R is for Redundancy

I categorize my blog as a personal blog. And while I try to stay away from getting too personal and strictly maintain the 10% rule (which states that what you know of me from the blog is not more than 10% of the real me), eventually the blog is about me, and my life and my opinions in  general. But as the Blog nears it’s 12 years of existence in 5 days from now, I notice I am forever repeating myself without realizing it, and more than once, it’s struck me while writing, that ‘Hmm, didn’t I say this before?’ This has made me even more conscious, and I go back and forth checking if I actually have, because while time is supposed to change the way you think, turns out I think the same things over and over and over, albeit in different words maybe.

If I were to read my own blog as an outsider, I believe I could neatly segment the content of each blog under the following categories.

  • Work – Work sucks, work’s tough, why do I have to work, is this what I am supposed to be doing, till when am I supposed to work, Oh God I have no time at work, why is work killing me, I have time free at work, I am so bored at work, why don’t I have enough work, no work sucks
  • Vacations – I need a vacation, I should plan a vacation, I have a vacation coming up (yay), counting down to a vacation, look I went on vacation, what an amazing vacation, vacation’s over I am sad, I need a vacation.
  • Food – Food at office is sad, food at home is nice, mom’s food rocks, I should eat out, I ate out here, I love food, food makes me happy, I tried cooking food and it worked, I tried cooking food and it didn’t work, I am still alive so let me order more food, look chocolates, look cake, look pani puri, look all that delicious unhealthy food I gotta eat it, oh man I ate all that food.
  • Weight – I am fat, I have grown fatter, I don’t fit into my clothes, I am working out, I am not that regular with the work out, I stopped working out, man I should work out, I have eaten so much I should work out, I was on vacation I should work out, I am always working I should work out, look I am working out, we should all work out, eh what work out?
  • Books – I am a reader, I read a lot, I read so much I should review books, I read books only when there is a review deadline, I should read more, Oh My God why am I not reading, I am not a reader and I don’t remember the last time I read for real.
  • Movies, music and TV – I loved this movie, I hated this movie, what a stupid movie, the songs are awesome, what is that song, I am addicted to this show, I am addicted to that show now, I love this show, who watches this show?
  • Zo – My baby, my sweetheart, Oh My God she is growing up so fast, what a brat, how do I handle Zo, motherhood’s the best, motherhood drives you crazy, Zo said A, Zo said B, Zo said nothing, I love my Zo.
  • The Dude – The Dude said this, the Dude did this, the Dude likes this, the Dude can be annoying, the Dude is so awesome, the Dude can me mushy, the Dude and his movies, the Dude and his music, the Dude and his video games, the Dude and all that makes him a typical guy, the Dude and all that makes him the Dude.
  • Nostalgia – I miss my childhood, I miss my school, I miss K, I miss my times with my family, my mother my father my sister, my home, my town, my life, my everything that has happened and cannot come back.
  • People – people are stupid, people are SO stupid, what’s wrong with people, how can they be like this, why are they like this, who made them like this, do they not realise they are stupid, some people are nice, some people are awesome, can we have more nice people, why am I surrounded by these people, why do we need people at all?
  • The Blog – I don’t write enough, I don’t write sensible stuff, my writing’s so random  why do I write the same stuff, why do I write at all, look how I used to write 12 years ago, look how I still write the same stuff today, look how things have changed but really they haven’t.

If I pick up a line or two from each category and put it together, it will form an absolutely relevant blog post, completely in line with the theme of my blog in general. And I cannot begin to think how I can write anything that goes beyond this, by which I mean, anything that doesn’t just make me repeat myself.

But then I think, maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe the fact that you can guess this has to be a post from my blog, just because the contents are so familiar, and so much like what you have read from me before, is what makes it mine in the first place. And maybe, just maybe, this redundancy that I have brought about in my blog, is what makes my categorization of it as personal, more relevant than anything else.



18 thoughts on “R is for Redundancy

  1. Time does fly! It feels like just last week I read your “its 8 years since I started this Blog”.

    Lemme do the Cliche Recap :

    I loved three posts immensely in the past years.

    “The post on Orange”

    “The Post on Zoo-ctionary”

    “The post on new year where zo said happy new nai chahiye”

    I am skeptical, should I post this >.>

  2. Rhonda Strong Gilmour

    What a marvelous post–very funny. It’s your writing style that makes your blog posts so much fun to read, and I look forward to reading more of your work.
    My topics: I’m getting older. Getting older is cool. Getting older is not so bad. Ageism sucks. Rudeness sucks. I’m retired now. What shall I do with my time? Don’t waste food. Don’t eat crap food. Here’s a recipe. Writing is fun. Writing is hard. Look, I went someplace else. Hey–musicians!
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

  3. The Other Side of Life

    Hahahaha! Awesome awesome post! So totally captures your blog! 😀

    But we love all these topics. 12 more years chahiye!

  4. Hah, I was thinking the same. How redundant my posts are. And this, even though I write some personal posts. But the personal posts are redundant too. Very repetitive and say the same thing in essence. And that is why sometimes I refrain from writing because I think I have already said the same thing too many times.

    Sometimes, I wonder why people even read me. But the fact that they do, and the fact that I enjoy writing makes me keep coming back to say the same rubbish over and over again..

    1. Hmm, I think I understand. We usually write about things that are more prevalent in our lives and I assume that doesn’t change drastically ever. I think my biggest change was when Zo was born and yes she took over a chunk of my posts. I guess that explains it all!
      But I love reading personal posts a lot myself!

  5. As I have not read your blogs earlier, the probability of redundancy bug biting me is far less. Haan, personal but impersonal blog can have only this much. Limitations:-)

  6. Congratulations on completing 12 glorious years of blogging 🙂
    I am very repetitive about my ideas and I often take it as a sign that we really don’t change with time and experience. Though I write a very personal blog still I feel I do tend to run out of fodder or motivation to write more often. I guess it is the same with every blogger 🙂

  7. parijatshukla2014

    Today itself I was telling someone on Quora that “The basic nature of a person remain unchanged mostly” and here you are 🙂 Nice one jeans girl 🙂

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