The leap of faith

‘Let’s do it’, she said.

He stared at her, bewildered. If there was anyone who could suggest something so silly, so impulsive, it was she.

 ‘No way, you’ve lost your mind.’

 Her face fell.

 ‘So many people do! It’s not that big a deal anymore. Why do we have to be the good ones always? Besides, no one needs to know right?’

 He shook his head. ‘No. I am not ok with this at all. You just don’t do these things one fine day because everyone else has. It is not a joke. There is a time and place for everything. Besides I don’t want the first time to be here.’

 ‘You’re a prude, you realise? I cannot believe that a girl has to coax you into something like this! I am so sure anyone else would have been all set at once.’

 He looked hurt. ‘I’m not being a prude, I am just being sensible. You’re all okay now, and if something goes wrong, you’ll be the first one to say that I should have stopped you.’

She pouted. That was true. ‘Ok, I will be honest, it’s not that I am not scared, but I know for a fact that it cannot be that wrong if it is with you.’

 He melted a little, but maintained his stance. ‘No means no.’

 She turned away. Silence followed.

 ‘You are such a spoilsport.’

 He refused to respond.

 She turned back slowly. ‘We’ll be very careful. Nothing can go wrong. Trust me. It’s us we’re talking about!’

 He sighed, giving up. ‘Ok. Fine. You always have to have it your way. In any case,  at least let me arrange for some protection? And God knows where I will find a store around here.’

 ‘Emotional blackmail, always works with this guy!’, she thought, grinning to herself  a whole 2 hours later, as they jumped into the murky, moss filled pool of water for their first swim ever, life jackets fastened securely.


PS: If  it reminds you of a certain scene from Jab we met, well, same pinch.


Weird Wednesday – title changed to suit post

Completely motivated by all the encouragement bestowed upon me in the last post (and due to an extreme lack of time for posting a fresh, er, post), I have decided to take you all for granted, and subject you to my first piece of fiction ever. Just a confession, I did tweak this version a bit before posting it. Oh come on, the original piece was by a very immature 26 year old me, as against the supremely grown up, 27 year old me! Anyway, bouquets and brickbats welcome, but do remember, you asked for it!

Till death do us part

‘Till death do us part’. 

She always found that phrase very romantic. The most romantic part of the wedding vows. She’d told him that. And he had laughed.’ That’s a big promise to make’ he’d said, grinning in this usual adorable way. But she’d said, however big, she would keep that promise. 

‘What’s your promise to me then?’ ‘I will always keep you happy’, he’d said. 

And she was happy, with him, with his promise, with their life. There was nothing more she could wish for. He was a good person. So very caring. Understanding. Romantic even.  

And they were similar in so many ways. Like he was not obvious with his affections. As in, he was dead against displaying his love for the world to see. ‘That’s when you know it is forced’, he’d say. He was always subtle. But she could feel it. Which made her feel even more special, and wanted. Their love was their own, and there was no need for anyone else to know it, or understand it, as long as they did. And she did. 

Of course, they had their arguments, and fights. But then who doesn’t? And it was never the same person who had to talk first. They almost took turns. It was perfect, in it’s own not-so-perfect way. And so, she was happy. Just as he had promised. 

But then, things changed. Not in the most obvious ways, but in ways only she could tell. Or see. It would be an unanswered phone call. Or a cancelled dinner plan. A longer than usual strand of hair on his shirt. The whiff of a woman’s perfume. She was disturbed, a bit, but she chose to ignore it. He would not do anything to make her unhappy. 

And then one day, he got her flowers. And this one act did what none of the other things could. She knew he hated these obvious displays of so-called affection. He had himself called them fake more than once. And here he was, tired after a long day at work, way beyond their dinner hour, standing outside the door, with a bouquet of roses instead of the usual scowl he had. In the regular world, it would have been sweet. In their world, it was just plain weird. It broke her heart. She knew things had gone wrong, way beyond her imagination. 

And that was about all the evidence she needed, not a bit of doubt in her mind anymore. She didn’t believe in conflicts and confrontations. She knew it would turn ugly. She didn’t think it was of any help either. She had always believed in the age old concept of letting go of what was no longer yours. And this seemed to be like the perfect set up for putting her belief in action. 

