Random chit-chat

Chat on Sametime with the Pure-veg-ex-roomie

PVER – You know that song? Ooncha Lamba kad? From Welcome?

Me – Yes, what about it?

PVER – Well, I find it very funny

Me – Funny? I kinda like it, very typical punjabi song

PVER – No, no, I mean the lyrics

Me – What’s funny in the lyrics?

PVER – He calls Katrina manly

Me – Huh? No he doesn’t!

PVER – Yes yes, he does, he says ooncha lamba kad, blah blah, and the he calls her mardani – manly

Me (after recapitulating the first few lines in my head)- Aiyyyo, mad you are, he says marda nai, main avai tere utte marda nai, which means, I haven’t flipped for you for no reason.

PVER – Podi, he doesn’t say ‘nai‘ and all, it is ‘ni’, mardaaaaaani.

Me – No ya, the sentence wont make sense in Punjabi, if it was Mardani

PVER – No no, that doesn’t matter, you listen properly, and it makes full sense,  what is ooncha lamba kad? tall nuh? See, so he says that and then says mardani, which means tall manly girl, I am telling you, listen to it again, I am right.

Me – *Surrender*


Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain?

Episode 3 – 27th April 08, 8:45 PM

SRK (to contestant)-
Toh aapko Pakistan ka capital pata nahi hai?

– Abhi yaad nahi aa raha hai

SRK (to contestant’s sister)
– Aapko pata hai? Aapki behen ka kehna hai ki ap unse smart hai. Kya karti hain aap?

Contestant’s sister – First year, Business administration

SRK – Aapki toh badi padhi likhi family hai, toh aapko pata hai Pakistan ka capital?

Contestant’s sister – Haan, ofcourse, Istanbul.

Contestant – Oh yaaaaa, Istanbul, how could I forget that!

SRK (at the end of the show) – By the way, Pakistan ka capital Istanbul nahi Islamabad hai.

Contestant’s sister – Oh that’s what I meant, Istanbul-Islamabad, Is-Is.

Me – :O (somebody please kill me!)

Please to watch this extremely hilarious and entertaining series on television,  every Friday to Sunday, 8 PM on Star Plus.  Seriously, don’t miss this!

Edit : I can’t believe I forgot, but the dear blog turned 4 years old on Saturday. Everyone stand up, clap and wish it a happy birthday!



Ok. Gult movies are officially hilarious. Actually not the movies per say, I haven’t really seen any, but the names of the movies, more importantly, their so called tag lines, are so astoundingly funny! I mean take this for an example: ‘Rakhi – Highly inflammable’.  What does one make out of it? I could think of a few interpretations. 1. It’s a brand of petroleum probably, and the tagline basically is a statutory warning, ‘Rakhi petroleum – Highly inflammable’. Or 2. It’s this lady named Rakhi, who is extremely short tempered, or well, inflammable. That too highly. But no! The poster has the picture of a typical gult hero, with a dozen Rakhi’s tied on his wrist. So ok, we get it, it’s the story of this universal brother, who is by the way highly inflammable. But please, please, could we do something about the title of the film here?


Another awesome title I noticed today was Yogi – A feel that never ends. Huh? A feel that never ends? I mean seriously, what the hell is a feel that never ends? And why the hell is it called Yogi? No idea, and so I have given up on it as well. And yeah, this one has the picture of this angry looking guy, with a sword kinda thing with blood smeared on it. So there, that is Yogi I guess. And he definitely gives you a feel(ing?) of amusement, which actually does not end.


Anyways, all these hoardings do provide me with quite some entertainment. And in fact I think I pay more attention to the new posters put up these days. So, come to think, they are in fact very successful in their basic purpose of grabbing attention. So thereJ!


P.S. I just realized that Rakhi could have been the guy’s name after all. I probably assume too much. Anyways, if it is, well, then I take back all the nasty comments about it, and we will target Yogi alone. Ok?  Anyways, time to sign off now, so till then, Ciao!

Oh well, whatever!!

