Historical me

Here’s the deal. For long I have been wanting to update the “About” page here. Because you know, as today’s update on the page says, things change.

This page is to maintain an archive of my earlier “then cool” versions of the page. For the latest “About me”, go to “‘ello”!


Finally. 1 month and 20 days after I set up this new blog, I get the time to update this page which has been under construction for like forever. And when I finally try to put together a coherent introduction to the self and the blog, I realise that I have said way too much already, and there is nothing new that this page could possibly tell you, which the 6 years of archives available on the right hand side column of the home page wouldn’t. However, now that I’m here, and so are you, and considering how considerate I am of the fact that you actually clicked the link to this page, here’s a summary of sorts.

The original version of this blog was started in circa 2004, on a hot April morning in Gurgaon, on a desktop, provided by the very kind company where I was doing my summer internship. The idea was to have a page where I could whine, and whine freely. Though that still remains a favorite theme, I do try to venture into the bright-chirpy-life-is-beautiful mode too, once in a while. But then, it is really tough to take time out to write something when you’re out there having fun! Anyway, we moved to this particular url on the 20th of January, and have been here since!

Everything out here is totally personal, and very much about me. Opinions, likes, dislikes, thoughts, complaints, all of it. Making frequent appearances here would be The Dude – my once boyfriend, now husband, family, friends, and colleagues. And ofcourse there will some totally infuriating characters appearing once in a while, who deserve a special mention out here, because they give food for my most interesting posts. That said if you still think you don’t know me enough, I have done three rounds of supremely narcissist posts, giving the reader completely irrelevant details of myself herehere and here.

Other than that, well, let me think. Oh, some basic information. I am 28 (I will ensure this is updated on my next birthday), I am a pseudo Tam-brahm. My tamil is pretty ok as per me, and pretty sad as per my tam friends. I have lived 17 years of my life in UP. and my hindi is pure-awesome, both as per me and my northie friends. I am a very stereotypical girl when it comes to chocolates, bags, shoes, shopping, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and whining about my weight. I like reading fiction, and fashion magazines. I think I can survive on pani-puris. I love music, though I am very tuned to liking hindi music over anything else. And I am addicted to Grey’s anatomy. I love mush-flicks, and I am capable of getting super-emotional while watching certain scenes, every single time. Movies can make me cry. Books too. I am impatient most of the time. I am short-tempered too, but cool down pretty soon, and then don’t understand how the other person can still be mad. I am quite clumsy. And extremely punctual. And I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat anytime of the day. I love saturday nights. And dogs. Even cats. Lizards scare me. I am not a morning person. I love ginger tea, and I cannot wake up unless I have a cup of it. I love travelling. And vacations. And long drives. And beaches. I am a worrier, and I hate worrying. I panic, I assume, and I make myself miserable. I can be very understanding, and I can be very rude. I am opinionated, and argumentative, but if you give me reason, I will listen. I am very talkative, and if I start talking, I find it hard to stop. And that seems to be the case with writing as well. So I’ve got to stop now.

Anyway, welcome here, make yourself at home, look around, and let me know if you like it here. And also, let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Ofcourse, if possible, drop in a hi in the comments below, because I am sure I would love to know you!


Things change.

Lives change. People change. So I guess it makes no sense that the “About” page on the blog remains the same forever. It wouldn’t be right.

So, this is me, “About me”, as on the 7th of November, 2012.

I am

Almost 30, mostly waiting for it, sometimes worrying about it.
Always struggling to find time for all that I want to do, sometimes struggling to know what is that I want to do.
Trying hard to do atleast something, and then not doing much anyway.
Generally happy, sometimes confused, mostly content.
A mother, who still needs to fathom how fast 24 hours can pass.
Very much in love, and still a die hard romantic.
The slimmest I have ever been, and loving it.
Still incapable of consuming chocolate in ‘moderation’.
In a pretty settled phase in life, and trying to not think of it as monotonous.
In need of more vacations and a lot more travelling.
Not reading as much as I should be.
Fooling myself by saying I am an anonymous blogger.

I am

Blogging since 2004.
Hoping to continue.

Welcome to my world.

And be nice.


104 thoughts on “Historical me

  1. Wow. Nice and funny and refreshing.
    I would quote my fav lines – “I think I can survive on pani puris” Lolz 🙂 . (same here)

    and “I am a worrier” I thought you were a warrior . 🙂
    I liked your chatty writing style.
    So blogrolling you.

  2. Oh, and another panipuri fan! That’s like too amazing a creation huh? 🙂
    Ah, I would love to be a warrior, actually worrying makes me war at times too!
    Thanks for blogroling me, and more importantly, leaving me a blog link to check out!

  3. Hi Di,
    Came across your blog from Swaram’s .
    Found your style quite charming 🙂 and now I’m hooked.
    Trying to catch up on more posts (and missing out on oodles of work-time in the bargain!! This blogging bug is injurious for work 😥 !!)

    1. Thanks a lot! 😀 I am glad you liked it!
      Blogging is addictive alright, you don’t know how much time I have spent catch up on my regular reads from the last week! 😮
      Do you have a blog too? If yes, please leave a link, would love to have a new blog to read!

  4. First time here and I love your blog already. Your ‘ello page made me smile all the way. So you have a new stalk errr ooops reader 😉

    1. Hello Revs! Welcome here, and glad you liked it here! Some news for you, I have been stalking, err reading you for a while too! 😀

    1. Hello! Thank you 😀 For the comment and leaving a blog link! Though if you’re actually looking at the yuears of posts, I can only wish you all the best! 😀

  5. ‘ello back at atchya!

