Day 6 – Weekend(er)

This weekend was spent at NH7 weekender – which we had pre-booked back in August, when the first announcement that the event was happening in Hyderabad came out. I was beyond excited, because the one time I attended this event in Pune, back in 2013,  we absolutely loved it. The three evenings we spent under the skies, listening to all these bands we had never heard of (and some that we had heard of, but hardly heard) were pure bliss.

This time, it was for 2 days – and it had a plethora of indie-bands performing as is always the case. The line-up was declared almost 2 months ago, and there was a fair bit to look forward to. Plus the Dude and I are always open to new music of any kind, and this genre falls into neither of our regular fare, so we were on even grounds. And my only pending dilemma was – what do I wear?

I am not sure if I have said this before, but I am stickler for “dressing for the occasion”. What I mean is, while I  really believe in dressing comfortable (except for them heels, I cannot stop wearing heels) and dressing as you want to, I also believe that each place and occasion has a dressing-type one should adhere to. Like a coffee place warrants jeans or shorts, and a fine-dining place warrants something dressy (and definitely NOT jeans), and a pub or a disco can be more casual, but a lounge can be blingier. Which is why, when the Dude says “let’s go out somewhere tonight” I bug him until he gives me the finer details of where, so I can pick my outfit in advance.

The other aspect to my dressing is I seriously dislike standing out of the crowd. I just don’t like it. So while I might want to wear a dress to a pub, I have to be sure that it’s a pub others (atleast some) are wearing dresses too. Like, at my last work place I was totally ok wearing skirts to work because others did, and I am not ok in my current work place. Stuff like that. Boring, but true.

So the problem with Weekender was that the last time I attended it was in Pune, which is infinitely cooler (or less conservative) when it comes to dressing. Again, by this I mean that in Pune, shorts are casual, not dressy. You wear them for comfort. Which is also why I had decided that shorts and a tank had to be the outfit for the event. Only, I was not sure how the rest of Hyderabad was going to turn up.

But when I reached there, man was I shocked – and pleasantly so! Hyderabad not only met my expectations, it went above and beyond and almost crossed the fine between pleasant shock and actual, real shock. To say it was amazing, was an understatement. Not only that, we were also worried about there not being enough turnout, which would mean the show would be a damp squib and not happen again – but no. There was a spectacular turnout – not so much that you would choke to death, which was the case in Pune, but enough to have the high energy vibe in the air.

And we loved it, yet again. Squatting on the grass, from 4 until 10, for two days in a row. Squinting at the sun, which was so damn pleasant I was confused this was the same city, sipping on the iced breezers (because they don’t serve beer!), and enjoying the music wafting through the  air. And then watching the lights come up, as the sun went down, and band after band came up on the stage, for their turn in the spotlight. It was after a long time that a Sunday evening felt this good, because the music wouldn’t allow the blues to set in.

Or allow the weekend posts to go up, because there was just no time. Only, this excuse was way too awesome in itself to allow any guilt to set in. Fair enough, you think?


5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Weekend(er)

  1. I am with you on wearing clothes that suit a venue! I specially hate it when I feel underdressed. Even if it’s okay, I can’t help having that gnawing feeling in my head that I should have worn different clothes! Same when I dress as per the occasion or venue and rest of the people show up in casuals! Aarrgghh.

  2. That sounds real fun…I’ve never attended a live concert before!
    And you know I just wear what I feel like and what I feel comfortable in – I just dont care if I stand out…but that’s just me… I keep asking where we going and all but wear what I am comfortable in – it may not be in trend too, but I just go with my decision.

    1. Ah that’s the best way to dress! Comfort comes first 😀 Technically. It wasn’t as important for me some years ago, but I now believe I can blend comfort and “right” dressing perfectly! 🙂
      Live concerts are AWESOME. Do an AR Rahman one if possible, it’s on my bucket list 🙂

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