These are bad times. Bad-bad times. I seem to be falling into an endless abyss of problems with a monetary impact. Like I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I damaged my pretty iPhone’s screen yet again, a couple of months ago. Mind it, it is still not 2 years old. So yes, after spending money on getting a fake screen and using it for 8 months, I damaged it yet again – this time because Zo sat on it (true story). So it didn’t break, but something went wrong and it had a permanent old Doordarshan style flickering going on, till I replaced it, yet again.

Only, now, the battery said goodbye. The phone would randomly switch off, and after a while it became a landline, by which I mean it had to be continuously kept on charge, which pretty much destroys the purpose of a ‘mobile’ phone I think. So I decided that I had enough of it and shifted my sim to a standard dual sim phone my company provides. So much for style.

Then, a bus hit my car. Or as the driver suggested – my car hit and scratched the bus. I like this story a lot. I have tiny i10 that I drive with utmost care (and worry) and don’t even try to squeeze into gaps a Fortuner would have just passed through. One such day as I was inching through the mess that is the traffic inside my office area, a large – strike that – a ginormous Volvo bus that was next to me, slowly sidled to it’s right, and hit my rear view mirror, which got flattened to the other side, with the mirror dangling off a wire. But here’s the thing. While I am a very cautious driver, I am also a very angry one. So I showed my temper through vigorous honking, which is saying something, because I avoid honking at all costs.

Now the bus driver, I presume, got all defensive at my obvious distraught, and kept going till we both were out of the jam. Here, he stopped the bus in the middle of the road (horizontally, blocking all traffic), got off, and came to me and said – ‘Aapki gadi ne meri bus ko scratch kar diya’. I gaped at him for a minute, the mirror still dangling, until my UP upbringing came to fore and I rolled down the windows and well, started shouting at him about the ridiculousness of the claim. By this time, people had gathered around because – 1) Woman driver 2)  The bus had blocked their path. And for one of the two reasons started supporting me vociferously.  In fact, at one point, amidst all the shouting a guy told me to ‘Calm down, I’m handling this right?’ , much to my indignation, because it was my car and I deserved the road rage. Anyhow, nothing came of all this and we all eventually went home and now my mirror is in place, held by a paper clip and some tape. Sad.

Then, last week, our Fridge conked off. This is right when we are planning to move out anyway and have tonnes of expenses coming up. But then you can’t live without a fridge, and we are planning to let out this place, which meant we had to get another fridge. And we did. But this was yet another blow. And just when we were getting cooling back into our lives with the fridge, my car’s AC stopped functioning, as if to balance it out.

Then on Saturday, The Dude got it all fixed up, and we drove merrily to my parent’s place, and parked the car, and for no reason, some idiot visitor from some other house bumped into my car from behind and BROKE the number plate into half. I mean seriously. Is there no end to this drama? So yes, I am driving with half a number plate that I plan to stick with Feviquik – and pray it works.

And in between all this, all our expensive online purchases started getting jinxed too. First it was a Marshall speaker the Dude had been eyeing for very long. It arrived, we set it up and all was hunky dory till the next morning when it just wouldn’t switch on. Huh? What? Ofcourse we had to return it. Then we ordered an Amazon Fire Stick, which also, seriously, stopped working after day 2. By this time I had given up. And while they did send a replacement for the latter, I am extremely worried about things in general. We even tried ignoring all this spate of bad luck and re-ordered the speaker from another site, which did not move from ‘processing’ to ‘shipped’ for a week, after which we finally cancelled it.

Then, there are multiple (and I mean multiple) issues with the house as we get it done. I mean, who knew it was so much work right? And all this just when I had started feeling very ‘in control’.  But turns out, there is no such state, in reality. So all I can do is, cross my fingers, hope for things to get better, and sip on this interesting Ayurvedic Tea from Tata tea – and repeat to myself all of whatsapp’s most cliched messages. Keep Calm. Take one day at a time. This too shall pass. Life’s what happens when you are busy making other plans.

Or my personal favorite, Screw this.


10 thoughts on “7/12

  1. Ugh! House issues are a fucking pain. We moved in to this new house last August and we are still fixing, sorting, replacing things non stop. Its never ending and the months when house expenses stop, school fees, insurance premiums, car issues etc always come up.

    Growing up sucks.

    But yay for new house! Post pics soonly {HUGS}

    1. I totally agree – I don’t why it is compulsary. I also have a new found respect for folsk who refuse to be badgered by the societal obligation to be an adult and do what they want. 😦
      Yes, will post pics! 😀

  2. I think our cars are doppelgangers. I have a tiny i10 too. Which got hit by a truck on the left side and broke the mirror, leaving it dangling. Said truck driver blamed me. I was not creeping into any gap. Just minding my own business. Then someone broke the back side number plate, while the car was parked in my own parking lot in my own house. Unbelievable.
    Anyway, point is, I hear you. Its painful when you are making expenses on things you know could have been avoided. I have thought so many times that my life desperately needs a Ctrl Z switch, just so I can avoid expenses such as these. And other stuff too. But mostly these.

    1. 😮 Unbelievable! These truck and bus guys are so unbelievably awesome! Also, man that’s some coincidence. Yours is a red i10 too yes? I guess we can let each other know beforehand of the misfortunes so the other one’s prepared.
      I am honestly hoping that this is just a phase.

      1. Silver i10. Since you asked, you should be aware that soon, you will be driving along the road and there’ll be construction work going on by the side. A construction worker will be moving the heavy yellow colored barricade. You will be driving on the side, not in his way or anything, just on the side, doing your own thing. The worker will lose his balance and he will let go of the barricade. It will fall on the side of your car and make a huge dent. You will stop the car, get out and shout. But the worker has moved along. He doesn’t really care. The contractor will see from far off and and not come anywhere close. Then you will just go home and cry. #TrueStory

  3. Ohho! It’s been a weird few days for me too, but for different reasons. Hawa chali hai, nikal jaayegi. Hang in there!

    PS: Doing the house issues. Can I write to you about who you’re working with? We have our own interior work coming up and I wanted to bounce around a few names and ideas 🙂

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