Day 8 – Overrated

I was reading through the comments on the idiot box post I had written a few days ago, and it struck me how some shows are so grossly overrated, of course, in my personal opinion. And that got me thinking about all things that overrated – TV shows, movies, even food items. And then that got me thinking about how I could actually make a post out of it, because why not?

Since I started with TV shows, I think it is only fair to start with them. I watch a lot of shows, a lot of them. I mean, I think I am almost addicted to TV shows, which is interesting because we were so particular to not let that happen when we were kids. And I am forever on the lookout for new shows to watch. And most of the shows I have tried, I have enjoyed – especially if they are highly rated. Barring a few – two to be exact.

One is, and I’d want you to hold your breath for this, Game of Thrones. Ok. Please don’t over react and close the page, because I might actually explain myself here, but the issue is that I have absolutely no reason for this.It’s just that The Dude and I watched 3 episodes in season 1 (with great difficulty I have to add) and then gave up. We tried again, this time reaching 5 episodes, but couldn’t carry on. Then my sister said I had to wait for the  season to get over and for half of the cast to die to love the show. But I did not have any enthusiasm to give it a shot.The other was True Detectives. I thought no show could be too bad if it had Matthew McConaughey in it, but oh boy, was I wrong. I lasted exactly 2 episodes before I got all nostalgic about Krishi Darshan on Doordarshan.

In terms of movies, and I am talking Bollywood here (considering my love for all the cheesy, unrealistic things they churn out), I never got myself to like or understand Hum Aapke hain kaun. One of the biggest hits that year, I remember that I had zero excitement about watching it, and so I didn’t. Also, despite the rave reviews, I found the music exceedingly meh, and still do. And this is big coming from the one who watches Maine Pyar Kiya and listens to it’s music even today.

In terms of food, I think the most overrated dish I have come across has to be Haleem. I am a converted non vegetarian, and sometimes I feel that to make up for that, I am open to trying all sorts of meat. And I love most of it. But somehow, Haleem never made the cut for me. People in this city, wait for Ramzan to be able to gorge on all the Haleem they can, but I look at it as an immense waste of calories.I’d rather have my Tandoori chicken and be happier.

On the same note, I have to say that I am a true-blue Hyderabadi who loves her mutton biryani. Which is why I also need to say that while Hyderabadi biryani is by far the awesome-st; Paradise is extremely hyped. I understand that it’s grown from nothing and was probably the best at a point of time, but there are way too many places in our city that give you better biryani. Bawarchi is one. And so is ShahGhouse (which I feel is AMAZING, yes, capital letter deserving amazing). But Paradise is visited only when we have firang visitors particular about where they sit and eat.

Now I am sitting and thinking of other things that I find overrated, and turns out, as expected my life and opinions are limited to food and entertainment only. Which is why I cannot for the life of me think of anything else I want to add to this list. And then I remembered books – and by that – The Alchemist, which I thought was so overrated I wanted to hang myself for having bought into the whole deal. But right when I was about to type that, I had a sense of dejavu, that have I said this before? Here, on the blog? So I searched and here we are, from 6 years ago. Where I announced how unimpressed I was with cheesecake. The same tone, the same sense of disbelief, the same vehement opposition to accepting something mediocre (in my opinion) as awesome. So I guess somethings just don’t change.

Except some things that do. Like my not-so-new found love for cheese cake.


30 thoughts on “Day 8 – Overrated

  1. Oh thank you so much for saying that about Game of Thrones. I forced myself to watch about 4 episodes but for some reason just couldn’t stay interested. Mint couldn’t believe something as earth shatteringly awesome wasn’t capturing my interest. He (and pretty much the rest of the world) tell me I have missed out on the greatest creation ever. It’s probably true. I am missing something if the whole world loves it and I don’t… but I have just given up now instead of trying to get myself to like it..

    Alchemist too.. same pinch!

    1. I had vehemently refused to watch GoT for the longest time dubbing it stupid. One day of intense boredom forced me to try first episode and now I am on every Reddit forum dedicated to GoT, Ice and Fire and tinfoil theories related to them. Hehe
      But I get you about over-ratedness. The Alchemist is maha-boring for me. I also feel that for another set of books based on Medieval Earth and I know am going to get beaten up about those.
      I feel the same about Ganesh Bhel in Pune. Seriously the only people who like their pani puri are the people who have NEVER had Delhi, Jaipur, Indore Ka chat. Pani Puri is a very dear topic for me.