Today was a nice day to start with. The weather was decent, a bit too cold for my liking, but I had had a good night’s sleep, and was actually looking forward to going for work. So, as usual, I was in office at my usual login time. 11:30 A.M. And it was still a nice day. I had a few issues to handle, a few mails to respond to, and it was almost done by 1:30 PM, my usual time for lunch. And so I set off to have my usual lunch of Aloo Parathas. But when I reached the cafeteria, the guy who makes the stuff had not yet arrived. I was a bit disappointed, but thought ‘what the heck, will have something else today’, and ordered a Veg Hot Dog. After all, it was such a nice day!!


I settled down with the rest of the people, and took my first bite off the hot dog. So what it hardly had any filling in the corners, you can’t expect anything better from a Hot Dog bought from our Cafeteria right. And then, part of the filling fell off the hot dog onto my plate; thanks to the way I was holding it, the usual clumsy way. Didn’t really mind it, and took my second bite.


 Only then did I glance at the mess on the plate. And it was definitely not the usual stuff I ate. Very rudely, I spat the mouthful into the tissue, rushed to the counter, and asked the guy if he had actually given me what I had asked for. And he smiled, and said “ Yes Madam, that is a Chicken Hotdog”. L


And obviously, my next half an hour was spent in the washroom, trying to throw up all that I had actually chewed, swallowed or whatever, a la Madhavan of RHTDM. The most awesome part was when I went to the counter and asked the guy why he hadn’t been more careful, and he offered me my money back! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!


So here I am, typing this entry, and chewing on my 10th packet of mint for the day, to get that feeling out of my system. Though technically, I haven’t eaten non-veg, it was after all a chicken Hot Dog and took two bites off it! (And yeah, by the way, that was The end of the ‘Oh-so-nice’ day for me L)




A tale of two Kitties…

Once upon a time, there was a very cute cat called Momma cat .She lived in and around a huge 6 storeyed , old appartment in the middle of the market in an old city. Momma cat was extremely pretty, with white and grey fur and huge pearly cat-eyes (which all cats have, but hers din’t have the scary look in them).


On the particular day the story began, Momma cat was frantically looking for a cosy place. Not that she minded sleeping on window sills, or even on street corners, getting drenched in the rains, but this time she needed some place more comfortable real bad. Reason being, Momma cat was going to have kittens. And though she was very happy about it, she was worried that if she didn’t find the place soon, the kids might have to suffer the dreadful weather.


That was when Momma reached the terrace of the building. She usually didn’t need to go up there, but since she had failed to find anyplace since the morning, and it was pretty dark by now, she decided to check it out anyways. But a big surprised awaited her, as she saw that this terrace was not bare like those of other buildings! It actually had a few houses on it ( obviously illegally constructed, she knew more than five floors were not allowed here!). But it really didn’t matter to her then. She noticed that one of the houses actually had some 4 windows looking into the terrace, and was very excited! On top of that, one of those windows had the glass pane missing. So very carefully, after checking that there was no sound coming from the house, she squeezed in through the grills.


It was a fairly big room, and for its size was pretty bare, except for a TV, a fridge,an old rusted cot, piled with clothes, two really dirty chairs, and a few empty cardboard boxes…Hey wait! Cardboard boxes! That seemed good! So, she explored each of them, till she found the one which best suited her. It was a big box, very high, and would definitely take her some effort to get into it. But that was a good thing in a way too. It would take even the humans there, if any , some effort to meddle with her kids. Also, the box has a few other papers, thermocol pieces, which would be perfectly cosy.


For the next few days, she maintained a watch over the place, as to how many humans lived in the house, how much time they spent there, and how interested they were in her new found home. There were three of them , and luckily for her, they were hardly ever in the house. Either they were out, or they were sleeping and they never even touched the boxes. And so, a few days later, Momma cat, finally gave birth to two really cute kittens. Both extremely tiny and helpless, one was pure black, while the other had grey and black spots all over. She carefully placed them in one of the smaller boxes inside the carton, so that they were hardly noticeable.


