V is for Victory

Because I think having kept this blog alive for a while 12 years can be deemed as one yes? A big, fact victory. In fact, I quickly looked back at my timeline, and there has been just one instance in the whole 12 years, where I did not post for two months in succession, that too within 2 years of having started the blog.

So this post is dedicated to each of the 12 posts that I have done, celebrating my ability, and in general showcasing my incredulity, to have stuck to this blogging habit for ‘another whole year’.Of course, there is also the first ever post.

2004 (Monday Morning Blues) Guess it’s obvious that after a really fun weekend, coming back to office is definitely boring…. two whole days of lazing around aimlessly seems to have totally drained me of any enthu to continue working…and sadly , theres a lot to do.. good thing that this week brings my first month of summers to an end.. cant believe its a month already…

All I can say is, some things never change.

2005 (No subject) Ok, I am posted at Hyderabad for the next 12- 18 months. And I dont want to believe it at all.

This is so awesome, but apparently I missed posting on my blog’s first anniversary. I also remember however, that for this post which I wrote on 27th instead of on 26th, I had to go all the way to a cyber-cafe in our very own Chauhan Market, so that might explain. And yes, I was super pissed with the posting.

2006  (It’s 2 years!Well! Well! Well! Here’s wishing my dearest blog a very happy second anniversary! Yup. I have actually managed to keep this journal up and running for two whole years now, and yes, I have surprised myself by doing so. And considering, how easily I get bored and frustrated with anything that requires even a little bit of my patience ( believe me, I don’t have enough to spare), this is an achievement in itself!

I am glad I remembered this milestone post atleast in the second year, and going by how surprised I sound in it, I can hereby declare that I always understimate my awesomness.

2007 (No subjectWhen I started this blog, the sole purpose was to ramble. My first post, in my own words said, “this is obviously not the first time i am blogging , but this is definitely my first personal blog, considering my older blogs were under the iimk username.”

This is getting embarassing, but I missed posting on my 3rd Blog anniversary by a 15 days. Eep. Also, what I quote as my first post ever above was actually the second post on that day.

2008 (Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain?Edit : I can’t believe I forgot, but the dear blog turned 4 years old on Saturday. Everyone stand up, clap and wish it a happy birthday!

As it is clear from the above, I forgot the 4th anniversary too. Maybe I should not do this post. Maybe I am making a big deal about nothing. Maybe this is just another cheat post. Also, above quote was the last line of the post. The post itself was an inane mockery of some contestant on the show in the title.

2009 (Not happeningNot happening at all. One, I post after like a month after I posted last. Two, I don’t even bother posting to atleast wish the blog on it’s birthday. 5th birthday. Milestone. Who does that really?

This post today was a bad idea. A very bad idea. Regret every year does not a regretful person make. By the way, late by 16 days this time.

2010 (We’ve come a long way togetherDearest Blog, Ok, ok, now don’t act all shocked. I know I updated you just 3 days ago, but dude, I’ve been pretty regular these days! Anyway, this is not to flaunt my regularity really, it is for a much bigger reason. I’m here to wish you a very Happy Birthday!  

Finally. Sob.

2011 (The 7 year itchIt’s been 2 months. Two. Whole. Months. And a little bit more. And I totally take the blame for being missing all this while.

Hmm, so that would be two straight years of ensuring I posted on 26th April, not that it justifies anything but still.

2012 (The Number GameEight – years today, since I started this blog. There. Now you know why I am doing this post in the first place!

This was not the first line of the blog, but it was the relevant one. I managed a hattrick you see?

2013 (And then we were nineBefore we start with anything, let me just say that when you have an 18 month old at home, everything else pretty much is put on the back-burner  Work, hobbies, leisure, everything. So much so, that in my case, I have completely neglected my other 9 year old.

Awww. Oh come on, that was totally Awww inducing! So much cute, no? No?

2014 (London Paris New YorkFirst things first, after all the Hullabaloo I created about this Blog turning 10 years old before it  did, when it actually did, I did not even bother to wish it. Here I mean.

And we are back to our old ways. But this one time it was sort of justified, as I had gone on to explain in the post – I was on the way back from my awesome vacation, the day the blog turned 10. So I posted a whole 3 days later (because late is late and it doesn’t matter if it’s by a day or 3 theory)

2015 (I have decided to write todayI am writing for myself, because you know that’s how it should be. What also helps is the fact that this time; my sabbatical might have anyway ensured that I have no readers left.

Bleh. Looks like I have no respect at all for the sancitity of anniversaries and celebrations. The above parthetic post was done on 29th May, a whole frigging month and 3 days after the anniversary date. But what I remember is that we had just moved back to Hyderabad and were running around, sorting out things like Zo’s school, my new role at work etc, which I assume was enough justification for being away for a whole month. Or not.

In any case, today we are all about optimism, and hope, and determination. Also miracles – because if I could keep this Blog going for this long, anything can happen in this world.



12 thoughts on “V is for Victory

  1. The Other Side of Life

    Hahaha! Super post this was! 😀

    Many many happy returns to your blog. And hopefully, many more years of missing post birthdays, because that seems to be lucky for the blog! 🙂

  2. Rhonda Strong Gilmour

    Keeping a blog running for twelve years is a victory indeed! It must be fun and interesting to look back at your thoughts over those years. Have any patterns or themes emerged?
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

  3. Ok! I adtually read most of your links – its interesting to see how your writing had evolved with *ahem* age!!

    Awesome post Di! And congratulations. May you forever be in blue jeans and blog at least once a month 🙂

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