W is for Words

Yes, W has to be for words. But not mine, we have had enough of those. So here we go.

  • We breathe because we need oxygen to go into our hands and legs and make them move. That’s how the technology works.
  • Look at that dirt on the floor! It’s coming towards me! It’s disgusting!
  • Mama look, I matched my hair band to my dress. I am such a fashionista!
  • I like movies, because you just have to sit and watch and eat popcorn. Shopping is so tiring, we keep walking around looking at clothes!
  • Ok, I won’t color in your book, but can I assist you by choosing colors you can use?
  • Why are you angry? I apologized no?
  • Can you ask your boss if I can sit in a room and color while you take interviews?
  • I ate all the food, so now I am strong! Look at my muscles! (complete with a flexed bicep)
  • Is this juice freshly pressed? My teacher said we should not drink packaged juice.
  • I don’t want a burger, I will have a salad instead. That’s healthy food. Burgers are junk food.
  • No, you are the most beautiful. Ok, you be the most beautiful mama, I will be the most beautiful daughter. (on being told that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world)
  • But I want to be Elsa! How can I be Anna? I am a queen! (on doing a puzzle which tells you who you are more like. She turned out to be Anna however much she changed her answers)
  • Can you please wear the outfit I chose for you today? (always polka dots. Always)
  • Oh look, that’s not a CVC word, it’s a CCVC word! (on reading ‘from’ for the first time. C is for consonant and V is for vowel, for those who don’t have 4 year old kids or nieces or nephews in the vicinity)

And that would be the post for yesterday. I know, I took the easy way out, but I’m sure you won’t complain.

Now to think of a post for X.



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