Disclaimer : Please except a totally disconnected, disjointed post as I try to make note of everything that is happening in my life and inside my head.

I turned 35 last week and it felt nicer than I would have expected. As in, I was a bit worried for a while about hitting the ‘mid-thirties’, though technically, as I have explained before in some other post, 34-36 is the mid thirties range, which means I was already in my mid thirties. Only, hitting the half decade mark seemed to seal the deal. I am officially on the other side of life.

And, it feels good. Surprisingly so, because of late, I have been a bit worried about growing old. Actually not so much about growing older, but the fact that life is passing by way too quickly and there seems to be so much to do in such little time, has been a recurring thought. So I wasn’t really looking forward to reaching the half-way mark in the fourth decade of my existence.

But I did, because apparently human beings don’t have a choice in this. And I did it with my two most favorite people in the world, amidst acres of vineyards that were far from harvest season, in a chateau-style resort that on the two days we stayed there, was housing just us. Plus, for as far as your eyes could see, there was no sign of any other living being, except the ones working in the place. There were cycles to ride, and badminton rackets to play with, and long winding paths you could walk around on, spotting herds of deer in the evening. There was also custom-made food, and every kind of wine available at all times in the day. And while it all seemed way too quiet the day we landed, by the time we reached day two, which was my birthday, and which I brought in by cutting a gulab-jamun, it was nothing short of amazing. Which is pretty much what you would want your birthday to be.

I also did not buy clothes for my birthday per se. The thing is, all this online shopping making stuff available 365 days a year, has killed the joy of shopping for an occasion. Agreed, I had moved away from the ‘buy new clothes for Diwali and for birthday’ routine once I started working, but still, the major shopping was scheduled during end of season sales in malls. Now, there is always something going on on some ecom site at all times, and the thrill is gone. I did however bring back shopping for Diwali in the last 3 years, mainly because of Zo, and also because that’s the only time I can justify spending on ethnic wear apparently. So I just packed my favorite stuff and left.

I however, did want to buy something for myself, not because of the birthday, but in general. Which is one I realised I am somewhat of a cheapskate. What happened is, I started buying and using lipstick only in the last 2 years – that, and kajal. Before that I was the ‘scrub your face , put some moisturiser and you are all set’ kind, if that is a kind that is. In the last 2 years however, I have bought quite a few shades and brands, most of them online, and always on a discount, and never crossing the 3 digit mark in price. But I have been eyeing this pretty Mac shade (Mehr, if you are into anything like this) for a while, but couldn’t get myself to spend the 1500 bucks it cost. Only, I thought I should gift myself this for my birthday.

But, like I said, I think I am a cheapskate and just couldn’t do it. But I wanted it. So I sent a sad message on the whatsapp group that comprises of me, my mum and my sister, about how I was feeling so guilty about wanting to spend so much on a piece of cosmetic, and how I couldn’t get myself to, and how sad I was because I really wanted it and sob, what was I supposed to do? So yeah, my MAC Mehr is on it’s way and what would we do without mothers?

I also saw these very pretty shoes on Lulu and Sky which were on a tremendous off making it sort of, kind of, affordable to me. And they were available just in my size, which is such a sign, I know. So I added them in my cart, and then I thought back to the 30+ pairs of shoes lying in my shoe closet, and also about how I had only worn 3 of those over and over again in the last month and a half. Then serious guilt came over, and I logged out. And to make myself feel better, or in other words, justify my historical purchases, I wore these very pretty, but definitely not comfortable, pair in deep red to work today. Driving was a bitch, but I survived.

Moving on and away from materialism and the craving for clothes and shoes and cosmetics (yeesh!), to materialism of another kind, I concluded my 5 day long birthday celebration on Sunday, which is when I finally watched A.R.Rahman live in concert! Those who like Rahman and his music and concerts, might be aware that he \is doing this tour around the country to celebrate having been in the industry for 25 years. And for me, watching him live was a close to bucket-list item – definitely the only Indian Musician that I just had to watch perform. So I did, and it was wonderful and though we were far enough from the stage for him to look like a little pen, and for us to get confused between Mohit Chauhan and Javed Ali, except Mohit Chauhan wore a cap, it was absolutely brilliant and worth it. And also, in the 3 hours and the million songs they performed, the only ones I didn’t know were 4 numbers the troupe sang in Telugu. So yay for that. Not so much yay however to the 45 minutes we spent in the parking after the concert ended, waiting for the cars to move – but when you have the God of Indian music perform, and 25000 folks attend, what do you expect? So I sucked it up and accepted that as part of the celebration and it didn’t feel bad at all. Maybe it was all the sanity and maturity that turning 35 brings along with it. Heh.

