Present Sir!

I am not typing this on a word doc as I usually do. Instead I am using the new post page on WordPress. This is because if I don’t do that, this post will end up incomplete, unpublished like all the other posts have been recently. So I am assuming that if I type it here I will be forced to publish whatever shit I write. Haha, like that’s possible.

So before we head on to more important things like what’s kept me busy, couple of nice things happened. Like this.

Femina 2

Yes, so the review I wrote for Femina got picked and they did this itty-bitty introduction of me in the magazine in print and had me pretty chuffed for a few days. Until one day I arranged for a Collage competition at work and people were busily cutting through magazines and one of them came across this. Said person shared it with EVERYONE in his group and finally, added it on the collage itself for the whole floor to see. Now thing is, this means free publicity, which I do not dislike, but I personally do not share my blog with people at work. But this has happened now so I have no clue who among those who know me here read me now, but if you got here through the collage, hi there! Now you know why I don’t talk of the blog at work!

The other nice thing was Aarya nominating me for the Liebster award (again! but this time in pink!) thereby spoiling me for attention. Thank you girl!


There was also a tag of questions, which I swear I started answering on my last draft, but I realised that I fell asleep somewhere in between which scared me, because I can’t have you all sleep when you read me, please. Especially since I have become so infrequent, I am sure some of you have removed me from your reader *Sad face*.

Anyway, getting back to the ‘important’ topic of what kept me away. Let’s pause here, build some anticipation, take a deep breath, and here goes.


I mean seriously, nothing. No big trips, the usual work, the usual Zo, the usual life. So why was I away. Hmm. Let me think. I think it’s cos I’m a helluva lazy bugger. I mean seriously. Zo sleeps by 10 on most days and I never do before 11, so I don’t have that excuse as well. I have just been so busy doing irrelevant things, that I haven’t blogged. Or commented. I read though, in my defense. Plus this twitter business has gotten out of hand. For me, it’s like blogging was in 2009 – out of hand, constant refreshes, constant commenting, conversations. Oh My God. And Twitter is crazier because all you need is the darn mobile, and you can make it the first and last thing you do each day.

Except it is not. The first and last thing I see each day is my Blackberry, a curse bestowed upon mankind. It is one thing to be constantly connected, but itsn’t good for people who do not know where to draw the line. I think I know I crossed it when Zo asks me to play with her but also adds – ‘phone mat lana‘ everytime. Bad mommy. Very bad.

Ok, so that was that. I came here just to mark my attendance so that you don’t forget me altogether cos that would break my heart. Blogging is still my first love and I really hope that I give up on the distractions and get more regular again before I am stored off as defunct, or inactive on Readers, or worse still, removed. So yes guys, rejoice, there’s hope! For me that is, yours just got smashed.

We’ll be back.


Top of the world

Yesterday morning, I was *this* (stick your index finger and your thumb together to know how much) close to bursting into tears. No, actually, I did cry. Really cried. But of course it was for yet another shallow reason else I wouldn’t be talking of it here.

The reason was this – the stupid weighing scale tipped rather unfavorably. It took me a moment to register. Then I rushed to get my dependable weighing item, which helps me catch any error, and tried again. But no, Zo weighed exactly how much she should.

That’s when the tears came rushing in. Because, this was the most ironic thing ever, that yesterday, was the day I was supposed to have fulfilled the ONE resolution, or wish I made last year, run the 10K. Everyone on my Facebook list was doing just that, and I, was standing at 5 Kilos + from the least I had touched last year. Feeling extremely unfit, and stamina-less, with an astounding 9 months of zero workout behind me.

Anyway, it’s too early to talk about fixing it and making tall claims of how I would do it, because I am one helluva will-powerless, lazy person, and I HATE IT.So instead, I will make myself feel good, about other things. Like this.

Lookie! We get awards too!

You see, after a long long time, someone thought of this blog as worthy for an award. So, thank you Aarya, you’re my one good thing for today that I am grateful for.

The Award also needs me to do a list of things, which I will not, given my current sorry state. But what I will do is answer the 10 questions on it because if I don’t this post will one long rant about how useless a person I am.

So here we go.

1. What does your name mean? – Heavenly. Going by the sheer mass of me right now, I would say 3-4 of them heavenly beings combined.

2. What are your hobbies? – Eating, apparently. And then staring at the idiot box for hours, and eating some more. Then checking the scales to see if I have magically lost weight, then realizing that that would be scientifically incorrect so sulking and eating some more about the unfairness of it all.

