Two things

Zo and I decided to watch the Jurassic Park movies together because of her well documented love for dinosaurs. In the first movie, when the paleontologists ask  John Hammond how he was sure that they could control the dinosaur population, he answers them saying that they’re sure because all the dinosaurs they breed are females. To which, Ian Malcolm says ‘Life always finds a way’. Much later, the group comes across a batch of dinosaur eggs, proving Ian right. At this point, they explain how this could be because they used frog DNA to fill in the blanks in the dinosaur DNA strings and some frogs from Africa are known to possess both male and female reproductive capabilities.

‘Or’, Zo turned to me and said, ‘ maybe these are American dinosaurs? Because didn’t you tell me that girls can marry girls, and boys can marry boys in America?’ She was referring to a conversation we had back in 2015, when gay marriage was legalized in the US. She was about to turn 4 then.

Zo is reading her first Famous Five and ofcourse, she loves it. Somewhere more than halfway through it, she turns to me and says ‘ George is a transgender boy’. While I am amazed by her statement, I ask her what makes her say so. ‘It’s simple’, she says. ‘George is born a girl, but she doesn’t feel like one, and she doesn’t want to be one. That’s what being a transgender boy is’.

I dig in further. And you know this how? ‘ Because of the story of Coy Mathis in the Rebel Girls book. Coy was born a boy, but he felt he was a girl. And they didn’t allow him in the girls restroom. They said she had to use the boys or the disabled restroom.So she brought it up to the school authorities. And the principal said she could use any restroom she likes. She was a transgender girl. That’s how I know’. And she goes back to her book.

And I  decide that even if I have seemingly given up on blogging, I just have to give in and note this down immediately.  Because I do not want to forget it, ever.