front of me? And that I did not have to be hungry orย craving sweet at the moment to be able to do that?

Why do I feel like sleep is a very justifiable thing to do on a day off when you could have read/watched movies/ surfed mindlessly instead? And how am I able to sleep anytime, all the time as long as I have a bed and Zo isn’t around to disturb, irrespective of whether I am actually sleepy?

Why am I fascinated with these Fashion blogs and Fashion Instagrammers and follow all the trends with so much interest when at the end of the day I will always, without fail wear the same old tees and jeans every time I step out? And with this new hair style, not even bother to comb?

Why am I not worried that the vacation is just a month away (oh yes!) and there is so much to plan? And why have I become such an obsessive planner that I need to list down outfits for Zo, by day and weather, for each day of the vacation? And why do I enjoy it so much?

Why can’t I stop thinking about food? And why is it only about eating and not actually cooking, ever? And why am I, as I type this, desperately waiting for the pasta The Dude is making for me right now, though once again, I am not at all hungry?

Why are all these roadside thirst quenchers like sugarcane juice, goli soda and jaljeera so awesome? And why have I had no roadside jaljeera through this summer, also goli soda just once?

Why am I so lazy that I am typing all these questions and basically finishing today’s post in under 10 minutes, when I could have actually given it some thought and written something better, considering I had taken the day off?

Nobody knows, these are mysteries of the universe we will never solve.

While we are at it, why did the banner for Q take the longest to load when I was trying to publish the damn post so I could eat my pasta in peace? And seriously, how are we still just at Q?


12 thoughts on “Q is for Questions

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Last question is the million dollar one. How the hell did the alphabet list become so long. And why aren’t days like Q exempt. Who really cares about Q?
    As soon as I read your post, I thought, Damn, why didn’t I think of this for Q. Nicely done.

  2. Why are we doing this?? Why did i get influenced by you and preetis blog to start the blogathon.

    And btw totally agree on quantico. J just want to know who did it, i dont care about what happens anymore. Just tell me dammit

  3. I am the same about fashion blogs. It just makes me sad about the wardrobe I have and the bank account that cries for mercy or a sugar daddy or a pay rise. But I know that even if I buy the perfect midi skirt with matching crop top, I will still just throw on my ‘a size too big’ tee, shorts and flip flops. Sigghhhh.
    I have actually googled how to be fashionable. *running away to hide*

    1. Hahaha! Hello and welcome ๐Ÿ˜€
      This buying stuff but living in jeans and shorts will be the end of fashion I tell you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Hmm, now now, don’t hide – we all have done things we don’t understand later!

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