3. According to you, what was the driving force that let you into the blogging world? – The very hectic summer internship I was doing. Not. Honestly, it would be the availability of internet, a desktop visible to the world and it’s family so no Yahoo games could be played (yep, that is the pre FB era we are talking about here), and 8 hours you just had to spend at work, especially when your summers guide had run out of ideas to keep you busy while making you think that you are the only one who can save this company (GP, I haven’t forgotten you, at all.). Ooh, and also two fellow interns who shared a cabin and a desk top by which we mean took turns at playing said Yahoo games, while listening to music. Nonsense.

4. What was the most recent compliment you’ve received and savored? – I like and savor every shallow compliment I receive, especially when it’s got to do with weight-loss, not looking my age, looking fit, or surprise expressed when I mention my daughter. Those days are gone, looks like. Also, looks like all that ‘savoring’ has pretty much settled down for good over all over my unfit body. (Folks reading this who are also my friends on FB who might think I am over-reacting, I swear I only put relatively thin pictures of myself, so it is all about illusions. Those who don’t think I am over-reacting, please go away.)

5. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new? – Wit. Humor. Intelligence. The three things which will ensure we have a good conversation, which is like the most basic necessity for me to notice someone even, drawn to is stage two.

6. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be? – Panic and worry and over analysis. Let me tell you what I mean. So recently, I receive this mail from the boss about something which had gone wrong, followed by a ‘we need to talk’. The whole night I fretted about how I would handle the situation, complained about why bad things happen to me, thought of answers, scenarios, defenses and pretty much everything that could happen the next day. When I walked in the next day, the boss talked about everything except for the issue. When I brought it up, she said that was an FYI. So apparently the FYI and ‘we need to talk’ were not related. They were two different sentences, two different things. And I, because of my obsessive need to assume had just short of written a thesis on the whole made up situation.

7. What was the best news you ever received? – I don’t know really. It would be a tie between when I got to know that I had topped school in class 10, beating my nemesis of 6 years (seriously, you won’t believe the competition we had without once talking to each other in school) by a measly one mark (and it was mutual, this feeling, because as I rode into school behind my dad on his scooter to check the results, she was standing in the middle of the road, sobbing, and her mom was consoling her rather audibly that it was just a mark after all).

And when I received a call from my cousin in Hyderabad saying they had received a letter from K, and it seemed to say that I was through their second list, which was awesome because I had spent the time between the first list and then acting like the world had ended and finishing half the book of vedic mathematics in preparation for CAT next year.

I have had happier moments, but these fall in the ‘news’ category.

8. If you could hold on to just one memory from your life forever, what would that be? So many boss, so many. Cliched as it may sound, it would have to be one involving the Dude, because I still think he is the best thing that ever happened to me, and is pretty much the reason for the other good things happening now.

9. What’s your favorite dessert? – Anything with chocolate. Aise hi thode hi paanch kilo put on kiye hai humne?

10. What are the top three things on your bucket list? – Bucket list is a little too much boss. I am not kicking the bucket now; there is a lot to be done. Things I want to do somehow, sometime would include 1) See Antarctica. No wait, I changed it to the Northern lights recently. 2) Run a marathon. Really run, not walk, or pant, or drag, or just talk about it while eating more chocolate 3) I can’t even think of third thing, Oh God please don’t kill me I swear I am not done with everything yet.

And that’s that. I told you I am not following any of the other rules. Instead of that, I will give you a one line update on how awesomely awesome turning 31 felt at the awesomely awesome Goa vacation where I made my Karaoke debut with “Top of the world” by The Carpenters which described exactly how awesomely awesome I felt then.You might argue that all that ‘awesomeness’ makes up for (and actually contributes to) the not so awesome five kilos I have been crying about, to which I will say, I understand , but you wish, you really really wish.

Here is to a fitter year, hopefully. Happier, most definitely.

My tea’s gone cold, I’m wondering why

I am writing this while in my senses, but at any point if you see incoherent strings of letters of the alphabet  in this post, it’s because I have fallen asleep and my head is on the keyboard. I am so sleepy, I am looking at the screen through my eyelashes, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, this is a good time I thought for a long pending acknowledgement. Bhargavi, of the Bedazzled fame (who by the way has just had her first book published as well, so head over to check it out!) awarded me with this wonderful title of the ‘Versatile Blogger’  that was doing the rounds on the blogosphere for a while. Thanks Bhargavi!

That, was yesterday, and this is today. Yep, I wrote the above 8 lines, and decided to do something more interesting, like you know, wander around, check what the others were up to, and then wander around some more.

So I was saying, I am supposed to award the same title to 15 bloggers I think deserve it, and then write 7 random things about myself. And I am too lazy to do it. Plus I think all the bloggers I like have already received this numerous times, and acknowledging it yet again would be somewhat painful for them, so I will be nice to them, and refrain.

And the second part is redundant. It asks me for 7 random things about myself, while this blog is all about is random things about myself only. I mean, apart from the guest appearances by those who matter, and those who annoy, I am like the star of this place, aren’t I? So I think you know a lot about me already; random, specific and everything in between.

