Horrible people

I have concluded that there are a lot of nasty people in this world. If you are wondering why it took me 34 long years to figure this out, umm, I don’t know. But better late that never they say and I say okay.

Anyway, when I am saying nasty, I mean real nasty – the kind who seem to get pleasure out of saying hurtful things to others. Now don’t get me wrong – I do not mind, in fact believe in, being hurtful to horrible people – but it is always in reciprocation. Like if you are sitting in a café, sipping on your Latte, and someone walks up to you and goes ‘Hey!’ and you are like ‘Hey’ and then they are like ‘Long time’ and you are like ‘yeah, very long!’ and then they are like ‘Let me join you’ and you are like ‘Sure’, and then they sit down and say ‘by the way why are you so stupid?’

Now here it is perfectly normal to say, ‘Oh no, looks like you are confusing me with someone, maybe you yourself. OR YOUR WHOLE FREAKING FAMILY.’  Hurtful right?  You might even call it on overkill, bringing in the family and all but I still believe that this is acceptable. Bottom line, meanness in reciprocation is not meanness but justice.

So in the context of the above, I am talking of the person who came up to the person drinking his latte, and not the latte drinker himself. I think you get my point. Yeah, so I think that the world is full of such people. They are there everywhere, like flies, buzzing around and annoying you like that’s the sole purpose of their life. Only, the flies are actually looking for food, and I am sure the buzzing has some relevance too, but these nasty people are like that for no particular reason.

You can identify a nasty person by the way he reacts to a happy update or piece of information about anyone except for himself. Like if you tell a person in this category, that ‘Do you know X got promoted?’ his response will be dismissal, or shock, or sarcasm, basically anything but genuine happiness. In fact, if you think showing genuine happiness on another person’s success is tough, let me clarify that this category will also not respond with a neutral stance which as per my personal belief is what one maintains if they don’t feel that the person deserves it. They will react in the manner best suited to their kind, i.e. nastily.

Some other examples* of nastiness can be –

  • When you tell someone about the new home you bought and they react with “Why would you want to buy a house there? It’s so crowded!”
  • When you tell someone that you read with your child everyday and they react with “I would rather have my child be in sports than become a geek.”
  • When you tell someone about your child’s daycare and they say “I could never leave my child at a daycare, so unhygienic!”
  • When you tell someone that your child loves the pancakes you make for breakfast and they say “I don’t like giving sweet breakfasts to my child, it’s unhealthy’
  • When you say your daughter has a strong resemblance to her father and they say “Poor kid, she will end up looking like a guy!”

*Inspired by true events

Basically, I am talking of folks who think it is absolutely normal to voice their opinions, however hurtful, however mean, just because they can. They have no control over themselves, and no understanding of when they should stop. This kind also finds it hard to take hints, I have noticed, but that might be because all this nastiness has crept up their almost non-existent brains and replaced whatever little bit of IQ that existed (hopefully) in them.

Which is why, I strongly advocate avoiding people who tend to make unprovoked, unwarranted and definitely unacceptable statements, which technically they should shove up their even nastier behinds. But instead they vomit it out like it’s their birth right.

And all we can do is sit and hope they choke on it someday.


13 thoughts on “Horrible people

  1. I taught American teenagers for many years, and a certain number of them espoused the philosophy: “Well, if I don’t like you, I’m just going to tell you, because that’s my truth.” I tried and tried to explain that personal opinion does not necessarily equal truth, and that sharing an unkind “truth” is not a virtue, but they didn’t get it. These kids–almost always girls–seemed to feel there was something virtuous about letting their unkind remarks loose on the world. Ugh.

    1. I get what you are saying – it is very easy to mask impoliteness with the ‘honesty’ excuse. And then there is the I am ‘straightforward’ and refuse to sugar coat. I have always maintained that there is truthful, and there is plain rude. Sigh.

  2. Preeks

    Sigh. I know what you mean.
    I never actually wrote about my Eurotrip. We went with a friend and his girlfriend. The girlfriend was such a nasty little girl. Made me cry so much. On the last day, I said the same thing to Sherlock – how can anyone say such things on the face! So annoying.

    1. Ah yes, there was a casual mention about how travel companions mattered and how that was an important element that decided how good the trip was yes? Cannot imagine anyone getting so nasty that they can make someone hardly known (assuming by the reference) cry!
      Oh on that note, I have an interesting story where a wife of the Dude’s friend, looked at my wedding pictures and said – ‘But here you look good! Maybe you photograph well’ 😀

      1. Preeks

        Hahahahaa! 😀

        *Cannot* believe someone would say that. Which is why the last line of your post is so important. We need to pray together.

        I came back to add to my comment that the friend and nasty girl broke up after the trip. Sounding a bit nasty myself, but I wish they had come to senses a little earlier! 😀


    Moving to India? Who the hell wants to live in that hellhole? Err, I want to say your entirely family + 2 billion others + you till about 2 years ago?

    Weight kitna hai? Do bachche toh chahiye. Do hi log kaise rahoge? Dude, you want to talk numbers? How about we talk number of countries, board exam marks, CAT score, salary etc? Considering these numbers you and I both had in our own control (nastiness in reciprocation is justice, like you said)

    Why don’t you wear make up? Aunty, meri twacha se meri umra ka… Unlike you.

    But the problem is, more often than not when it’s extended family, I don’t say what I want to say and instead, just smile through clinched teeth and hope they choke on something. Bah!

    1. Sigh. I think the best thing is to cut the kinds of completely. I know it’s an antisocial move but who wants to be social with folks who revel in hurting others 😐
      Relatives are a whole new ball game – their nastiness amuses me more than it irritates me these days 😀

  4. On an optimistic note if the nastiness is that internalised it’s bound to boomerang at workplace or some such place. Karma is at work 🙂 But most comments I hear/ignore are from people who miss that connecting nerve between the brain and their voice. Just credit it to their lack of superior intelligence , unlike us 😉

    1. I am mean enough to wish for the boomerang – one big reason why I believe in Karma so strongly also! It just makes you feel better 🙂
      And the concept of the ‘missing nerve’ actually makes it so much easier to bear the kind! 😀

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