But alas! As luck would have it, the babies seemd to have an incredible enthusiasm , and they seemed to use it all for wailing at the top of their lungs. Momma cat was very scared. She was sure that this would grab the attention of the always sleeping humans in the house. And obviously it did. First she heard one squeal “I think there are kittens in the house!!” Then she heard this information being relayed to the remaining two sleeping humans too, and surprisingly, it seemed to really interest them. As if her kids were some kind of entertainment objects. She peeped out of her box indignantly just in time to see, three curious heads peeping in. And as soon she did that, all three of the heads yelled, and ran back to their rooms! Momma cat sighed,” tsk tsk, these humans…”


For the next two days, Momma cat was very relaxed. She had realised that the humans around were nothing to actually be scared of, infact, they seemed to be scared of her! They also seemed to have this continuous curiousity about her children, and peeped into the box every now and then. But, none of them ever seemed to make an attempt to touch the kids, leave alone harm them. And that was all that mattered. She actually heard them discuss that, she might not accept the kids, if they tried touching them! As if! She would defnitely scratch them for touching the babies, but why would she abandon them?


But it was not to remain that way forever. Billa, a huge brown, ugly cat in the neighbourhood, was spotted on the terrace. That was very dangerous, as Billa was known to kill helpless kittens all the time. Momma cat was alarmed. So that evening, she picked up the kittens, and hid them right outside the house. When one of the human’s returned home that night , Momma cat went back to check if the box was safe again. It all happened at once. Billa jumped into the box, and the human ran out of the kitchen, screaming, into the other room. Billa obviously was highly disappointed, to find the box empty. And this irritating human was bent upon creating a ruckus with all her screaming.  He turned to find Momma cat entering the room, and lunged at her. There was a short scuffle, but Billa was too hungry and disappointed to continue, so he left Momma cat and went searching for an alternative dinner.


Momma cat was nearly in tears, but she was glad that her babies were safe. As she walked back to them thinking of the long night ahead when she would have to search a new home , she could hear the humans trying to check out whether the babies were safe. They weren’t so bad after all!


That was when it stuck her! These people seemd to have no trouble with her staying in the house, and they seemed to love her babies, so why couldn’t she just search for some place safer in their house? Their rooms seemed pretty warm, and there was one where one of the cupboards wouldn’t close. It had some old clothes too. It would be just perfect for her and the babies. So the next morning when the humans left the house, she shifted her babies to the cupboard.


The human whose room it was returned the first that night. She didn’t seem to notice anything, and went back to the hall to watch some TV. Momma cat was worried that she might hear the babies squeal, but she was too engrossed in the loud programme she was watching. But the babies seemed to grow louder and louder, till finally the light was switched on. The human, along with her other friend came in. Momma cat kept praying they wouldn’t see her, but that was impossible, what with the noise the kids were making. So finally, two heads, emerged from behind the cupboard door , and saw her. Momma cat just stared back, wondering what they would do. But she seemed to freak them out completely, as they yelped once again, and ran out of the room. She heard them crib for a while and then sigh as to how cute her kids were. The human also moved her bed into her friend’s that night.Now she was sure that they would do nothing to her or the babies, and she could safely stay there as long as she wanted. With this thought, she snuggled with her kittens and went to sleep.


*********The End**********


P.S. I still don’t know how long I will have to stay in my friend’s room, but am sure not going into mine till the cats leave. Btw, both kittens are extremely adorable, and their eyes are open now. We call them ‘Chaen-Chaen’ and ‘Paen-Pean’, thanks to their continuous ‘Chaen-Chaen, Paen-Paen’, that doesn’t allow us to sleep. But I maintain, they are adorable J.


Back to Normal…..Seriously!!

My recent blogs have been oh so depressing, thanks to the kind of mood I wrote them in, But finally, and thankfully am now back to normal. Seem to have been taking really small things to heart too often…but realised that it really stupid of me to do so. Fourth term is already half done and I hardly have any time left here at K (ok… am exaggerating, but still!!), and dunno where all my vows to enjoy life as much as possible disappeared. So , from now on its back to full fledged implementation what I had decided upon before coming in here, and I know things will slowly falll back into place and there will be nothing left to worry about again:).

Guess this sudden change of mood was brought about because of the amazing water fight we had at Eeks’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY EEKS!!)…..seriously had great fun trying to drench Chacha and finally succeeding (though must say the following cleaning campaign wasn’t all that fun!!!)….also to see Ron, Maddy, Richard and Ashwini huddle in the corner of the balcony trying to protect themslves with our(!!) towels….must say it was hillarious!!!

So, its back to ‘Ms.Cheerful-I dont care-Iyer’……ciao