So that was that, and as I scroll up, I notice that this post has sort of gone out of control. But considering this is like my Birthday post, and how often do you turn 35, I think a long-winded post is the least I deserve, yes?

And then, for the rest, there’s always online shopping.


Day 6 – Weekend(er)

This weekend was spent at NH7 weekender – which we had pre-booked back in August, when the first announcement that the event was happening in Hyderabad came out. I was beyond excited, because the one time I attended this event in Pune, back in 2013,  we absolutely loved it. The three evenings we spent under the skies, listening to all these bands we had never heard of (and some that we had heard of, but hardly heard) were pure bliss.

This time, it was for 2 days – and it had a plethora of indie-bands performing as is always the case. The line-up was declared almost 2 months ago, and there was a fair bit to look forward to. Plus the Dude and I are always open to new music of any kind, and this genre falls into neither of our regular fare, so we were on even grounds. And my only pending dilemma was – what do I wear?

I am not sure if I have said this before, but I am stickler for “dressing for the occasion”. What I mean is, while I  really believe in dressing comfortable (except for them heels, I cannot stop wearing heels) and dressing as you want to, I also believe that each place and occasion has a dressing-type one should adhere to. Like a coffee place warrants jeans or shorts, and a fine-dining place warrants something dressy (and definitely NOT jeans), and a pub or a disco can be more casual, but a lounge can be blingier. Which is why, when the Dude says “let’s go out somewhere tonight” I bug him until he gives me the finer details of where, so I can pick my outfit in advance.

The other aspect to my dressing is I seriously dislike standing out of the crowd. I just don’t like it. So while I might want to wear a dress to a pub, I have to be sure that it’s a pub others (atleast some) are wearing dresses too. Like, at my last work place I was totally ok wearing skirts to work because others did, and I am not ok in my current work place. Stuff like that. Boring, but true.

So the problem with Weekender was that the last time I attended it was in Pune, which is infinitely cooler (or less conservative) when it comes to dressing. Again, by this I mean that in Pune, shorts are casual, not dressy. You wear them for comfort. Which is also why I had decided that shorts and a tank had to be the outfit for the event. Only, I was not sure how the rest of Hyderabad was going to turn up.

But when I reached there, man was I shocked – and pleasantly so! Hyderabad not only met my expectations, it went above and beyond and almost crossed the fine between pleasant shock and actual, real shock. To say it was amazing, was an understatement. Not only that, we were also worried about there not being enough turnout, which would mean the show would be a damp squib and not happen again – but no. There was a spectacular turnout – not so much that you would choke to death, which was the case in Pune, but enough to have the high energy vibe in the air.

And we loved it, yet again. Squatting on the grass, from 4 until 10, for two days in a row. Squinting at the sun, which was so damn pleasant I was confused this was the same city, sipping on the iced breezers (because they don’t serve beer!), and enjoying the music wafting through the  air. And then watching the lights come up, as the sun went down, and band after band came up on the stage, for their turn in the spotlight. It was after a long time that a Sunday evening felt this good, because the music wouldn’t allow the blues to set in.

Or allow the weekend posts to go up, because there was just no time. Only, this excuse was way too awesome in itself to allow any guilt to set in. Fair enough, you think?


Candles bujh gayi, ab sab me cake batte hai

I turn thirty three today. That is a big number. And while I don’t want to make this a boring, contemplative post, I think I will end up doing just that, because didn’t we talk about writing for yourself and all that? Or may be not. Anyway. So this would be the last of the early 30s, before we step into the mid-30s, because that’s how I have it laid out in my head. You know – 30 is well thirty. And what follows is neatly split into sets of three, early, mid and late. So basically, this is the end of my early thirties and Oh My God if this is not scary I don’t know what is. Actually that’s an exaggeration, I can think of a lot of scarier things but I will choose not to today, because today’s my Happy Birthday.

