Day 3 – Idiot box

The Dude and I watch a lot of TV shows. One of our favorite things to do on Saturday nights these days is pour ourselves a drink and then sit and watch multiple episodes of the TV show we are following at the time. Our genres are pretty specific to – comedy and thrillers, and we are pretty experimental when it comes to the latter category. Sc-fi, crime, political drama, psychological thrillers, court room drama – we try it all and savor it equally.

Right now, as I type this, we are watching our latest obsession – Fringe. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a show from 2008, ended in 2013, and is pretty much a modernized version of the X-files (which I sincerely hope you have heard of) – except every unexplained phenomena here is eventually explained as a result of science and scientific experiments.

It’s a fun show, and the leads are interesting. But what I am missing right now is interesting sidekicks. I have a thing for sidekicks. The best friend, the sister, the partner at work – basically the folks forming the additional track in the main story. Some would call them fillers, but to a large extent they add much more to the realism, which is usually missing when it comes to the extra perfect protagonist.

The reason we started watching Fringe was because we recently finished the famous Netflix original – Stranger Things, and quite liked it. In terms of the look and feel it was even closer to X-files than this show is. Also, the fact that it was set in the 80s, gave it that authentic vibe. The protagonists there were kids, and I loved them. Plus, it had pretty decent side stories. We finished all 8 episodes in 2 days because it was crazy engrossing. And it dealt in concepts like the parallel universe, and genetic mutation, which is the common link it has with Fringe. And while the latter has been good so far, it is not even close to how interesting Stranger Things was.

The one other thing that I think is absolutely essential when it comes to watching thrillers however, is that one needs to pay attention. Every tiny detail, every scene matters. And you can miss out on the “Whoa!” moments on these shows if you try to multitask while watching them, which basically would render the whole thing useless.

Which will also be my excuse now to wrap up this post, and get back to the television, because God knows I will hate myself if I miss out on these guys catching that weird creature they have been looking for, for the past 35 minutes.

But before I go, what are you watching these days?


21 thoughts on “Day 3 – Idiot box

  1. I am very intellectual in the last quarter of the year.

    We watch Big Boss Big Boss Big Boss – said in the tune of Big boss.

    And last blogathon we almost unfriended each other over Kimchi salad and X-men.!! Looks like TV will do us apart!

    1. You know what Nuttie – this might have been the nail in the coffin, but I am very very judgmental of those who watch Big Boss and this is big coming from someone who once followed roadies and splitsvilla both! But – I don’t unfriend them cos then I would have no friends – I realise!

  2. The Exorcist.. That is good stuff.

    Would like to recommend the following:

    Sense8 (Netflix Original made by the Wachowskis, it deals with 8 people who discover that they have a psychic link with each other. Wonderful stuff)

    Black Mirror (Anthologies which deal with dystopian futures brought on account of innate human tendencies and technology)

    Cooked (Narrated by Michael Pollan, based on his book of the same name. 4 episodes on how our food habits are a reflection of the changes in social behaviors)

      1. oh.. and Hannibal if you can stomach the idea of a serial killer/cannibal. But absolutely extraordinary cinematography and delivery by the actors. And the cooking! oh god.

  3. I finished watching Stranger Things a while ago. Awaiting the next season.

    Currently, I have been watching Super Dancer Kids on Sony and Designated Survivor on Netflix. But now is the worst time to follow any “current” TV show because of the countless “holiday breaks.” I ranted about this on FB and Twitter yesterday. Also, are you not on FB anymore?

      1. Re: FB – I thought so too. I apologize if I deleted you from my list during one of my many manic “clean it up” phases. Adding you back now that we are back in contact :-*

        I remember your Grey’s Anatomy obsession. I think it was you who introduced me to the show via one of your Grey’s post.

        1. Hehe, you know, it might be me too 😀 I am guilty of them “spring clean your FB” sessions myself! Anyhow, good to be back in touch 🙂
          I know, I was SO in love with Grey’s wonsaponatime – until they killed or sent away every important character on it. It’s annoying now. I still watch it once in a while though 😐

  4. well I was watching Quantico but that has become boring with the second series .. and Actually I like watching GOTHAM 🙂 maybe the kid in me is still beleiving in BAT MAN 🙂

    other than that nothing 🙂 I am a sad old man it seems now

  5. Can you believe that am watching Friends 😉
    Am glad both of you share this bond to watch shows! My man is a strict sports and news guy…sigh…sometimes I end up watching with my girls!

  6. The Other Side of Life

    How did I not know blogging was back in fashion! 😦
    We are watching How to Get Away with Murder. Do you watch that? It’s quite nice! 😀
    Also Veep!

  7. In support to Nuttie, I used to watch all Bigg Boss episodes at dinner time with roomies back in Grad School. I would watch Roadies and Splitsvilla too. Now, I just catch updates on news. I am kind of bored, but not letting go of it. Lol
    Also, I share your sentiments about Grey’s Anatomy. But it’s still the only show that I watch on the day it airs. And Game of Thrones.

  8. Crawling out of the hole where I lurk and commenting but ONLY because you explicitly asked for what I’m watching 🙂

    Yes, TV shows have completely taken over my life so much that I have 2 dozen movies downloaded, waiting to catch my time and attention.

    What am i watching?

    On Indian telly
    • Chuck and The Mentalist back-to-back on weekdays from 9 to 11 pm on FX (two really old shows which are silly, guilty pleasures – the latter fills the void left by House. I simply adore flawed, quirky, egotistical leads – can’t wait for Sherlock to come back on New Year’s day)
    • Weekends are Elementary and Bull (yes, that’s an actual show) on AXN
    • A little bit of Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Carmichael Show, Quantico (so that I can laugh AT Piggy Chops – can’t stand her) and of course Seinfeld

    Off air enjoying a break
    • The Americans (brilliant Cold War era spy thriller which could count amongst the top 5 shows I’ve ever seen)
    • Billions (snazzy, over the top Wall street drama)
    • House of Cards & Suits (both need no introductions I guess)
    • Catastrophe (quirky British relationship comedy gem)

    On the Internet, fresh off the shores of US of A
    • Mom (first rate comedy from Chuck Lorre, 18-21 mts of magic every Thursday)
    • You’re the worst (Indie anti rom-com with despicable leads that is surprisingly raw and makes you think)
    • Madam Secretary (pulpy show modeled around Hillary Clinton)
    • Designated Survivor (another US political drama – I love the decadent US of A :p)

    1. I had to click on the name to confirm if this was spam!
      Anyhoo, glad you delurked. You are wayyy ahead of me in TV shows man, so many at the same time? It’s insane! Of the whole lot I know Mom (like it, not love it), House of cards and Suits as expected, Mentalist from before – and Brooklyn nine nine – I love!
      On TV, I am only following Mindy Project and Friends reruns, also Koffee with Karan because hello! Waiting for Season 3 of how to get away with Murder to get done before I start watching it.
      How do you fit in all of them, seriously? You record them? I cannot imagine HOW it is possible otherwise with two kids and a full time job!

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