Day 2 – November

November is a nice month that I am personally fond of. One, it is my birth month and despite the fact that I no longer look forward to growing older numerically, I still like the idea of having a day for myself, not necessarily literally, but atleast in theory. Two, because it is the month before December, the holiday month of the year. Not that I have holidays, I don’t, but over the 11 years of working I have realised that it’s not a holiday until your client is on holiday. And December is the holiday month for them, making life infinitely better for me. So November, is like the Friday of the year.

And ofcourse, I am looking forward to this month too. Despite a prolonged client visit and a probable working Sunday, it just feels like that ill-timed meeting set up on Friday evening, when you had decided you would leave early and do nothing – you know, spoils your mood for a bit but doesn’t ruin it, because come on, it’s Friday! In the same way, in my head, it’s November and just for that fact, nothing can ruin it.

I have things planned for the month. The first weekend of November has me and the dude going for the happiest music festival again, which is happening in Hyderabad for the first time ever, which is a huge thing because this festival was one of the things I regretted leaving Pune for. The next weekend is the working weekend and I will avoid talking about it at all. The weekend after is a no-plans weekend, which would mean I would spend the day researching and hopefully finalizing some house related work. And then, as a grand finale, we are off to Goa for the last weekend!

So all in all, this is going to be a busy, happening month, and quite frankly, the problem with updating the blog is going to be threefold 1) What do you write ?2) When do you write?  Which will bring us to the big, resultant, overarching question 3) WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET INTO THESE THINGS?

Anyway, since the plunge has been taken, and the pep talks to self given, there is no escaping it now, and there will be no attempts to as well. And I will just believe that the spirit in which November was started will see me through this marathon, this month and through this year.

22 thoughts on “Day 2 – November

  1. I got no obvious reason to love November but am making it lovely connecting with my favorite bloggers with the NaBloPoMo to make daily posting so much more appealing 🙂
    Happy November to you!

  2. My only grouse with November is that it reminds you that another year is almost over and you can’t do s*** about your resolutions.

    Dec has this “never mind try again you are fabulous” vibe about it. November usually shakes her head at me saying — “really again??”

    1. Hmmm that’s some way to think though I get into rant about unfulfilled resolutions in early October – like 4th quarter blues! Then the festivals come in and wash away the gloom and make it all happy till the end of the year!
      We should all have a basic tagline for ourselves ‘fabulous, whatsoever’!

  3. What to write and When to write – always the big question !!
    But you’ve loads to write with that little girl of yours…come on…waiting to hear more of her stories !

  4. your 3rd kestion is haunting me too, just why DI, why do we do this, eh ? I think I know the answer… for the love of bloggin… neah… for the love of madness that our “group” is 😉 hahahaha

    Goa sounds kewl on b’day, yay!

    and what’s with house stuff? you renovating ? tell me if I can help (in ideas)

  5. Hahaha..why do we do this? I have no clue either. I just jumped in for the crazy fun of it. Will see how far we all go. Good luck!

    BTW, your header pic is from Doha…are you based there? I was there till 2014..wish I knew you were there too 🙂

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