I have always been excited about my birthday. It’s the timing of the thing; it’s like cozily encased between all our big festivals and then followed by the holidays in the West, making the whole 3 months feel like one big celebration. About the birthday itself, well, I haven’t asked for more than a cake to cut, and this year I had two – the perks of having your mom in the same city who also purchased a brand new oven last week. Other than that, I think I’d usually want to be left to do whatever I want without being disturbed – and now that sounds like my expectations from life in general.

At this point in the post, I have realized that I cannot and will not make this into a birthday post, reminiscing my birthdays of yore, now that there have been many. Instead, I will deviate into utterly disconnected topics after I mention that I have actually not taken the day off and am at work albeit without any work to do because that’s how your last week of your notice period works.

Back to the disjointed observations, I have currently been obsessing over Gerua, the brand new song from Dilwale, featuring Kajol and SRK – a couple that epitomized Bollywood romance for me for a long time. Apparently, it still does, which can be explained by the fact that I wrote a whole post about SRK-Kajol and the impact of their movies and music and chemistry on my Bollywood brain – only I did not post it because stats say some folks still read this blog. Anyway, I think the song is awesome, though the visuals, which look like they are not real at all, might be heavily impacting my judgment here. The Dude thinks the song in itself isn’t great but then I’d think an alien taken over him if he admitted to liking music so typical of the Karan Johar brand of movies. Bottom-line – I love it.

I have also quite liked the songs from Tamaasha, though I tend to just listen to two on loop – one being Mika’s Heer toh badi sad hai – a slap in my ‘What the hell is this Mika chap’ face, because the guy has some talent in his own niche genre. And the other being ‘Tum Saath ho’ which features the ‘cannot go wrong’ Arijit Singh and yesteryear favorite Alka Yagnik. Both absolutely different and absolutely brilliant numbers by ze Maestro A.R.Rahman, himself. Other than that, I think I am getting picky when it comes to music. Unfortunately no complete album has bowled me over after Lootera, and perhaps Highway. I am waiting for another magic by Amit Trivedi.

I am quite looking forward to watching Dilwale, because as I already mentioned, there’s something about the SRK-Kajol combination. While I haven’t liked SRK stand alone for a long time – can you blame me? Ra-one, Chennai Express, Happy New Year;  I think this one will work, and I pray it does. Actually, I pray it works for one particular person – that is Mr. Rajeev Masand. The point is that The Dude and I have a tacit agreement to follow Mr. Masand’s ratings when it comes to deciding on a movie. The only time he has let us down was when he rated My Name is Khan (the last SRK-Kajol movie) a 4, and it sucked so bad that there was no air for anyone else left to breathe (Haha that was a joke if you didn’t get it). So our base rating expected from him is a 2.5, though this can be challenged by the Dude. A 3 is good to go.

The last movie I went for without checking its review was Katti Batti, a movie that promised so much because damn it, Kangana Ranaut was in it. And then halfway through the movie I decided to focus my attention on ensuring the Dude did not file for a divorce as soon as we stepped out. I mean, there are movies that stay bad throughout, and then there’s Katti Batti. It starts bad, and it gets worse, and then it’s worse still and by the time it ends you think so this is what dying feels like. So no more movies before the reviews are out even if Quentin Tarantino has directed it. Oh wait – I have scenes from Sin City 2 flashing before my eyes now. Perhaps the Dude won’t leave me after all.

Now that I have successfully turned my birthday post into a mini Bollywood movie and music review, I will proceed to closing the deal before we head into another direction. That and I think I should in general leave for the day and spend the rest of it like Birthdays are meant to be.

Yes; I meant sleeping. What else do 33 year olds do anyway?

The Hills are alive

One of the things that I miss terribly these days is my connect to music.

I have always prided myself for being updated with the latest music, mostly Hindi , at all points of time. I would keep track of Music releases, listen to Singles released, and form opinions about Sound tracks. Then I would download all of it, and  listen to it on loop till I got bored of it.

When I was with my first company, I mainly depended on my Ipod. And my 40 minute travel to and from work each day. The TV was my source of keeping myself updated with the latest releases because if you remember, my routine was pretty much work, home, TV, cut vegetables, and sleep. Awesome times. TV would always include atleast 2-3 hours of uninterrupted MTV/Channel V/Zoom. This would be followed by visits to Cooltoad where most of the time, a Prem Soni, would ensure he uploaded the latest Soundtracks on the day of the release. The only downside was the guy put his picture in the album Art for all that he downloaded, so my ipod flash his random face (still does) for his songs.

