Lazy picture post – Episode 1

I am not sure if I am ever going to garner the motivation to blog to the extent I was doing this time, last year. Heck, I had started my second blogathon. But this year, thanks to my ‘Let it be’ plan, I have pretty much ensured that I have let everything be and I am back to my lazy ways.

Except, that I have sort of been around on Instagram. So I thought of combining the two things, and keeping this page alive, by starting a Lazy picture post series that would just be whatever I update on Instagram. Which is usually mommyhood situations, Friday/Saturday night updates, the good food, and the pretty places.

Hence, here we are. Starting right away.


2 thoughts on “Lazy picture post – Episode 1

  1. Preeks

    That’s cheating. Some of us follow you on Instagram too. So this is repetition. Not done! 😛
    But I know what you mean. I was thinking today about last year’s A to Z challenge. That was actually our second blogathon! How the hell did we do that!

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