T is for Thankful

I am thankful for the music of a certain Amit Trivedi, who has renewed my faith in Bollywood music, and helps me tell anyone who feels that ‘it’s not what it used to be’, that they’re wrong, they just haven’t listened to the right stuff.

I am thankful for weekends, especially weekends like this, which actually don’t feel like they ended without notice. Weekends where a lot go done – from movies to shopping to dining out to de-cluttering and driving around to spending some real quality time with Zo.

I am thankful for online shopping and social networking  sites that help me while away many boring minutes that I spend waiting for people who don’t think it makes sense to turn up for meetings, con-calls et al on time, because who does?

I am thankful to Food Panda and Swiggy because they let me order a Paan Panache (an extraordinary paan flavored ice-cream concoction) online at 11:30 PM, because how else do you manage an unbelievable sweet craving at that time, especially when you are also too lazy to step out anywhere?

I am thankful for curds and rice because after eating out through the weekend, you usually want something that is delicious but also not as complex, or full of spices and oil, to feel good. Plus, no work involved, at all.

I am thankful that this post is for the letter T, which is clearly closer to the end of the alphabet chain, which seemed longer this month than I had ever thought it was. And that it means Oh my God I’ll have one thing less to worry about very soon.



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