When I moved to my second company, my travel time increased substantially, but so did the generosity of my company, in terms of restrictions (actually lack of them) on the internet usage and access. We could stream music all the time, and while most did, I still stuck to my favorite routine of watch TV, like a song, download it, load it to the Ipod for travel, and to the Laptop at work. It works wonder, music, especially if you are a Finance professional, when there are times you spend so much time staring at colorful excel spreads, that the screen, the desk, the walls, and everything else merges into one gigantic mish-mash, and your eyes explode. Almost. At such times, A.R.Rehman makes things much simpler, and definitely more beautiful.

Then came Zo. This basically meant almost no TV time. I mean who wants TV when there is this alternative and much more animated source of entertainment yes? So my touch with music kinda went down. And now, the streaming option at work worked wonders. So would tell me what music was trending, and I would decide what I liked, and then go home to my awesome 15Mbps Beam Telecom to get the music for myself. The other thing that stopped was my commute to and from work, so work was where I would lose myself in the world of Amit Trivedi and Mohit Chauhan each day.

But now, things have changed. I am now at a job where you are not allowed phones on the floor, and this by default means no USBs, music players, nothing. So basically, my time at work is completely music-less. Also, I travel to work on a two-wheeler, so no music again. On a side note, these  people who ride bikes and scooters with earphones plugged in? They feature quite prominently in my ‘must beat with a cricket bat until they are extinct’ list. So all this, combined with the fact that Zo is much clingier, and attention seeking now, which means there is hardly any time for MTunes HD as well, means I pretty much have no clue what is happening in the Bollywood Music world. Atleast not as much. And of course, even if I did, there would be no time to download it, or listen to it on loop like I could before.

Pretty sad, I know. This week when I was in Hyderabad, and had to travel for almost 3 hours each day, this  was the only saving grace, and perhaps, even a plus point. All that time I had to listen to music. I was well prepared, and had stocked my phone with all the latest releases. And I think I did full justice to the Music Player. And it did not let me down. Staring at the halted Traffic at Jubillee Hills seems much more romantic, with the red taillights looking pretty much like Fairy lights (like Alec Baldwin says in one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S), when ‘Zehnaseeb‘ is playing in the background,

Tomorrow, I return to Pune, and back to my routine. And in all probability I will get back to my state of no music. I really think I need to ensure I do not let that happen this time around, and some how, make some time for this one thing which I always feel visibly makes things around seem so much better.

Perhaps reviving my relationship with music should go right on top of my To-do list. I know we are, and will always be more than just friends.

Happy Weekend (that was)

Last weekend, I was at the much talked about (yes, it is very much talked about, can’t help it if you live under a rock and haven’t heard of it) NH7 weekender. Before I proceed with what is the point behind the post, I must mention, that for this, Thank you Pune. Hyderabad never has this. I doubt it ever will, and that’s sad because it was an amazing experience. It truly was. And now, dear Pune, you have had your two moments of fame, so we’ll get back to the potholes.

So yes, it was a weekend of music, and bands and celebrities and free-flowing alcohol (Breezers, meh. What place doesn’t have beer?), some good food, and lounging on the grass, and jumping in the crowd and catching key chains thrown by Pentagram, and in general exhausting every 30 year old bone in your body.

And, most importantly, one and a half hours of non-stop laughter. Let me explain. One of the performances there was by Alien Chutney, Vir Das’s comedy Rock Band. I had told The Dude that I would want to be in front few rows, gawking at the celebrities, for just two shows, one Pentagram, and two this. Now Pentagram (for those who don’t know it, I do, thanks to Twitter) is an Indie Rock Band, (led by Vishal Dadlani of the Vishal-Shekhar fame) which pretty much kills it for me because I know no rock. Or Heavy Metal. Or I do, but not voluntarily, I have to be fed a particular track over and over again, or in such a way that  I can associate some good memories (the more the better) with it and then start liking it. So when I hear a track by Massive Attack, The Dude would be all ‘Man! They’re playing Massive Attack’ and I would be like ‘Man, yeah! Massive Attack! By the way, isn’t this the song you once heard on full volume after dropping me home after we went to Bottles n Chimneys, cos you were afraid you will fall asleep? Back when we were seeing each other? Awwwww, Massive Attack, Awww!’