Now moving on to other things. I have been back at work for like 5 days now. It’s been quite bleh, except there are meetings day and night this week (talk about timing), which kinda reminded me why I wanted my long maternity leave in the first place. In any case, Zo is taking it ok, atleast as ok as a 4 month old can, and I seem to be the one with all the issues instead. So, there are tiring days, starting with getting up and getting her ready, before getting ready myself and leaving for work, and then rushing back to spend time with her in the evening, and as of now, an additional visit home squeezed in during lunch, because one has got to make use of the proximity of the work place from home. Which by the way, I can’t thank my stars (and our planning, and the EMIs we pay) enough for.

It was strange getting back to work, one thing is the team has really changed, as in it is like thrice the size it was when I left. Then the seating has changed, so I am like in this far flung area, which is nice otherwise, with a view et al, but feels like really far. Then, some of my close friends (ok, one close friend) has left, and so I am left squandering for people to go on breaks with. Oh, and my role is still in the decision phase, so that doesn’t help matters either. I am just waiting, and watching.

We went on our first weekend road trip after Zo was born last weekend. You can close your mouths now, I know she’s just 4 months old. But she’s got to get used to the ways of our life yes? But she was a sweetheart throughout, and apparently loves the car. So the only issue we had was when the car stopped, else she couldn’t have enough of the sights and the sounds! I am not doing a review here, but just for the record we went to Bidar, which is like 150 kms from Hyderabad, and stayed in this wonderful place (Blackbuck Jungle Lodges). It’s right by the lake (which is good considering my fascination for water bodies) and next to a jungle. It was kind of a weird choice for a first trip with a baby, because we were busy like all the time! Coracle ride on the lake, Nature walk into the jungle (with baby in tow ofcourse), a bonfire and a barbecue, an early morning (5:45 AM, in case you’re curious) jungle safari to sight Blackbucks, and then a visit to the Bidar fort (which is quite massive, as we realised when we got there). All this pretty much made up for the whole weekend.

Zo was either asleep, or being her curious self for the whole trip. And except for some uncharacteristic bawling and clinging (to me, yes, to me!) once back, she pretty much was a wonderful traveller. Good for Mumma-Papa, I’ve got to say! The Dude is already planning the next trip, since this was, and I quote ‘ Too short a drive, and too straightforward, so I don’t even get to check the maps and decide on the route to take!’ Seriously! * Eye Roll *

And now I am hungry. Looks like pregnancy has left behind this gaping hole in my stomach which needs to be stuffed with food all the time, and I really cannot afford it. The weighing scales can’t too. But with all the hard work I put in each day (sarcasm alert), the least bit I can do is feed my hungry self. So I will go ahead and make arrangements for lunch. In any case I did not have a relevant conclusion planned for this post.

Instead I will just say, over and out.

Superstar Sunday

The second half of my day today is quite sad. You know, meetings, calls, VCs, and most of them well within the scope of my analysis in the last post. Anyhow, we are not here to complain. We are here to rejoice.

Let me elaborate.

When : Sunday evening
Where : In the bedroom
What: Ah, see now that will take some explaining

The Dude and I are watching Saving Private Ryan on the television. Ok. Strike that. The Dude wants me to watch Saving Private Ryan. Now this movie is big for The Dude. Because this apparently the only movie ever that got some sort of emotion out of him. Which in Dude terminology would mean , he actually felt for the characters on screen. This is big for his wife, who is slightly more obvious when it comes to display of emotions in general. Ok, way more obvious. Ok, so she cries while watching exceptionally emotional scenes in movies, or books, or Grey’s anatomy. Ok, she cried when one of the Splitsvilla contestants left the show, and her ‘love’ of 2 weeks was very upset about it. Can we get back to the point now?

Yeah, so The Dude was totally into the movie, and I was watching it with quite some interest too. Somewhere in between I decided that my back and shoulders  were hurting, so I quietly slid down the bed and plonked myself on the ground near the edge of the bed where The Dude was sitting, and asked him for a shoulder massage. He obliged, since he was watching the movie, and in all probability, does not remember this happening.

In about 3 minutes, my phone rang. I refused to look at it, clearly enjoying the attention to the poor back. Then I looked anyway. It was the Drama Queen. Hmm, what could it be? Is any of the gang’s birthday up anytime soon? Or has she found out the true identity of yet another secretive anonymous blogger?

That was enough motivation, and I picked up her call.