      1. You know what – I think LoTR is overrated too! And this, when I love Harry Potter! I am still considering another chance at GoT.
        I never tried Ganesh Bhel. But I seriously love North Indian chaat – I think no one does aloo Tikki better than Delhi and UP. However Pani puri, and don’t kill me for this, I prefer with the yellow matar ragada filling to the aloo I was used to in UP!

        1. The Other Side of Life

          Oh this is getting fun. Delhi chat and that yellow mattar ragda sooooo Beats the maharaj chaat with huge suanf in Hyderabad!

          1. Hehe, North Indian chaat beats any chaat anywhere. but Maharaja chaat is the best chaat here, with the only place with crisp tikkis instead of that waste ragada cutlet everywhere else. But the warm pani puri filling is better here for sure! And they don’t have the concept of bhalla papdi chaat here at all 😐

              1. Sam

                And I thought I was a GoT fan!!! The comments on your blog have opened my eyes to new dimensions of fandom!
                I actually had to google D+D=T and A+J=T theories! 😮 And totally disagree with them! Yay this is fun! 😀

                1. D+D=T is tinfoil. While A+J=T was highly possible, it doesn’t seem possible once you go through the timeline mentioned in The World of Ice & Fire.
                  I think we’re only left with T+J=T.. which gives the relations between T & t a great deal of poetic measure.

                  1. Ok! So now I feel like a GoT novice 🙁 Do all these awesome theories stem from reading the series instead of watching them? I cannot find T+J=T on google, so I am just assuming the first T = Tywin. I never thought Tyrion’s parentage was an issue for such discussion! 😮 I just thought A+J = Jon Snow but I should have known it couldn’t be anything so straightforward in GoT 🤔

                    1. R+L=J has been established as canon. Fun fact: Before D&D could adapt the series into a tv series, GRRM asked them to read the books that were out, and guess Jon’s parentage. D&D guessed it after reading the first book. It is only then did he give the go ahead.

                      Yes, T+J=t, has T for Tywin.

                    2. Also, there are so many details in the main books that the shows don’t cover. And on re-reads you can see the foreshadowing. The Mountain Vs The Viper was foreshadowed in Book 1. Also, on account of budget, time, medium constraints, the shows can’t cover so many things.. Plus there are many plot deviations.

                      Then of course there are the novellas.. and the World of Ice and Fire, which add more nuance and depth.

                    3. You have read and then re-read the series!!!And there are Novellas too!!! 😱😱😱
                      I no longer qualify as a GoT fan! I didn’t even know Oberyn Martell was called Viper 🙈
                      GRRM has yet not written the part about Jon’s parentage, he might yet change it 😁
                      Also D is going to kill us for turning her blog page into a GoT discussion forum, specially when she hasn’t watched the series 😂

  2. The Other Side of Life

    Agree about GoT, True Detective, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. I would like to add to your list Kuch kuch hota hai, Ddlj. You can kill me now.

        1. May I add, I only recently finished DDLJ. My folks and I had gone to watch it in a drive in theater in Ahmedabad and I remember being carried out on my daddy’s shoulder. Hehe. Had fallen asleep before the whole ‘Jaa Simran Jaa’ stuff. 😀

  3. Sam

    Game of Thrones IS AMAZING (yes, capital letter deserving amazing :P) ….Though we could differ in opinion seeing how I couldn’t watch more than 3 episodes of Breaking Bad 😀

    How is “The Fountainhead” not featuring here? Were you smart enough to avoid it in the first place?

    I am ok with HAHK, but then I do seem to have a high movie tolerance threshold!
    LOTR is interesting enough, I think TITANIC is overrated. And don’t even get me started on PK!!!

    1. Shoo! You GoT promoter! I did not try fountainhead. I am considering mentioning 100 years of solitude, but it had an eerie element that made me want to read it through.
      I don’t know why HAHK is not cool enough for me, I recently watched Main Khiladi tu anadi again for heaven’s sake! Titanic IS overrated. And PK was plain bleh. I also think 3 idiots is a lot of melodrama, but atleast it was cute.

  4. Game of thrones…have not ventured either into the book or show yet ! I think am saved !
    You like Maine pyaar kiya but not hum aapke hain kaun…he ha ha… 😀 I love them both !
    Haleem – love it…briyani – love it…Paradise – love it Bawarchi love it…food is God…no comparison there 😛 😛

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