Yeah, not a reaction a fan of such genres wants to see, or hear. Anyway, my reason for wanting to watch Pentagram perform live and from the first few rows was more because while I was actually looking at Vishal Dadlani jump tirelessly, screaming himself hoarse into mike, wearing all black, the ground vibrating, my brain was thinking, “Look! The guy who made the music for Ishq wala love! Right in front of me! Awww!’

Ok, so that was one, and the other was Vir Das. Now who doesn’t know Vir Das eh? And I am a fan, a big, fat (not so much hopefully) FAN. From a long time ago, for that matter, which The Dude helpfully reminded me? Apparently he was the one who introduced him to me. And I smirked and was like, ‘Really Dude, really?’ And he was all ‘ Um, yes, really? Remember ‘News on the Loose’?’ And it struck me that he was right. The first time I saw Vir Das on TV was on the Godforsaken CNBC TV18. I know, really. And because of The Dude, whose favorite channel was and will always be that.

Then there was Delhi Belly. And Go Goa Gone. And glimpses of his comic acts, and I was floored for life. So when I knew his ‘Comedy Rock Band’ was performing, I told The Dude we should go some 15 minutes in advance so that we get to be at the front, like I was with Pentagram. And we did that.

 Only apparently the whole world and their neighbours, and their neighbours kids’ school friends thought so too. So 15 minutes in advance, all we could get was a spot, where if I stood on my toes, and arched my neck, and positioned my head just in between the shoulders of two (relatively) tall freaks who had no business being in the front (relatively), I could see a few strands of hair off the top of Vir Das’s head. The Dude was in a much better position, being more than 6 feet tall, and by definition a freak who had no business being in the front, for those behind him.

But that didn’t deter me, it couldn’t really. So I stuck to my ground, withstanding the pain that were the curls of the girl in front of me poking into my nostrils. And poking my elbows into the sides of those who thought they could pass by me and to the front, because perhaps they thought I was standing right here at the back, while there was space in the front because it was just so much fun to torture myself.

But fortunately, the sound system was good. So I could hear everything. Loud, clear, and most importantly, so frigging funny! Seriously Dude, seriously, how? HOW does he do it? How do they all do it, these comics? What’s with the right words, the right expressions, and what timing. So I spent a whole 90 minutes with maddening pain in my feet, with all the standing, and my stomach, with all the laughing.

The whole event was spectacular; there were massive stages, big grassy lawns, and paper lights all above. A couple of breezers and you would be smiling at the sky, and thinking how pretty the world was, while the Dewarists performed their magic in the background. At some such moments, and even others, I was thinking about all these creative guys, the musicians, the writers, the dancers, the ones who perform for the enjoyment of others. Penning lyrics, making music, spinning stories out of thin air, dancing out those stories. It cannot be easy, entertaining people.

But the toughest of all this, would be making people smile. Smile till their mouths feel like they would split at the seams. Laugh out loud. Guffaw. Double up holding their stomach. Roll eyes. Scream in agreement. Nod along, and think, ‘So true!’ I know a lot of stories touch us, lot of songs make us tear up, a lot of dances make us go still and stare in awe. But making human beings smile? That is talent.

Especially when you can do it by saying things the audience already knows, just that you just put into the right words. Make it blunt, straight forward. Exaggerate it a bit. Compare it with quirkiest things. Laugh at yourself. Tell them, you’ve been there, done that too. Get sarcastic, with a straight face, but with that slight edge which makes them realize it anyway. That humour. Everyday humour, that makes people forget all the worries, all the sorrows they have and laugh away like there was not a care. In my opinion nothing can beat that.

And some of you reading this are actually part of this group I am talking about. Because you know, and I know, how much I end up smiling, and laughing as I read through my blog subscriptions each day. So to you, along with all those who have managed to tickle my funny bone ever, Thank you.

You’re doing a great job.

It’s the time to disco

Today being Thanksgiving, is a day off for The Dude. So, what is the next obvious step? Yes, I work from home. Like he says, I do not like to give him time off at all. Poor guy. Only, love is above all, so he is busy with his first love, and I am here with my Laptop. Yes, he is drooling at the markets, and hooked to the TV and the computer, and I am in the bedroom, which has been darkened with all the curtains, and thankfully for the second TV and Wifi, I have sufficient entertainment.

