Day 7 – Politically correct

I decided to work from home today, to get done with all that was put on the back-burner for a while, because that’s what always happens when important stakeholders visit. The typical showcase of PowerPoint skills, the hundreds of meetings, the dinners and lunches and teas and discussions – and before all that, the preparation, which also means a working Sunday sometimes. Not always, but this time it did.

So a day working from home makes perfect sense, considering you get time to recuperate from all the talking overdose. I am also trying to recuperate from a runny nose, which made a sudden (but expected) appearance when they decided to recreate Antarctica on the floor, to welcome the Westerner. It made no difference that he was in a jacket all the time, which might have been a sort of an indication to tune it down, make it Canada maybe? But all we got was Antarctica, and I am no Eskimo to survive it, and so I sit here sniffling into a handkerchief.

As I am typing this, my phone is continuously beeping, thanks to an ongoing political discussion on my B-school whatsapp group. Only, by ongoing, I mean “going on for more than a year”.  And by discussion, I mean “Look what the folks you are supporting did wrong today” match. I have very limited political opinions myself, and more often than not, I see myself shifting from reasoning or facts to “let’s stay positive and hope what’s happening is good” – basically abstract gyan. Also, I think I am way too selfish to think of the greater good or bad as of now. While there are some things I am pretty opinionated about, politics is one thing I feel I only give any importance if it impacts me or those who matter to me.

Let’s take Trump as an example. I remember joking with a colleague a day before the election that Trump winning would be as big, if not a bigger joke than Rahul Gandhi becoming the Prime minister of India. I also added that if the people did elect him, maybe they do deserve to be governed by a guy like him. But he won. He did. Which means, maybe I just didn’t know as much about what him being elected meant to the folks who elected him. So while I walked around in disbelief for a day, I pacified myself later that maybe it’s for the greater good, only I am not aware of it. Plus, how much does this impact me? It doesn’t.

Which is why, when it comes to Social media and politics, I keep my trap shut. I am friends with folks from either end of the spectrum and I think that while my opinion about any political party, or anything that they do won;t impact me as much directly,  as saying it out in the open will. Because either way, there will be detractors, and these are folks who I assume are my ‘friends’. And in my case, even my immediate family has highly opposing views. So, I am better of ignoring all that they have to say. And even if I do notice it, I’d rather nod along in agreement or vehemently oppose it – in my own private space.

Because while it might look like a frog in the well situation, heck – it is;  atleast I will be a less stressed out, happy frog.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Politically correct

  1. Haha! I have decently strong political views, but never express it on social media!

    Incidentally, I too wrote about the Trump thing on my blog too yesterday and while publishing, I was so scared I was going to hurt someone. And then when the first comment came, I was already defending what I had said. Will remember to steer away from these topics next time! 😀

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