    I just started blogging and landed up at yours randomly and I have ‘THREE’ words for you: W.O.W.!![Yeah!!The stress on the syllables is the basis of the construction of the THREE words in W.O.W.!!

    I told you I am new to blogging,right?Could you PWETTY PWEASE help me settle down in the wordpress world.

    AMAZING blog.=D.

    1. Hey there! Thanks! Too much compliment is injurious to my self esteem levels, they might go way too up! 😀
      Will definitly hop over and read your blog, and lemme know how I can help! All the best!

  6. I feel SOO SOO lame saying this,but I can’t operate this site,I mean I googled it,I binged it,I wordpressed it,I could NOT understand the widgets,I mean,the emoticon thing that you have installed on top right for instance,how do you do that,it’s contagious,just not operable! =(.

    1. Er? Emoticon you mean the pic? Well, you can set it all under widgets, its pretty simple, drag and drop whatever you want under the column you want, there you can choose the pic, choose the number of entires, etc, and its set up! Are you looking there?

    1. Yep, for those, you go to the respective sites (punky moods, and indiblogs) and pick the html codes for them, which they give themselves,, that’s the only way. Then, in widgets, you pick ‘Text’, and stick it on! Try again and let me know!

  7. OMG! I was never hooked up to my own blog this way! I am adding yours to my blogroll. Now u r gonna find me regularly visiting ur blog and posting comments.

    Grt writing dude!!


    1. Thank you Harsha 🙂 I am glad you liked the blog! And, yes, please keep posting comments, nothing feels nicer than a new comment on a post! 😀
      Am off to check your blog now!

  8. Hey !!!

    I bumped into your blog when searching for blogs to read.I enjoyed your writing…….though there is still more to discover….i m not so tech-savvy, but will save ur blog and keep reading it.

    N nyc to meet you…….I m a malyali by birth but spent my 21 years in U.P. and now in Delhi…….:-)


  9. No ra,
    I dont have any page….if i remember I had written one or two, but then there was no continuation…

    n BTW happy belated b’day………sorry i am late………to wish you……….

    anyways……..cheers n njoy!!!

  10. OMG I guess your blog is more addictive than cocaine!!! then again, i wouldn’t know 😛 (never tried cocaine…)

    Anyway I’m from Blore. My friends and I are planning to create a techno blog(u know, being from blore n all…)
    I was looking thro blogs in random for ideas and found YOURS!!! I’m gonna stick with yours, be prepared to see a lot of me from now on.

    1. Hey there! 😀 Welcome, and thanks for the compliment! Don’t worry, I am taking it as one though you don’t have the relevant experience 😉
      Nice to know you, and do leave me a link of your blog when you start one, though I aussre you I am extremely technologically challenged! On the positive side though it might help me 🙂 Keep dropping by!

  11. hi
    just strted reading ur blog………………..ur writing has a nice crispness to it
    and i must tell u that i wud be hooked on to this for a long time to come……………………..

  12. Hi,
    I am new to this blogging world and was trying to read as many blogs I can when I came to this blog.I like your style and loved your blog.Keep going 🙂

  13. Hello,

    Well, I visited your blog for a selfish reason. Actually, your blog was recommended to me by another blogger for getting my debut novel reviewed.
    I wished to know if you would like to review my debut novel Dream’s Sake. You can visit my website (www.jyotiarora.com) to know more about me and my novel. And if you feel interested, I’d send you a copy of Dream’s Sake for review.


  14. hi,
    have been reading your blog…..read that as am hooked to ur blog, pretty soon, i would have read every single post here……………….
    ur writing style is quite crisp…………keep going……………………………….

    1. Thanks for the nice words Madhuri! 😀 Though I warn you, some of my older stuff might make you practically laugh at me 😀 Welcome here!

  15. Hey there…

    Awesome post, and rather eloquently worded blog. am kinda new into this space and chanced upon yours.

    Lovely thoughts, and quite incisive too.

    Kudos to you! 🙂



  16. Hi there, I just found your blog and I can really relate to most of the stuff above. It’s amazing that you have been blogging for so long. I’m pretty new to the blogosphere and am finding my way around fairly clumsily.

  17. hi…stumbled upon ur blog by chance and read quite a few posts… must say that u’ve a unique style of writing and am totally bowled over by those very unique skills!! 😀 m an amateur in the world of blogging and will definitely turn to this blog in future for more inspiration :))

    1. Hello there! Welcome, and thanks for all the good words 😀 I am not sure how ‘inspiring’ this can be, but as long as it gives a few light moments, I am glad you liked it here!
      Keep Blogging!

  18. Hello DI 🙂

    Digged through your old posts…your journey is surely interesting with The Dude and now Baby Zo too 🙂

    All ears here to hear more from you

  19. Hi Di,
    I am working for a startup called as Gyaanexchange.com. We have launched a Pan India book collection drive. I was just wondering if we can post about the book collection drive on your blog which will urge your readers to give books. We have tied up with Goonj for this initiative. Could you please share your email id so that i can send across the details of the initiative on your email id. Thank you so much

    Dev Dave

  20. I read this on another blog, and couldn’t help pasting it here >

    “Most importantly the thought of my little girl growing up to be able to read this takes me to a whole new level of happiness.” 🙂

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  22. Loved your style!!! Now I shall proudly proclaim that I am a worrier too.. N I miss outlook, its the best mailbox for panickers 😦
    Adding you to my blogroll.

  23. Simply wow. Hilarious ur writing style is. Ur blog is what keeps me busy during office hours nowadays. Keep up the great work:-)

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