‘Hey, you didn’t tell me, your krrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrrr
‘Huh? I can’t hear anything! Let me get out of the room. Yeah, tell me now.’
‘Can you hear me?’
‘Yes, now I can’
‘You didn’t tell me krrrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrr krrrrrrrrrrrr
‘ Ok, I really can’t hear you’
‘Can you hear me now?’
‘I don’t know why, but I can only hear you when you ask me that?’
‘Ok, You. Didn’t. Tell. Me.That. Your. Blog. Got. Pictioned.’
‘Huh? Pictioned?’
‘Featured. Featured. Featured in Femina’
‘What shit!’

Ok, yes that was my exact reaction. I have noticed I say that quite often in fact.

‘Ya! I am in the parlor, and I was flipping through the magazine, and I saw this! Congrats, and go pick it up!’ (this is out of a hazy memory, but I am unsure of the exact words used)

This was followed by a short conversation, clarifying the edition, and the cover page, and what it said, and who was on it (which by the way, madame didn’t know, she doesn’t know Miss India Sarah Jane Something, fine, I don’t know her as well either, I guess).

And that was followed by me making The Dude miss some important bits of Saving Private Ryan to drive me to the Magazine stand to pick up an issue. And then of course, me roaming around the house the rest of the evening with a massive grin plastered over my face, trying to click a decent shot of the page and send it to my mom. Some sight it was. It was good. And for once, Sunday evening was a happy time.

So here it is, in all this glory! Our first brush with fame! I am thinking of changing my name from DI to SDI for the sake of this. Oh, and my MIL’s reaction was ‘ Wow! They wrote about you! That’s awesome! But why didn’t you send a nicer picture?’ If only they’d asked for it! Oh well, I am not complaining!

Yay! we're phamous!

P.S. Ooh, and for those who are interested, it is the March 5th 2011 edition of Femina, on page 131. Under the column ‘Fastest Blogger in the East’. That, I think is the ironic bit, but the rest of it, ah well, I am one happy person.


3rd blog post this week, I’m on a roll people! Wonder what inspired this? Is it that the blog turns six years old this month? Is it that we suddenly have so much to talk about and all the time in the world to actually post it?

Or, is it that this already self-obsessed blogger got yet another opportunity to show off?

Of course it is point 3! Yes, we just received an award, and we are obviously talking about it. Yay!

But of course, all awards come with certain rules, and this one needs me to;

1.Thank the person that gave this to you

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.

3. List 3 things you love about yourself

4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)

5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

So first of all, a big thanks to Swaram, for passing on to me this very sweet (literally) award. She not only thinks that this blog is beautiful but also feels that it has that little bit extra! Then who am I to contest that huh? Here’s my badge!

Now I am supposed to list 3 things that I love about myself. Hmm. Let me think. I am telling you, this is just going to add to my already building narcissist tendencies, but if this is what you want, I will gladly concede.

– I am capable of carrying out meaningful and mostly interesting conversations with almost anyone, irrespective of how different, or unrelated the person might be. I also think in most cases, said person will definitely never complain of boredom. The only glitch here is that I usually don’t start the conversation, but once someone does, they can rest assured it will go on for as long as it can.

– I am extremely direct when it comes to letting people know what I think of them. Ok, the only exception might be when I really dislike someone, and I know telling them that would do more harm than good, but in this case, I usually ignore the person altogether. This, so that I do not have to be sweet to their faces, while not liking them one bit on the inside. But in general, if you piss me off, you’ll hear it from me. And if it is good stuff, but of course you’ll know!

– I can be funny. Not in the tell good jokes kinda funny, because there I suck big time, all my jokes fall flat, and I ruin every single punchline. But in the more, pass so called smart-ass remarks, or sarcastic comments funny. This I think, because more than one person has told me that. However, I am not too sure how the people at the receiving end take this, though I always steer clear of any personal remarks. Heh, but wottodo, I am like this only!

Oh my God, that was tough huh! I actually had to rack my brains for I don’t know how long to come up with those three. Shameful indeed!

Coming to Rule 4, here’s the picture I would pick as my favorite. Why you ask? Well, one, I have many more favorite pictures, but most of them have me/The Dude/family/friends in it, and I am trying to abide by my no pictures on blog policy (barring that colorful gravataar you see. But seriously, would you recognize me by that if you saw me on the street someday?). And two, that picture is symbolic of the best times I have. The weekend getaways that we do in our beloved City. So this was shot on the highway, en-route Araku I think, and it was raining non-stop (as always!). I picked up my phone and clicked this through the windshield. I love the way it turned out, with half foggy screen, and the road, and the greyness!

Now coming to the passing on of the award. That shouldn’t be that difficult huh? So I pass this on to

– Snippets

– Preeti

– Rechristened

– Subbulakshmi

– Nuttie

– Sri

I know it’s six, I am not that good at sticking to rules anyway!

That being said, I will go get some work done. Or rather try to, it’s after all Friday. Have a good weekend people!