So I thought I would give a shot at this tag that I have seen in multiple blogs. The one where you answer the set of questions using random songs from the player set to shuffle? Yes, that one. Only, my Ipod is dead, so I have to use my Itunes, which has this whole library of 2000+ songs. So expect some really weird music, and answers.

1. If someone asks you, “are you okay” you say:
Seekho na, nainon ki bhaasha piya – Shubha Mudgal
And then they never ask me anything, because I have scared them off. Or they will think I have some sort of hearing disability.

2. How would you describe yourself ?
Aaj main Khush hoon – Khamoshi
Well, now I will prove that I have a reading disability too.

3. What do you like in a guy/girl ?
September Maadam – Alai Payuthe
I am trying to read this as, I like people born in September or something, because that way it will tie to The Dude, otherwise, it will further reiterate what we found out in Question 2.

4. How do you feel today ?
Desh Mere Desh mere, meri jaan hai tu – Legend of Bhagat Singh
Yes, I am in a particularly patriotic mood today. And no, it doesn’t matter that the shuffle did not play the second song here, though it would have made more sense.

5. What is your life’s purpose ?
Soni Soni Akhiyon wali – Mohabbatein
Eep! That just doesn’t sound right!  No, no, there is no pretty eyed girl who is my life’s purpose. That’s just creepy. Eep!

6. What’s your motto ?
Nakhre – Action Replayy
Hmm, I would not disagree. Really. As in that is an important part of my life, but calling it my motto is taking it a bit too far.

7. What do your friends think of you ?
Kaash Koi ladki mujhe pyaar karti – Hum hai Rahi pyaar ke
Again, I think, this means that my friends think of me only when they are thinking of that song, as in they need some sort of an Agony aunt, and I do play that role pretty well!

8. What do your parents think of you ?
Maine Payal hai Chankayi – Phalguni Pathak
Eh? I don’t have an explanation for this one.

9. What do you think of often ?
Tohe leke Saawariya , nikal chali re – Soch
The question is not why I would think this. The question is, why is this song in my library? Does anyone know it? It actually is catchy, I heard it now. But it had Raveena Tandon, and Sanjay Kapoor in it. So, isn’t that a good enough disqualifier?

10. What is 2 + 2 ?
Jee le – Luck
Wow, I am so glad I did not do this before writing CAT. Or for the matter, any exam.

11. What do you think of your best friend ?
Aye Khuda – Paathshaala
I don’t know. And I don’t like this. God is definitely not my best friend (he knows it), so I cannot think why I would think this of my best friend.

12. What is your life story ?
Badmaash Company – Title song
Muhahahaha! I don’t know if this is right, but it is cool!

13. What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Stop and Stare – One Republic
I am grown up enough I think. And I have no time to Stop and Stare. Hmph.

14. What do you think when you see the person you like ?
Tujhe Dekha toh ye jaana – DDLJ
Awww. Though I wouldn’t want this to be my thought for every person I just ‘like’. I am sure The Dude wouldn’t too.

15. What will you dance to at your wedding 4th anniversary?
Gore Gore – Hum tum
Yes, because in 6 months time I would have lost my entire music collection except for this one sad song from Hum tum. So we’ll dance to it. No other explanation.

16. What will they play at your funeral ?
Maiyya Yashoda – Jhoota hi sahi
Ooh, I like the beats of this song! So if people are playing this, and dancing around, I wouldn’t mind it. As long as it doesn’t look like an obvious celebration.

17. What is your hobby/interest ?
Pee loon – OUATIM
What is with my purpose, and interested being this way? Not done.

18. What is your biggest fear ?
Ooh Lala la – Sapnay
I am too scared to say it! Ooh la la!

19. What is your biggest secret ?
The Dance of envy – DTPH
*Rolling my eyes* Yeah, that is my biggest secret. That when I am dancing, Karishma Kapoor will come and dance and undermine me. Yes. Or is it that I am the envious kind? Thinking.

20. What do you want right now ?
Baat meri Suniye toh zara – Kuch na kaho
People have got to start paying more attention!

