Since I have the tendency to get on and off the fitness bandwagon, I keep encountering the concept of detoxes and actually find it useful. Maybe more psychologically than in reality – but somewhere, the thought of letting your body relax and recover from continuously working on processing all that you ingest in the name of food and drinks, makes complete sense. I usually do this on Mondays, after subjecting myself to two days of uncontrolled binge eating over the weekend.

Which brings me to the detox that has been playing on my mind for a while now – a people detox. I am someone who enjoys interacting with fellow human beings quite a bit, and though I have a bit of starting problem, if I do start, it is usually not the easiest thing to make me stop. In my personal life I have my well-defined set of friends and family who I am always ready to talk to. Similarly, at my work place as well, I have always liked talking to people about work and beyond.

My work deals with numbers, and not more than 5 years ago, majority of my time would be spent with earphones plugged in, playing my latest obsession in music, while I churned out graphs and presentations and similar stuff. And when I took tea breaks and lunch breaks, I looked forward to talking to the people around. But of late, this has changed. 11 years in the industry, ensures that eventually, you will have less to do with with getting the numbers out, and more to do with the people who get the numbers out, and also the people who will receive these numbers.

Which means talking, a lot of talking, way too much talking – even though I am still someone who chooses mails over the phone. Talking is tiring. Actually, it is exhausting, and stressful. Meetings, formal an informal, make up 80% of your day, and the rest 20% you spend trying to get folks work on what the meetings were about. There is so much talking because there is a ‘need’ to talk, you almost never ‘want’ to talk. And the worst thing, by the time you are home to talk to the people who matter the most, you are never in a position to, and would choose to stare dumbly at the television. Which is why, detox.

The problem however is that it is not simple at all. While when you are on a food related detox, the only thing you need to have control over is your own cravings, and even if you are constantly thinking of food you can’t eat, your body detox is still working. With the ‘people’ detox – it doesn’t work that way because 1) it is actually tough be away from all people for an extended period of time and even if you do 2) there is no way you will stop thinking about them and things related to them, which in this case makes the whole thing useless, because the very idea is let your head rest for a bit. In fact, if you are holed away somewhere away from mankind, you will have all the more time, and no distractions, to keep thinking about people.

But I think I need to give it a shot anyway. I am not saying anything drastic like going away to Himalayas and meditating till I attain Nirvana (or fall asleep, since the latter has a greater probability of happening). I am just thinking staying home one day when no one is around, switching off my phone, telling the school and bus and day care people to call The Dude instead, stating on my out of office message that I would be absolutely unreachable, not responding to door bells, and not even resorting to the television or movies or the social network for entertainment. I would probably allow myself books (because I want a detox and not death via boredom) at most, and hope that the fictional characters keep me from thinking about the real ones in my life. And then pray that it works at making me feel better.

And in case it doesn’t, I can just break the detox by talking to the downstairs supermarket guy and getting myself a whole bar of chocolate, because that will always work.

7 thoughts on “Detox

  1. The Other Side of Life

    While I was reading your post, I was thinking how it is for me. I had written about my poignant story once about not having colleagues in Bangalore office. So mostly it’s phone calls. And that doesn’t help. So with me, when I’m home, I just want to desperately talk. But if I had to do a detox, it would definitely start with switching off the phone.

    1. Hmm, I need people too – I would hate not having anyone to talk to all the time, I NEED to talk – like I need food! That’s why an interim detox can help I guess.
      I have no clue if I can EVER switch off my phone. EVER.

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