Day 4 – Of nothingness

It’s already day 4, and I have been unable to have one day when I had both the time and energy to churn out a half decent post. And I am not expecting anything from the weekend as well. There is just never enough time. Which is also the reason why I am typing this on my phone.

Yesterday, after seeing posts by two people on my Instagram feed talk about bullet journals, I suddenly decided I needed one too. It didn’t seem like anything very new, and was like a to-do list you would make on paper everyday anyway – only, it was neater, and prettier.  And I thought ‘why not?’

Which has been my theme this year. I took up many things with a firm belief that this had to be the thing I was looking for. Like the Mandala colouring book – when I first some people share of their grown up colouring books, it was like a dream come true. So I ordered one. And I even finished two whole pages with amazing detailing. As of now, it’s been 6 months and I don’t know where it is.

Then, I suddenly had this strong feeling that I should get back to doing water colors. Again, because I saw folks share their extremely beautiful creations on social media. As a child, I sucked at water colors. I would sketch pretty decently and then ruin it while colouring it. But when I saw these images from others, I got a brainwave that maybe I was doing it wrong all along! Maybe, I just didn’t know how, and now I do! So I got myself a sketchbook, and picked up some water colors – thankfully I did not spend on these as Zo has a couple of sets. And I set about to prove what I always knew. I still sucked at it.

And the latest thing that caught my fancy was this whole concept of a bullet journal. And while my fingers itched to order some coleored pens, or a pretty notebook, I decided that this time I’d give the thing a shot before making an investment. Something that’s gotten so much easier now that all it needs is a few clicks on one of the numerous shopping apps on my phone. But I resisted the urge, and picked up this nice looking but not too fancy thoughts journal that out workplace gives when you join. It for the bill perfectly.

And I made bullet notes today. Coded them as personal and work. Tagged them with a different color when done. And when the day was done, so was my to-do list. All except one. 

Which, now that the post is done, I will go and mark done. Maybe I do deserve a colored pen after all.


12 thoughts on “Day 4 – Of nothingness

  1. The Other Side of Life

    I can so relate to that. I hate social media. Some or the other new thing comes up and I think I totally need to do this. two attempts and I am out. I once found dry yeast in my fridge. Apparently I saw someone show baking skills and I thought I can do it too and bought it. Don’t remember using it ever!

    1. Hahaha! Baking – yet another problem area – in my defense I do it once in a while atleast 🙂 But yes, I have decided many times that making hot cinnamon rolls or fresh bread is the reason for my existence, but I am a wary investor, so that has helped 😀 Social media is evil!

  2. Haha I bought a coloring book for grown-ups too and it met the same fate as yours. I have been watching a lot to YouTube videos where people share the insides of the bullet journal. It’s just fascinating how some of them were even pimping it up. Beats the whole purpose of less is more, no? But then again, beauty = motivation.

    1. Yeah! The bullet journals I have seen are NOT at all about keeping it simple, they are so pretty! I mean, just the variety of color pens has me flummoxed, then ofcourse the decoration is something else only! The doodles cannot be called that, they are frigging art!
      Anyway I guess the whole concept is actually beauty being motivation. I have started mine, and kept at it for 3 days now. It’s clean and basic, only, I am writing neatly, which in itself is making so much of a difference. So maybe it does work.

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