21. What do you think of your friends ?
Enundrum Punnagai – Alai Payuthe
I really don’t know the meaning, so I will refrain from commenting about it

22. When you want to rush to the toilet, what do you think ?
Are are yeh kya hua – DTPH
Apt. In a weird way.

23. Person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell the person ?
Boss kaun hai – Jhankaar beats
Finally we have one answer that makes so much sense!

24. You have just won a lottery. What will you sing ?
Dil bole Shikdum – Dhoom
This too! I will actually sing this!

25. What will you post this as?
It’s the time to Disco – KHNH
I guess it is, tag over!

That’s done, and it is time to go and prepare a thanksgiving meal comprising of Onion Parathas. So Happy Thanksgiving people!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I read somewhere, that the maximum number of suicides occur mid-week, on Wednesdays. And since the day I read that article, somehow, every Wednesday seems to annoy me to no end. Only in my case, the inclination is more towards murder. And those who are on Facebook list know it already.  

Anyway. This post is not a rant. I am just making an attempt at being more regular I guess, being totally inspired by all the other bloggers around me. Just imagine, I stay away from my Reader for just about a week, and when I return I have as many as 7 posts from a single blogger! 7 posts in the 7 days! That is huge yes? So I am all inspired now. Only I do not have much fodder for blog, so I will eat your brains with my rambles. Beware.  

Currently, the music I have on my media player is a shuffled list of the songs from Rajneeti and  I hate love stories (I know that’s not the right spelling, but honestly, I find so difficult to type out those kind of spellings, even when they are right in this context!). I am liking the music somehow. A couple of songs from the former are particularly good. While the latter seems to have reasonably good soundtrack overall, nothing out of the world, but very listenable and hummable. Also, before I forget, I am totally disappointed with Rahman and his Raavan. So disappointed. I look at the guy as some sort of a miracle maker, and I always believed that when Rahman meets Mani Ratnam, magic happens. But Raavan is not magic. It is not even mentionable. And by the way, the same with Kites. Not impressed at all.  

On the television, I was pretty much following Indian Idol, when The Dude got all sentimental about how we decided we would watch common TV programs every evening, and how I was hogging the television now. So we are not following it anymore, except on days when people get eliminated, but that makes no sense either when you don’t know who sung what and how recently. Not sure how long this will last.  

Other than that, I am being my regular self with Grey’s Anatomy. The Season 6 finale was aired last Thursday in the US, and obviously, I caught up with it on Saturday. Oh.My.God. What an episode! I hate to say it, but this is one series, where I get emotionally involved with every character in every scene. And that is so ironic, considering I have always made fun of those who watch those K serials and discuss the happenings as if they were for real. On one hand I do that, and now I watch this episode, and get all worked up, get scared for real, and start crying when the whole *Beep* dying scene happens (that was for the benefit of those who follow the series and failed to watch the finale, so sweet of me, I know), or when *Beep* gets shot. Thing is, I know at the back of my mind, that all those who die in this probably had their contract coming to an end, or probably wanted to move on with something bigger like movies, or probably called someone on the sets something that ticked everybody off, and hence had to go anyway. But while watching, none of this strikes, and man, they are good at keeping you glued to the screen!  

I had pretty much decided to go watch Kites this weekend, because Masand gave it 3 stars, and the movie does look stylish, and so does Hrithik. But then, I realised that Masand also gave My Name is Khan 4 stars. So that, combined with the reviews I got from people, made me change my mind. I would be going for Shrek 4 instead. And for Prince of Persia, but that’s for The Dude. I am definitely watching Rajneeti when it releases, and even IHLS. I loved JTYJN, so that would explain why I have high hopes from the latter.  

I am currently reading a through and through chick-lit by Meg Cabot, called Being Nikki, which is the second of a series called Airhead. Ofcourse, it is completely senseless fun, and I am loving it. I am not sure if I already mentioned but I read two fantabulous books back-to-back, one the much talked about Palace of Illusions , which totally lived up to it is hype, and one called The space between us which was amazing too. I have this thing for women-centric books, and both were just that, and totally unputdownable.  

I realised that I was going nowhere with the post, so I decided to make it a ‘what keeps me entertained these days’ post. So if you notice, I covered music, television, movies and books. So I am pretty much done. With giving you an update about all things that help me utilise the not-at-work hours each day, and with the post in general. Recommendations are welcome by the way, in any of the categories, life’s back to routine after all.  

Happy Wednesday people. I know that’s an oxymoron, but still!