The night she decided that it was time; she knew exactly what she had to do. After a long dinner, followed by endless rounds of sparkling wine, she knew it wouldn’t hurt as much. And as he silently bled to his death on his side of the bed, she felt a twinge that he’d been unable to keep his promise to her.

But then, at least she had kept hers.

Friday first

Ok. So this Friday, I am actually going to do something I never thought I would do ever. On the blog, I mean. Ok-ok, before you over anticipate or get scandalised, it is not anything big. Ok, it is. Basically, this Friday I give you one of the three pieces of fiction I have ever written. This was the third, and I had published it on another secret blog to generally check out people’s reactions. Eerily enough, this I did exactly one year ago. Ok, one year and one day. So presenting to you, the first time ever on Forever in blue jeans. (Oh, and before I forget, please be kind!)

Return Journey

Hey there. I hope you’re doing just fine. I am sure you are actually. I am fine as well.  

He was fine. That was exactly what he was infact. Nothing more, nothing less.  

Everything is just as you had left it. It rained heavily today though, and the entire road is clogged. But it’s ok, the kids are forever sailing their paper boats. Like how we would always sit at our doorsteps and race our soggy little boats? Such fun! You remember right? Ofcourse you do! You always took the biggers ones from me, Bully!  

There was a slight drizzle, but he kept his window down. His car was speeding down the tar road that would lead into the town, and probably branch into several other roads which would pass from infront of their houses. The road was almost empty. The speedometer was touching the 100 kmph mark. Out of nowhere, a couple of bikes zoomed past him and disappeared into the horizon. He could hardly recognize the place anymore. 

Just yesterday, I was walking towards the market at about 7 in the evening, and I realised how dark it was. No one had turned on their lanterns yet. But when I looked up at the sky, it was bewitching! I am serious. You would have never seen a blacker sky, and the stars were looking so bright, that in a few moments the whole town looked completely lit up! It was amazing. Remember when we used to sit on your roof top in the night and stare at the sky, and try to guess which ones were stars and which planets? It reminded me of that. If you had been there, we could have done that yesterday!  

It was 9 in the night. He put his head out of the window and looked up at the sky. It was a smokey grey, with wires from the electric poles lining the streets criss-crossing over his head. The lights from the town reflected and tinted the sky orange. And where in the world were all the stars? He squinted to find at least one. Ah! There was one! He smiled. The star was moving, and what was this, it was yellow? Oh God, that was just an airplane. He felt totally lost. 

And everything is so green!! The rains were quiet unexpected actually. Ashu was saying his dad is really worried that the mangoes will fall off before hand and not ripen enough. I was thinking, that if you had been here as well, we could all go and pick up the raw ones at least. Yum! Thinking about them makes my mouth water! I was telling Papa to buy a mango farm. There are so many near the water tank, on the right side? Imagine if we do! We don’t have to sneak around in others’ farms anymore! He asked me to plant a tree for myself if I was so keen! Such a spoilsport he is! Do you get mangoes there?  

They were almost reaching the town. A huge concrete water tank rose some meters ahead on their right. Small shopping complexes, apartments, offices lined the area surrounding it, and as far as he could see. “Sa’ab, yahaan se kahaan?”. He was jolted out of his thoughts by his driver, who had been quiet till now. “Bas seedha, aur pehla right. Teesra ghar wahaan.” Hopefully, he thought. Nothing seemed to be where it was. 

Quite frankly, I miss you. Nothing is the same without you around you know. I have others of course, but no one is like you. We were so similar! Perfect for each other. But you had to leave. And I am happy for you, I really am. And I hope you get what you want. But come back soon. I know, I know, it’s just a month since you left, but it feels so long! 

Twelve years had passed and it all looked so unfamiliar to him. The car stopped as per the instructions. The third house after a right turn. In place of the small white house he remembered, stood a two floored concrete house. A tall mango tree stood inside the compound. He got off the car and stood looking at it. It reached the balcony on the first floor. 

But whenever you decide to return, just remember that I would be waiting for you. Right where I was when you left. 

“Just in time to try out its awesome fruit, better than anything we’ve ever had.” His heart skipped a beat, and he turned towards the gate. There she stood smiling. Just as she had promised. He smiled back, relieved. 

Nothing had changed.